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I am a 38 yr old female of three kids...18, 11,...

I am a 38 yr old female of three kids...18, 11, and 10. I have had augmentation in the past and have been please with it but man did it hurt. Some of the worst pain I had ever been through but sooooo worth it. Now it is time to gather up my stomach and make it presentable.

I am scheduled for the 14th of March and I am nervous wreck. I am starting to feel feelings of guilt of spending this much money on myself. With economical times the way they are I am wondering if I can really justify the expense of the procedure. This has been something that has been on my mind for quiet some time now due to weight gain and loss of 100 in the last 3 yrs. I have also quit smoking so I have recently just lost the weight I gained from that but now I am left with the aftermath of so many weight flucuations. I know I will gain a better self confidence and feel happy naked but I am still wondering.

This site has helped me tremendously on learning what to expect in my journey to recovery. Any thoughts and comments on what to expect are welcomed and I will be posting photos of before and after once it is done.

it is a lot of money, but we are worth it, i was actually half way lucky- i put $5000.00 on my flex care account for this year- and since it is a covered procedure i was able to use it, so i have no interest and it comes out of my paycheck pre-taxed, you will feel so much better, the boost of confidence is worth all the money in the end, good luck:)
Whats a flex care account and how do you obtain something like that?
Think of all the money you will save by NOT smoking! Good Luck.

The time draws nearer and I find myself getting...

The time draws nearer and I find myself getting extremely nervous. I have read several posts on here and have been encouraged. I have also read some what seems like total nightmares for others. So I have reached a point of getting really skiddish about this whole thing. The what ifs are killing me but I know how I will feel once it is completed. I know in the end it will be worth it, right? Any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated...:)

I read pretty much every review on this site and the worst-case scenarios are very few and far between. If you have a board certified surgeon you trust and you're in good health, try to relax. You'll go great! And we're here for you. :)

That was an extremely comforting comment! Thank you for posting that, it def. helped me since you are a moderator and seen few worst case. I too have been getting pretty nervous.

I need to put some info in for my doctor. How can...

I need to put some info in for my doctor. How can you do that once you have already created your profile?
No guilt, no worries. It's well worth the expense to look in the mirror and feel secure about your body. As women, our bodies take a beating....
i'm a nervous wreck myself and feel horrible about the massive amount of money spent at this point but like everyone else has said WE ARE ALL WORTH FEELING GREAT ABOUT OURSELVES:) mine is scheduled for April and i've "cancelled" the surgery in my head a number of times just because of this or that, but when it all boils down... i want and need this for ME! look up and smile whitewolf3253, it's gonna be a good Summer!
Thank you...I am glad to hear that I am not the only one with feelings of guilt, nervousness, and excitement. I think I am pretty much over the guilt part, until I pay for the procedure on monday...lol. Other than that, I am nothing but excited with some anxiety in the mix. I am also doing this in spring so I can be healed by summer so I can look so HOT in my bikini! Especially when I am on my hunnie's boat fishing with him....lol.

I am nervous about the healing process the most. It appears that most people heal quickly. I am hoping that I am the same. I was only able to take 2 weeks off of work because I cannot afford any more time than that. I work for walmart and I do a lot of walking but have made arrangement with my team to have them do the heavy lifting for atleast 3-4 weeks after I come back. I am a department manager for hardware and paint as well as furniture. So there is a lot of lifting but, not nearly the amount I was doing while I worked in the pet department. So has your doctor discussed when you can return to work or do a lot of walking?

Well...6 days and counting. I am a train wreck! ...

Well...6 days and counting. I am a train wreck! Trying to remember everything to be done before I go in for my procedure. Dealing with bills, groceries, loose ends at work, etc. It is driving me batty!...lol. Just trying to get all my ducks in a row before I am out of commission for awhile. I also found out that I HAVE to stay in the hospital overnight per doctor's orders for observation. I really wanted to go home but, he said it is best and I will thank him later for it...lol. I hope so. Just trying to figure out how to arrange my house since it is a two story and my bedroom is upstairs on where I should sleep (or try to), and be close to the things I need. But my bed is so much more comfortable than my couch. Any suggestions ladies? I don't want to hurt myself but I want to be comfortable as possible too.

I am up yet again in here looking for more...

I am up yet again in here looking for more guidence...lol. I should be sleeping but finding it hard to do because the excitement of this becoming a reality it hitting me hard. I go for my pre op tomorrow and the last of the money will finally be where it is supposed to be. That is going to hurt but soooo worth it.

