TCA Peel Tattoo Removal

I have a small star on my ankle and decided to...

I have a small star on my ankle and decided to remove it using the peel since it would cost less. Its been 3 days since i applied it. It wasnt that painful and i left it on for about 6 minutes. Since then it has turned brownish and seems like it will start to peel at any moment.


I have read that peels dont work. They do take a long time and never get down deep enough into the skin. Good luck!
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I have to agree and not recommend this. I tried to cheap out before ending up at dermatologist for the real thing. TCA left me with a really bad lumpy scar that had to be treated with cortisone shots several times still have a scar but not too bad. And the TCA really only cause very minor fading of the tattoo before eating away at my skin.
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BE CAREFUL!!!! Especially on your ankle. It looks like the acid ran too beacuse the good skin around the area is very red. If you are going to keep rubbing acid on your skin you need to protect the surrounding area with Vaseline. Most importantly, you ARE NOT going to take this tattoo off with acid. I don;t give a rats a$$ what you read online- it won't work. I bought some & used it several times with no results. When I finally saved enough money to see a laser specialist to take my tats off they were HORRIFIED that I had used TCA on myself. You can really, really hurt yourself with that stuff.
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