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I am 48 years old and have always said that I...

I am 48 years old and have always said that I didn't think I could go through with this procedure, well I am scheduled for surgery on May 26 and I am scared and anxious. This is a great place to be to find others with the same feelings and it also helps to hear some of the stories everyone has...very educational.

I'm 5'7" and weigh 152 lbs. I have had one baby and he is 19 years old now. I gained 38 pounds through my pregnancy and lost all of the weight years ago, but leaving me with some unwanted skin. I can't wait to get rid of it, still scared, but the pro's out weigh the con's. With that said, I am gonna bite the bullet and go through with it...counting down the days....12 more days.

Hi coolit:)

All of the fears and anxieties are all part of this process.  But you are right it is all worth it in the end.  You will do just fine and end up with a beautiful new tummy.

You have come to the right place for support.  This site and all of the women on it are amazing.  We will all help you through your journey. 

Make sure to take the before and after pictures so that you are able to watch the changes take place as you heal.  That is the fun part for sure.

Thank you for sharing your story will all of us on the site.  I look forward to reading your posts.
Thank you Kimmers25~

I have an appointment with my doctor in an hour to ask any last questions. I am still nervous about all of this! Counting down the days...10 more...I will try to figure out how to download some before pics. Off to the doctor:)


Please let me know if you need help with the picture download.  I am more than happy to assist.

I have an appointment with my doctor today.....

I have an appointment with my doctor today...counting down the days....still nervous...only 10 more days!

My doctor was going to bump my surgery up two...

My doctor was going to bump my surgery up two days, but found out today that it is still scheduled for May 26, which is still okay...would have loved to get it over with though...9 more days and counting. Has anyone been able to download pics from an iphone to there computer? If so, please help:)

My surgery is one week from tomorrow...excited,...

My surgery is one week from tomorrow...excited, but still nervous! Hope everyone that has had this done is doing okay!!! Prayers:)
Good luck on your TT. You will be fine. I'll be thinking of you!
Thank you Cheryl! You look wonderful! Congrats on the whole weight loss and TT! I wished it was a month from now:) I'm hoping for a beautiful outcome!!!


You will have a gorgeous outcome - keep the faith! It's a good time to be heading into summer and healing. Wishing you smooth surgery and happy thoughts! -Cheryl

Okayyyy, in one week from this moment, I will be...

Okayyyy, in one week from this moment, I will be in surgery getting rid of some much unwanted skin:) Trying to keep my mind on a positive wave...still nervous though!! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!
I fully understand your nervousness Coolit. My tummy tuck is three months away and I still feel a bit of anxiety. I have already put if off once but I will definately go through with it this time. I actually met a girl last week who went back to work after 3 days. Mind you she took her drains with her and she also had a sit down job. She said that it wasnt as bad as she thought it was going to be. I looked at her and thought well if she can do it so can I and you can too. Cant wait to see and hear your wonderful results!!
Thank you so much for your story...wow, that is wonderful that the girl you met went back to work in 3 days! Don't we all wish that we could have a recovery like hers! Thank you for posting and good luck with your surger in 3 months!



Six more days until my procedure:) Getting more...

Six more days until my procedure:) Getting more and more anxious and nervous, but I will try to have a relaxing weekend in the hill country in Texas...gonna try not to think about it and enjoy the weekend! Hope everyone is doing well and have a wonderful weekend as well!!!

I'm having more and more butterflies in my...

I'm having more and more butterflies in my stomach because my surgery is this Thursday at 7:30 a.m. I am to be at the hospital surgery center at 6:00 a.m. I am hoping I can sleep the next four nights!! I just wished that I was out of surgery and everything went okay and the pain I am wondering about will be fine with pain meds. I am actually am getting a pain pump. I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and that they also have a fantastic week! Prayers to all that have been through this and to those that are getting ready to do this:)

OMG...two more nights and thursday morning will be...

OMG...two more nights and thursday morning will be here...i'm sooooo scared!!!! Praying!

Not the best before pictures, but at least I got...

Not the best before pictures, but at least I got them downloaded:)

Well, tomorrow is my big day! I am so nervous...

Well, tomorrow is my big day! I am so nervous about the whole thing but I do know that God will take care of me throughout this whole procedure! I pray that He will place His healing hands on each and every one of you, whether you have gone through this or are going to be having this procedure done. God Bless~

I will post on how things went in a few days, until then!

Been thinking of you!! Hope your feeling well and taking care of yourself. Tomorrow is MY big day!! I'm SO nervous!!
Thanks....I am responding to those who have posted and I can't write to much since I am feeling so bad.....praying for a better day....got the blues! ugh!
No need to respond, just know my thoughts and prayers with you and so sorry about the blues! It will get better - promise!

Day 8 post op...still in lots of pain...don't...

Day 8 post op...still in lots of pain...don't even want to be sitting at my computer, but thought I would at least write this much...hope everyone else is doing great!

Also, I will post pictures when I feel better...I...

also, I will post pictures when I feel better...I have one drain in and will remove it next week....this actually sux! Sorry but that is the truth right now!

OMG....I am FINALLY feeling human again:) Today I...