I have a couple of garments on order but will a girdle also be used along with the compression garment? I wear a back support that pulls in tight around my midsection while I work. Will it be something like that? I don't see alot of people on here wearing them so I am just curious. For those of you who have used them, can you please describe your experience with them to me. I am at a loss since I have never dealth with them before.
Glad I could help :) When is your big day Farz?
Well I might just do that! The step stool thing that is...don't think I could handle sleeping sitting up for 3 days...lol. How was your pain level and what meds did they give you? I know that vicodin slows the plumbing down so I am wondering if there is something I could take in conjunction to help that along...How often did you do bandage changes and when were you able to take a shower? Geez...too many questions...lol. I'm sorry...just last minute jitters and nerves...
Never too many questions. For me the pain was never too bad. Mostly discomfort for how tight the abs were from repair across the abs and skin removal downward. I felt so tight I was afraid I would never stand straight. I took oxycodone, but only took 1 pill instead of 2. After day 5, I cut it to 1/2 pill. I took only Motrin by week 2 and never had any severe plumbing problems. I took softeners at Day 2 and drank tons of water to help all that along. I didn't go until day 5, but I had eaten so little I didn't need to go until then. Kept taking softeners until day 8. I was put in the body garment at time of surgery and didn't touch it until day 5. The Dr. took it off and showed me how to clean belly button and drain site with peroxide and neosporin. Then I put small gauze pads on top of those and real big pads on top of incision. The garment was so tight it held the pads in place. I did that once a day. I showered at day 6. I did not have any tape on incision so nothing to change there. I was nervous up until the day of, but I looked at the saggy belly skin and was just ready to go that morning. If you have any more questions, please ask. You will do great and be so happy!

OMG! Actually registered at the hospital yesterday...

OMG! Actually registered at the hospital yesterday and picked up my compression garments. I hate writing checks that big!!!!...lol. It just about killed me...well actually my bank account...may it rest in peace!

It is a good thing that I tried my garments on because come to find out they were too small! Talk about freaking out! Surgery monday and no garments! So I had to get some new ones ordered and shipped oovernight...another $50 just for shipping!! Geez! And another $110 for garments...Thank goodness the PS office agreed to send them back for me. Thought I would be stuck with ones that didn't fit. But, I am set for monday again thanks to Brenda at the office. She has been wonderful. I thought it was so neat that the garments do not have to be removed to answer the call of nature! Great idea to have crotchless garments so we can keep all of our stuff pulled in...lol. Has anyone had any problems with the garments?

Day after tomorrow is the big day. I am finding...

Day after tomorrow is the big day. I am finding myself trying to have some fun before I am down for a couple of weeks. I went fishing with my honey today, something I will be unable to do for awhile since the boat ride can tend to be rough. So I'm trying to keep my mind and body busy because I hate being stationary. I am also completing homework assignments early so I don't have to worry about getting behind in my college classes. Sheez! I feel like I am going crazy...LOL.

I did however make the mistake the other night on venturing into the "not worth it" section of this site. All I can say is OMG! I feel for these women! What nightmares for them! Made me second guess my decision on doing this but once I saw out of hundreds of people who were satisfied, there didn't seem to be that many that weren't. Can someone answer this question for me though? How often do things like that are mentioned actually happen? What about death? Or just being scarred badly for life? Just nerves talking now but I would really like some reassurance....help?

Thanks for listening to my ranting and concerns....:)
hehe I love the title of your blog . . sure gave me a giggle for sure! Well, I see tomorrow is your day, eh?! I wish you all the very best. It will be over by the time you know it :-)
I had my full TT on 2/28. It has been much easier than I expected! It was not painful, more a tight discomfort. I was given oxycodone, which did stop me up. You are so numb afterwards that it's hard to say if the pain med really did anything. I stopped taking it by day 3.
I had to go upstairs the day of suregery to my room, it was not a problem. Your legs work fine, you just hunch b/c it's so tight. I have to say the most relaxed you will be is when you are under in surgery! I feel awesome and I am so happy I did it, it's all been sooo worth it.
Good Luck:)
Thanks for the words of encouragement. I really appreciate it. I am extremely excited and I hope that it turns out the way I hope it does. My expectations are realistic but sure would like to be suprised by something amazing...lol. I do not know what the doctor is going to prescribe me yet because he does not give your the prescription until you go home. (which I thought was strange but understandable at the same time.) I have had 2 c=sections and I wonder if it anything like that. It has been awhile since I have had them but I do remember the discomfort that I had to a certain degree. This time though there won't be a baby to contend with...lol. Anyway, thanks again...your comments help me to relax a little bit more.

Today is the big day! Its finally here! Wish me...

