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I am a 31 yr old male who lost 100lbs prior to...

I am a 31 yr old male who lost 100lbs prior to surgery, I am currently one month Post op i had my surgery on Nov 5,2012 and so far I am regretting every minute of it. I wanted to get rid of the excess skin that i could never get rid off with gym and excercise so i decided to get a tummy tuck and have lipo on the pecs and flanks.I feel and look bigger than before i had the surgery I dont have a flat belly and i still see the massive flanks i had , i see a line that goes below my belly button, I'm thinking he pulled down on the skin more than the other areas and im not sure what to do, I was thinking of asking for my money back and getting it done somewhere else, how long do i have to wait again to do the surgery again?

Im not happy at all with the results at all, the dr told me he would redo it for me again, the date is may 8th and hopefully gets it right this time :(
How are things now? Has the swelling subsided? Are you happier with your results? Hope you are doing better and have the results you had expected.
I did notice that people who had lipo experience more swelling. I had swelling and din't even know it. Now after 4 months I look back and have forgotten all of the discomfort, binders, etc. i just look and have a flat stomach.

at it again

I went in for another lipo and tummy, he also did the flanks..i am one month post op..i will post pics in the next day or so...this time it was free of charge cause I was very upset with the dr's previous work
Good luck I hope you are happy with the new surgery results. You have been through a lot and deserve a great outcome. Keep us posted and happy healing:)
Thanks for the kind words, new pics have been posted :)

1 month Post Op

here are the most recent pics, one month post op, this time it looks much better than the first 2 times, looks like the doc finally got it right :/ oh well at least he corrected his work I was very doubtful after the first 2 surgery's he could get it done but as of now...I don't see much swelling or atleast I don't want to but hopefully it goes down some more

1 month postop

My procedure was on 11/08/13, just FYI cause i couldnt edit previous post... :)
Hope you are pleased now....results look great! My question is how did you find/pick your doctor? He seems like an experience doctor and how/why did it go wrong the first time?
Wow what a difference, eh? You look fantastic! I hope you are pleased:)
So far i am pleased, know its up to me to hit the gym and see if i can really turn it into a flat stomach
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