OMG....I am FINALLY feeling human again:) Today I went and got my final drain out--po day 12....yippee! I am so happy! I am feeling so much better, unbelievable what the blues did to me...I was not a happy camper! I can stand up straight now and am walking much better. I went to the grocery store today after my doctor's visit. I was really down in the dumps when I posted a few days ago...it's just amazing how I feel now...the healing seems to be going faster and faster as time goes by, so to any one of you that is having the blues, they to shall pass, believe me, mine did:) Taking one day at a time, as I still have many weeks in front of me, but am happy with my procedure so far. I am quite swollen, but nice and flat tummy...yayyy! Hang in there everyone, you WILL get there, I did! Praying for all of you!
I am only postop day 6 and freaking out because I am not standing strait up and feel so tight. Was this your feeling too? Calm me down!!!
Lexigirl~I am po day 13 and still not standing straight up all of the time...I did yesterday, but today was a different story. I guess through the healing it will be like this. I've decided to stay calm and take one day at a time....better on the healing:) hang in there girl, it's tough, but we can do it! hugs, thoughts and prayers~

Photo Update

PO Day 13~I updated a photo today:) I will ad more...

PO Day 13~I updated a photo today:) I will ad more at a later date...swollen, but still healing and feeling better! Have a great day everyone!!!

PO Day 17~feeling better every day that goes by......

PO Day 17~feeling better every day that goes by....still very swollen! I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a nice garment to buy; I'm so hot in the one I came home in after surgery and I find it hard to find things to wear as it fits from under my breast bone down to my knees. I'm looking forward to the day when I won't need my garment any more:) Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday...God Bless!

Wow look at you with the little tummy and legs!!!

Thank you Kimmers25~still a long time until final results, and I cannot wait! I have days where I am so swollen and get upset...feels like I did this for nothing, but then I'll wake up the next day and the swelling will be down...I am so ready to be completely healed, but taking it one day at a time! Cheers!

Oh yes the swelling will taunt you for a few weeks.  I remember well and it is totally frustrating.  I promise though one morning you will wake up and it will be gone for good. 

I continued to notice changes each month for the first year and was so happy each month.  Just hang touch and know the prize at the end will all be worth it.


PO day 20~been feeling better each day that passes...

PO day 20~been feeling better each day that passes. If only I could fast forward to my final results, lol. I know I have to be patient and I am trying my best! I am having swelling pretty much every day, but keep reminding myself that this too will vanish with time! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Cheers!

PO Day 22~feeling pretty good! I went to the...

PO Day 22~feeling pretty good! I went to the doctor yesterday and he gave me the go ahead on jumping in my swimming pool! Just gotta cover my incisions. He was amazed at how I have healed so far, I am ahead of the game. I'm out of the garment from the hospital and am wearing the garment I bought from WalMart...Dr. G approved of it and said that I was ready for that as well. I will be wearing my garment just as much as the other one, but this new one is so much more comfortable. Still having some swelling, but in time that will subside as well... my incision looks really good...taking one day at a time! I hope that everyone has a great weekend!
Hey Girlie~

How are YOU? Isn't it amazing how fast time flies when you are going thru your daily TT adventures! I'm 18 days out and I'm feeling pretty good, still somewhat sore, somewhat swollen but overall doing WONDERFUL!! You look amazing! How are you feeling? Just wanted to check in since it's been awhile since I've posted... Have a great weekend!
Hello GG:) Thank you and you look wonderful too!! I'm PO day 24 and the time is finally starting to go a little faster since I can get out and do more!!! I am feeling good and like you, I am still sore and swollen...I know I have a long recovery still ahead of me, oh how I wished I could fast forward to my final results...I get frustrated when I am swollen...I will be glad when that doesn't occur anymore...but I know we all probably feel this way! I need to post another picture; maybe I can do that next Sunday...I will be one month post op!!!! I was glad to hear from you and glad you are feeling better! Hope you have a great week...happy healing! Don't be a stranger, HUGS!
Hey Girlie~ I can totally related with wanting to push the time forward, the waiting is the hardest especially if you're impatient like ME!! :-) I put up my 3 week pic, I'm finally starting to see a difference that I really like, it's just the swelling drives me crazy..... Are you still having hot flashes? What kind of garment are you wearing? I found this Spanx type briefs called Subtract Shapewear and they are AMAZING, my PS said that they are excellent. I did not want to wear the legging types. I wear the binder at night for added support. Using Bio-Oil and Mederma for the incision, I will be happy when my BB look healed and not like it was added on.. :-) Keep in touch! Big hugs to you! Just think this time next year we will be ROCKING in our new swimwear!! Hugs to you!

PO Day 31 just added some new pics from PO day 29....

PO Day 31 just added some new pics from PO day 29...I cannot believe that one month has gone by....my scar is completely healed and I'm feeling pretty good and beginning to like my results!!! I do have to say that the first 10 days were miserable, but each day that goes by things just seem to get better and better! Still a little swollen, but getting there. I hope that everyone had a great weekend!!! Have a blessed week!

Doing great after 3 years!! Tummy is still flat:))) for those of you that are preparing for a tummy tuck, do your homework and make sure you have all of your questions answered beforehand! It helps to know what to expect after the surgery! Everyone heals differently, some quicker than others, so don't expect what happens to someone else will be your experience! Good luck to anyone that is deciding to do this and happy healing to those that are recuperating!
You look fabulous now no need to wait until 2013!!
You look fantastic!
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