Today is the big day! Its finally here! Wish me luck y'all....:). I just took before pics and will post them soon....thanks for all of the support! God bless!
Yes I stayed overnight. Thank goodness I did. Don't think I could have gone through the first night without all of the support I received from the nursing staff. I had a lot more liposuction done than I anticipated so I had a lot of drainage last night. The nurses helped change some of my bandaging. I couldn't have done it myself. I'm up and walking but can't even think about being upright. I'm really swollen and the pain is bad but nothing I can't handle. I would really like to take a shower but I am too scared to take my compression garment off. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to get it back on due to the swelling. I'm trying really hard to keep myself up and moving atleast once every couple of hours. Its just really hard....trying to keep my eye on the prize....:)
Hey your surgery is done ! Are you staying overnight in hospital? Hope you are doing okay with the pain. Take it easy :-)
It is finally over...the anticipation was killing me!...lol. Now just for recovery...this is a slow and tedious process but it will be worth it once it is done. I can't wait to start working out again. Sitting still has never been one of my strong suits...lol. I did stay in the hospital over night and I am so glad that I did. I didn't want to at first but I sure am glad I did now. It was horrible the first day and night. Thank goodness for the wonderful nurses that I had to take care of me. I am a lot more stiff and sore than I thought I would be but I think that is because I had so much lipo done at the same time. The doctor said he removed a little more than 2000cc of fat from me! Yuck! I am just glad that it is gone...lol. Thanks for asking and if you have any questions, feel free to ask away!...:)

Well I am at home recovering. This is going to be...

Well I am at home recovering. This is going to be a long hard process but I know I can manage it. I am keeping my eye on the prize and looking forward to being able to post some after shots on here. However, I have not taken my garment off yet. I have been scarted to. I am worried that I won't be able to get it back on. IT is really tight. From what I was told though it needs to be so it can support everything. The swelling was expected but I did not expect it to go all the way to my feet...lol. I can see a difference in my appearance already but that may be the fact that the garment holds everything in...lol. We will see when I take a shower this evening. As soon as I can I will post some pics...:).

Oh, I needed to ask...how many times do you need to change the bandaging? Daily? As needed? Also, how do I care for the belly button? Just like any other wound? thanks for helping me through this!
Ok...I will have to look into that...Thank you...:).
have you tried arnica for the swelling?
What is that? A diuretic?

I am four days post op and I am having a hard day...

I am four days post op and I am having a hard day today. I can't seem to get comfortable and the swelling has been getting really bad today. Even when I first woke up, I was really swollen. I know to expect swelling for months afterward but this is bad.

I also took my first shower yesterday and had such a hard time getting back into my compression garment. Anyone have any suggestions on how to do this easily? I was standing up and my boyfriend had to pull really hard and also push on me to get it to zip up. There has to be an easier way...please help me!

Also, I have taken stool softners and laxatives to no avail. I am drinking a lot water and eating lots of fiber rich foods but it still isn't working. Any other suggestions on what I should do?

Thanks for all of your support!
Thank you Susanne3692...:). I have been taking stool softners since before surgery and they are not working. But one of my friends, who is a nurse, brought me some suppositories. We will see if that helps.

Great idea with the pillow...I will definitely use that. i have tried to use the pillow to cough but it doesn't seem to help much. I am finding myself waking up with some chest congestion so I use the pillow to cough with and the respiratory machine to do breathing excerises so I don't get pneumonia. It seems to be going away...:).

Will I need to purchase a 2nd stage garment do you think?
You need to take stool softeners everyday. Hold a pillow against your stomach while sitting on the toilet, You wont have much muscle to push with because they are still somewhat tight and numb... Good luck.....
whitewolf - I didn't have a bm until 5 days after my surgery and I was so frustrated! I was doing everything I could think of! Finally I had my hubby go and buy me suppositories. Not pleasant at all, but I finally was able to have a bm and have been normal every since. It has also helped me if I gently put pressure on my stomach with my arms, like I am hugging myself, but on my tummy. It seems to help to have something support the muscles. Good luck!

Day five post op: I slept really well last night....

Day five post op: I slept really well last night. Just had to get up once to use the bathroom. It is getting easier to get out of bed. During the day I sit in my recliner with my feet up to help the swelling. The bruising from the lipo is a lot worse than I anticipated. It will look worse before it gets better. I am really sore and I get tired really easy. Ventured out of the house today for the first time and it wore me out. So I am back home relaxing and doing school work.

Tried not to use pain meds today because it backs me up but ended up having to take some to relieve the pain I had. I only took half the dose and it seems to be working. Tomorrow I will try tylenol instead.

I am gaining an appetite and have managed to eat some really good food today. Only a small amount though. Couldn't handle much more than that.

I also have finally had a BM with the help of a suppository and now I feel so much better. I was so backed up that it was hurting me so I finally got some help. And it was worth it!

Haven't been able to take any pictures yet. I look bigger than i did before due to the swelling. I will try and take some tonight. even if it is with my garment on...lol.

