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I have finally decided to have reduction surgery!!...

I have finally decided to have reduction surgery!! I am so nervous trying to think of everything I will need. And worried about the pain. I will be having reduction and a tummy tuck at the same time. I'm currently a 36G and hoping for a D or DD when I'm done. I was not prepared for the "real" photos I've seen and I'm apprehensive about how ill look, the healing process and the drains. Any advice?
I was feeling the same way, but its been 3 weeks now for me and time has flown by. Day two was most difficult for me. Sleeping is uncomfortable, back hurts. You will need pillows, I had 4. My drain didnt bother me at all. I had it taken out at 2 weeks post op with no problem. So basically, daily things you do can tire you out for first couple of days. (Goin to bathroom, washing,etc) I didnt start appreciating results until day 5, when painand soreness, swelling started to subside. Scar was painless, lipo and muscle repair is most sore. Still sore and swelling as I type, but im able to function at work very well. Remember, each persons experience is different, just tried to shed some light for ya.
Read as many reviews as you can to prepare yourself. Take before pics even if u don't post them so u can see the difference. And maybe find a surgery buddy or 2! Just check out the calendar. Good luck!
Hi!! Where do I find the calendar?

Surgery Tomorrow

Well tomorrow is the day! I'm excited and nervous. Your prayers are appreciated.:)
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