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well and thank you for your support...:)
Hey! Mine was the 15th. I'm doing ok too. Are u wondering around a lot to prevent clots? That's my biggest fear. This will all be worth it, but MAN what a bitch of a recovery!
How are you feeling? I am ok...i have moments where I feel great and other moments that I feel like I shouldn't have done this. I just keep pushing on though because I know I will be pleased once the swelling is gone. I find myself walking around a lot, maybe too much. I am not the type to sit still for long, I have to keep moving...lol. Walking around is good for you and helps reduce the swelling as well as prevent blood clots from forming. You also need to do your breathing exercises to keep from getting pneumonia. I try to do them as often as possible so I don't get congested and start to cough. That hurts like a s.o.b. So keep moving but do not push yourself too hard. When you start to hurt or get even a little bit tired...stop. Then relax for a little while.
I'm feeling OK too. Tired. Trying to figure out when I'm going to be"normal" again...
I have to go back to work on the 30th, maybe the 1st.. but It just seems so soon. My toddler wants me to hold her so bad.. it's really devestating to me. I hope I can hold her soon :(
Off to bed, hope this swelling goes away soon!

Photo Update

I couldn't take it anymore...lol. I had to take...

I couldn't take it anymore...lol. I had to take off the garment for a couple of hours. My skin has been itching like crazy. It needs to breathe! while I was out of my compression garment, I went ahead and took some pictures. I am very swollen and bruised. I didn't realize just how bad until I took the garment off and got a good look. Wow is all that went through my mind. Liposuction apparently is a very brutal procedure. I am feeling it more than the TT for the most part. If I try to stand up too straight it kills me! I tried to stand up as I took the pictures but I couldn't get up all the way. Please let me know what you all see from these photos. Thank you...:).
Hey ! Thanks for posting an update with pics. I can really already see a huge difference even with the swelling, eh? Your gonna have an awsome end result that's for sure ! Ya I have heard that the lipo pain is worse than the TT but heck as long as I have some strong ass pain killers LOL . . . ! How far bent are you when you walk? Did you ever find an easier way into getting in and out of your garment? If there is a secret to this please lemme know! Take it easy and get well soon :=D
When I walk I am bent over pretty far at first but then when I move around for awhile it gets easier. If I have been stationary for even just a few minutes I have to start over...lol. Another person on here gave me a suggestion on how to get into my garment easier...go on section at a time on both sides. Take for instance, at the bottom of the leg hook it there then zip up to next hook. Then go to the other side and do the same...do that all the way up. I was able to do it today by myself...:). Keep in mind that the swelling you initially have will make the garment really tight but it gets better when the swelling goes down. I hope this helps...:)
Yes thanks for the tip. Hope all is well!

Well 6 days post op...this has been a long haul. ...

Well 6 days post op...this has been a long haul. I was feeling wonderful today so I just took tylenol this morning and wanted to see how I did the rest of the day. I felt good so I did some house work, putting curtains up with my boyfriend and sat in a car for almost 2 hours...all I can say is...OUCH! I shouldn't have pushed myself so much today. I was really feeling it and I swelled like a hippo! All the way down to my feet. I looked like I had vienna sausages for toes...yuck. I decided to soak my feet and legs in a warm bath...mistake! It only made me swell more, however I did "feel" better afterward. My poor daughter walked in on me sitting on the side of the bath tub and got soooooo upset from all the bruising I have. She looked like she was going to cry...poor thing. so I managed to get her calmed down and in bed and now I am sitting in my recliner with my feet up hoping that some of the swelling will go away soon. I know I am being inpatient, but Geez! I want to see some improvement! The lipo on my inner thighs has left me horribly bruised and what looks like a concave area where he took the fat out. I hope that smooths out soon. I go to the doctor on Tuesday. Maybe he can ease my mind on all of this.

I do apologize for my ranting....I'm just having a bad day with "why did I do this" moments mixed in with it. I know I am not supposed to look at it that way, but right now I just can't help it. I have to go back to work in 9 days and I don't know if I am going to be able to if I continue to swell so bad that I can't even fit into my "fat" jeans. Help! Anyone? Please?

Today (3/22/11) I went for my first follow up...

Today (3/22/11) I went for my first follow up appointment. I had one drain removed...OUCH! Didn't realize that was going to be an issue...lol. But I am glad that it is out. I was hoping for both but apparently the drains need to be "milked" daily in order for the clots to come through them. That was news to me....I had no idea. So, I am having to have still in place until next week. Oh, I was also told you cannot shave your bikini area while the drains are in place if they are placed like mine are. They are located on my mons area. Which is now getting really tender and sore from the drains being there. I was wondering why I was leaking from the drain site instead of into the drain itself. I had clots that were blocking them. Wish I would have known ahead of time...:). But, anyway....

All in all the doctor said I was looking wonderful. I have a flat tummy with a new belly button. He also informed me that he had removed 2000cc of fat from the liposuction! That is approximately 5 lbs. I don't see it on the scale yet due to the swelling I have. Which can get bad at times, like last night. I had no ankles! I did notice at the doctors office that my waist had shrunk some. The swelling wasn't all that bad. It is frustrating and my doctor told me to be patient, it can take up to 6 months for the swelling to resolve. He also removed a lot of stitches today from around my belly button and my scar revision site. He left the ones on my tummy for a little while longer becasue the sterry strips were on the good and he didn't want to cause me anymore pain. He has given me permission to take baths again (thank goodness!) and to start exercising a little. Just walking is what he said. And to NOT over do it. So I am taking it one day at a time and easing back into my workout routine.
I think you look great!
Thank you! That was so kind of you to say...:) It is always nice to hear that especially when you are someone like me who isn't very patient...lol. The doctor said today that I will see my six pack soon...:). I can't wait.

Today I stayed in bed the whole day...my feet have...

Today I stayed in bed the whole day...my feet have been so swollen and I am still having a hard time standing upright. It did me some good though. I have ankles, feet, and toes again! Yeah! I soaked in a bath today to relieve some of the tenderness and muscle stiffness. That also did me some good. I am suprised that I still have that tightness feeling in my stomach. Thought it would have resloved by now. I am still new to all of this...just 1 1/2 weeks into the healing process. Any one still feeling the muscle tightness?

Ok ladies...I have a question. Please help me if...

ok ladies...I have a question. Please help me if you have experienced this. I had 2 drains in place in my mons area below my tummy tuck scar. They were a nuicense and I had removed at 8 days. Which issued some relief. However the last drain left became extremely tender and red at the drain site. Making it impossible to move or "milk" the drain at any point. I went to the doctor yesterday because of my concern and discomfort. It wasn't producing much more than 10 cc of fluid so the doctor opted to remove it. OUCH! Shortly afterward the side that the drain was removed, I became EXTREMELY swollen and sore. Couldn't do anything other than cry when I got home it hurt so bad. Is this a normal reaction to having the drain removed? I know I swelled a little when the other one was removed 5 days ago. However, the other one that they removed yesterday became hot, tender, and disfigured on the whole left side of my abdomen. Of course it is the weekend and i can't have anything done about it until monday but I was wondering if anyone else had experienced anything like this? As long as I stay still for awhile it doesn't hurt so much so sleeping has been difficult to say the least. thanks for any help you all could offer me...:)

Here is what happened today...my swelling had...

Here is what happened today...my swelling had subsided a little over night but it was hard in that area. I was feeling a little better than yesterday but as the day wore on it got much worse. No pain medicine could even touch the pain. The swelling grew and was pushing on my incision also extending down to my legs. Now it is hot and red. I figured I could not wait until monday so I called my doctor. Of course he wasn't on call this weekend but another doctor was. It was the one who had done my breast aug a few years back so I felt comfortable. He stated he was in his office already and to go ahead and come on in. I get there and he immediately examines me and determines that I have a large seroma. He tries to aspirate it but to no avail. So he has to go in surgically. He dug around and found an abcess. So he flushed it and packed it with gauze and sulfadeen cream. He has to change it tomorrow...Man is it going to hurt!!! even being numbed it still is extremely painful. Doc said it was a good thing that I didn't wait until Monday, it really would have been a big mess. So now I am back on antibiotics. He gave a high dose injection of it to get me started. I asked him what had caused it. He said it could have been anything but what he thinks happened is that my drain was the vessel for the bacteria to get up into my abdomen. If the drain had been clogged and since I was so sore when the drain was in place would explain the extreme tenderness. He also stated it wasn't anyones fault that this happened, it is just one of the risks you take when having this kind of surgery. I knew this going into it but I didn't think it would get that bad. I feel like I am back at square one in the healing process. I am sore as hell and can't move very well. Oh well, things can only go up from here. I am glad that I listened to my body and got treated. So ladies, please do not ignore ANY warning signs that you body is telling you. Listen so you don't end up with a serious problem. I stopped this one in the nick of time, thank goodness. Thank you to all who gave me such wonderful advise and settled my fears.
Glad you went to the doctor! This is so important for all of us whoo will be having tt to read. Keep taking care!!
I have been looking for anyone who has gone through this to see what their results were and how long it took them to heal. I guess this doesn't happen very often because I can't find anything on hear about it. If I do find something, I will post it. And I will keep all of you posted on my healing process.

I am NOT trying to discourage anyone from getting a TT. I am seeing wonderful results from my procedures and I would go through all of it again to achieve my goal for myself. However, I am just trying to educate others to my situation so they will know how to deal with this situation if it arises.
i did not get an infection, but i did retain so much fluid that my stomach ended up pretty much splitting open and draining the fluid out of 2 holes, it has been 5 weeks and i am much better now,but i have had a staff infection in the past, with good antibiotics my infection cleared within 2 weeks, staff is staff no matter what procedure- so maybe yours will heal up within a few weeks, hopefully all will be good for you:)

Saturday night I developed a fever of 103. Brought...

Saturday night I developed a fever of 103. Brought it down with meds and went back for my second treatment at the doctors office. He flushed it out again but did not pack it with gauze this time. All day sunday I was very sore. It is now Monday 3/28/11 and I am officially 2 weeks post op. My fever is still lingering around at 100 degrees. I am feeling so much better for the most part. However, I was told the culture taken for my abcess was positive for staph. I am just waiting on what kind of AB to use to treat it. I am having to clean this area a few times a day and reopen the hole so it can drain. Makes me sick to my stomach when I have to do this. Everything else looks wonderful except for my left side. I am seeing really good results so far but my left side is swollen and red. I am frustrated at this point. I need to go back to work but can't because staph is highly contagious and since I have so much drainage the likelihood of contaminating someone else is too high. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I am so scared and upset. Please, if anyone knows anything about this, please share with me so I can figure out how to handle this without having an emotional breakdown.

No fever today, minimal drainage, reduced swelling...

No fever today, minimal drainage, reduced swelling in the infected area, so making progress...YEAH! Got a long way to go though due to how large of an area it is.

Anyone know anything about massaging the areas that had lipo and how they do it? My inner thighs are starting to develop scar tissue and it is tacking itself down so now I have these hard areas and I don't know what the best technique is.

I go back to work tomorrow...:). I am glad but nervous if I am going to swell bad or not be able to keep up at work. I am going to try my hardest but my department at walmart is a wreck...going to take time to fix but I can manage it. I know I will get frusrated with my limited abilities but I will get stronger as time goes by. My coworkers will be amazed at how I look...:). No more calling me names...lol. Now they all will be the ones who are bigger than me...lol.
Ugh, you poor thing. Working would be exhausting right now. I am fortunate that I work at home and can kind of do as much as I want and then take a nap. And especially with your infection...Ow! But I know what you mean about not being able to take any more time off work. I don't get paid for my time off at all, and now I have a TT bill to pay...lol! Hang in there!
Thanks...:) I am doing so much better now...Getting back into the swing of things. I still have some challenges but I am getting through them...:) How are you doing?
Went back to work today and I swelled like a freaking balloon! Ugh...how frustrating! The infected site started to drain a lot more and become sore due to theh pressure of the swelling. I could barely walk by the end of the day. I have two more days this week...hopefully I will be able to get stronger. I am not trying to over do it and I am not lifting anything over a couple of pounds but I am still getting slammed physically. Guess it is just part of the healing process...Anyone else experiencing similar problems?

I am now almost three weeks post op and felt brave...

I am now almost three weeks post op and felt brave enough to take some new photos....please do t mind the large bandage. That is where the staph infection was. Note I am wearing my garment under my pants and they are still loose! Haven't worn these jeans in two years....whoo hoo! Also I noticed I have an hour glass figure for the first time in my life! Yeah me! I am feeling a little more Co.rodent in my results...just a waiting game....

I needed to ask the ladies who have gotten liposuction with their tummy tucks....are you experiencing stiffness and hard areas under the skin? If so, how are you treating it?
I just want to thank all of you for your support and great advise over the last few weeks. I don't think I would have understood this process if I hadn't found this site. It has been an adventure definitely but I am glad I was able to go on this journey with all of you. When I find myself questioning myself or getting down about all of this, I run to this site and it calms me to read everyones stories and experiences. Plus the feature of being able to ask doctors questions is wonderful. You not only get one answer but several! I love it! Anyway, just wanted to say thank you to everyone!...:)

I am four weeks out now and on my first full week...

I am four weeks out now and on my first full week back at work. I am still not lifting anything over ten pounds...I just can't do it without causing pain. BUt it has gotten easier to move around especially when I have been sitting for lunch or break. the wound from my infection is almost completely healed on the inside. I am seeing less swelling above my incision and I am able to wear my pre op clothes but have to put a belt on now...:). Or they will fall down! I am still struggling with some of the areas of the liposuction but I think that is getting slightly better with the massaging I have beem doing everyday. I posted a pic of one area of concern on my lipo. I am hoping this will resolve. I do need to ask though, should my PS fix this if it doesn't? How do I approach this situation without making him feel offended? He is really nice and easily approachable but I don't want to attack his work either. How many of you have had this and was able to resolve the matter without issue?
Went to dr yesterday. Very little swelling (14 days post surgery). Go back in 4 weeks. I like the idea of massaging the lipo areas and the little lumps that pop up. Incision is healing very well, started putting cocoa butter w/ vit e on it. Live the results so far. Glad to read others are doing well also. Dispels some of the horror stories I had heard. Thank you all.
Do NOT feel bad asking him/her about the bump on your thigh! I mean, you paid him thousands and thousands of dollars...he won't be offended!
You are right...:). I just don't like confrontation but I did pay for a certain physical image and I would like to have it. I have realistic expectations so I know I am not going to look "perfect" but I want to be close...:). So at my next visit I am going to ask several questions regarding these issues...Thanks for your help...:)

It is hard to believe that it has been 5 weeks...

It is hard to believe that it has been 5 weeks since my tummy tuck and lipo already! I am seeing some good results and I am happy with how my clothes fit even with the fact that I struggled with, still struggling with, the healing process and the complications I endured. My head just swells when my baby tells me how good I look and that he can't keep his eyes off of me. He always starts with I loved you the way you were but I am really loving the way you are now. He tells me that my confidence has soared and that I am smiling and laughing again. Which makes me even look better to him...:). My kids also tell me how skinny and flat my tummy looks. They also tell me that I look really good. They don't know that I had these procedures done so they think it is due to weight loss...:). But they tell me how pretty their momma is and it just makes me smile.

Even with the good results that I am seeing I am concerned over a couple of things. One of the areas that was supposed be liposuctioned I feel wasn't touched. I had been told by the doctor and his staff that I would be receiving lipo on my hips, abdomen, inner thighs, and flank area. Well I see the hips, abdomen, inner thighs but I do not think that the flank area was even touched. Now he had mentioned that he was very limited on doing my sides due to the fact that the blood supply to the flap comes from there. But like I said, he did my sides but the back side of my back area also known as the flank wasn't even liposuctioned at all. There was no bruising or hardening or tenderness in this area. So that leads me to believe that it wasn't done. I have beautiful sides of my abdomen but I am left with bulge on my flank area. Is this just an oversight? Something he felt that couldn't be done? Or something that he felt would need to be part of a revision? He did mention beforehand that I would most likely need some mild revision so I am curious as to what this means. Anyone going through this?

I went through my first full week this week at work and I tried so hard to take it easy but my job just makes it impossible. But I am doing a lot better than anticipated. I am able to walk better and faster and move around better. I still feel the pain from pulling on by lipo areas and tt muscles but that is usually after I havve been sitting for awhile. I am not taking any medicine for pain right now so by the end of the day I am feeling it. I still get the swelling everyday but it is diminishing as the days go on...so things are going good...:). I think I need to start using the silicone tape but I am having a hard time finding it for a decent price. Anyone have any suggestions?

Officially five weeks PO today! Wow...where does...

Officially five weeks PO today! Wow...where does the time go? So much has happened in these five weeks. Good and bad..mostly good. I went for my PO visit to see how much damage the staph infection did. Didn't do that much, will have to have incision revision on that side. I forgot to ask about my flanks not being lipoed as agreed because I was asking so many other questions regarding going back to excercising, what my limits are on ab work, and of course discussing how well I have come along...lol. My PS has released me to start running or doing any type of cardio but to listen to my body and not to over do it. That I need to work back into it. He has also released me for "light" ab work. He felt my abs today and said that I had really strong ones but to still take it easy so I don't bust a stitch. I am also able to do light weight training, again easing back into it. I am so happy that I can finally do these things again...:). So I will go back in two months to see how I am coming along. So my life is going to back to normal somewhat...Yeah! This weekend it will be fishing on the coast. I haven't been able to fish since this all started so it will be nice to be back on the water! Bathing suit time as well! Whoo hoo...so excited to see what that will look like...YEAH ME!

I haven't posted any more pics recently but I plan...

I haven't posted any more pics recently but I plan on it!...I am feeling good about my body and it shows in my attitude. I have started my sixth week of post op healing and almost feel 100% normal. I am able to get around well at home and at work. The only thing I am still struggling with is the ability to be able to stretch and sleep on my stomach. But I am getting there...:). As soon as I take some new pics in my bathing suit. I am still concerned about the flank area. It is uneven from the rest of my body...makes my waist look really short. Maybe this is something he will take care after I am completely healed and have my final results. He has to redo some of my incision from the staph infection so maybe he can fix this then. I hope so...:). I am still excited but don't like looking like I don't have a waist...like my rib cage sits right on top of my hips...lol. Anyway...I have more of waist than I did...I definitely have a flat tummy and sooooo happy with it. I look forward to my continous morphing over the next few months...:).

I have also started to run again...still tiring easily but getting better...want to continue to keep my shape and actually improve it. Any suggestions from anyone on this subject? Continuous cardio or a mixture? I would think a mixture but not sure...HELP PLEASE!...

Need some information on silicone sheets...how do they work and is everyone having a good experience with them? Is there any other way to make your scar become flatter? Thanks ladies for all of your help.
I remember the redness went all the way up toward my belly button and rib cage. It showed up so fast and furious...scared the crap outta me! The internet is a good thing but can be a bad thing when you read all sorts of problems like with staph. I probably shouldn't have researched it but I couldn't help it. I want to be informed to some degree so I have some defense when it comes to my medical issues...:). Don't want to be blind sided. Know what I mean?

I am soooooooo glad and happy that you are doing so much better. I felt so bad for you. I knew exactly what you were going through and I wanted to help ease your mind a little. I went through the same emotions. I would cry and ask myself why I did this to myself and my family then I would be angry at myself for getting the infection. But, I got through it.

I still have a small opening to my incision but for the most part it is completely healed on the inside. My scar looks a little weird on that side but as for the rest of it, I am glad that I did it! You will be too. I promise...:).

Have your kids come home yet? what about your mom? Did she go home or is she staying for awhile longer? Keep taking it easy and know that the light at the end of the tunnel is very near...:). We are going to look HOTTTTT! Whoo hoo!
So glad to see you are doing so well! Can't wait to see updated pics when you get a chance. I am doing much better with my infection. Last dose of anti-biotics tonight and redness is finally going away! WOOT!

So this monday marks my seventh week of healing...

So this monday marks my seventh week of healing and the beginning of my eighth week. I have stopped wearing my garment for most of the time all though I feel I may need to wear it to my new job for support. I am discouraged and frustrated regarding the lipo I had. My flanks were never done and the inside of my thighs look horrible. I have massaged and massaged until the cows come home and I can not get rid of that dented in look on the inner thigh. Now I see I have a big bulge on the upper most inner part of my thighs. So skinny thigh up to the top then BOOM! Big bulge. It looks horrible. My scar from my tuck has healed well on one side but where I had the staph infection it is bulging and looks horrible. I am at a loss at this point and don't know how to approach this. I have spoken with my PS office and they say that I am still too early and to stop worrying about a revision at this point. Well I see a lot of women on here that had a lot more work done than me and have come out with great results regardless of any complications that they have had. I just feel if I spent this kind of money, I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror naked and not be horrified by what I see. HOw do I handle this? Any suggestions on what to say to the doctor without offending them so they don't just throw me to the back burner and keep putting me off?
I am so sorry you are going thru this. I too have the same concerns as you so I am not much help.
I have 2 areas on my incision now that are red and oozing. Doc said that is a good sign and I am on antibiotics so there shouldn't be any infection. UGH, I just want all this to be over. Do you ever wish you could turn back time? I never had any complicatioins with my fat belly...
Totally understand that statement 100%. I am very pleased with the flat belly I have but I am wondering if I should have saved my money and bought that new dodge challenger I wanted instead...lol. Nice car to say the least. But I also enjoying the compliments I am receiving (with my clothes on and not knowing I had any work done) so they think I lost a lot of weight which I have but I am not satisfied with what I am left with as far as areas that were to be addressed and not being done. I look great with clothes on but I want to look great naked...main reason I wanted this whole thing done...I am hoping that my surgeon will do some revising in his office. God knows I have gone through the ringer for this and I want to look right. I have to look at myself everyday...they don't. So I am hoping they will understand and not get mad at me for asking.

I know it has been quite some time since I have...

I know it has been quite some time since I have updated and that I was going to post some pics but I have been so busy with my new job and working on my new college classes that I haven't even had time to breathe...lol. I have started back working out and actually doing sit ups. I am working into it very slowly. Even at 2 months post op I am still struggling with discomfort and swelling. I am on my feet all of the time so by the time I get home I am blown up like a blimp. I am hoping that this stops soon. I am pleased with my flat tummy but after the staph infection it has created a very uneven and bumpy scar. The hole from the infection went so deep into my abdominal area under the skin that it created something like a indention. IF that makes sense...I also have dog ears on the end of my scar that is very tender...is that normal?

As for the lipo on my inner thighs, well lets just say I need to be more patient with those results. I am uneven and bumpy especially when I do not wear my garment. I am not sure what to think other than I need a revision. I would like to think that my doctor will do this for me after I heal. As well as my other scar. They look horrible. I have done everything in my power to make sure everything heals right now I think that I need a little help with it. I don't want to look like a freak all uneven and scarred. How should I approach this with my doctor? Anyone else going through this? Please will someone help me figure this out?

Also now that my procedure is over I cannot get a hold of anyone in the doctors office via email or get returned phone calls. So I am at a loss. I do not understand what I have done to be ignored...Suggestions?????
Dr. Newman

Dr. Newton of Angelina plastic surgery is very professional and nice. His staff is also very nice. They explained everything to me and made me feel very comfortable. They responded to all questions in detail. They also responded to all my emails very quickly. I would recommend this facility and doctor to anyone.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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