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I have the dreaded tattoo regret. I still love...

I have the dreaded tattoo regret. I still love tats but I just feel now that I am getting older that I am not respected or taken seriously becausr of my tats on my lower arms . So I feel I would have a higher self esteem with them gone. I will be showing u my wrist tat. A star a poor tat at that. I will also tell u this is very painful the healing and peeling process u must MUST care for it alot . Lots of cauze and antibiotic cream. U may also want to use a mupricon cream if u have some it helps with new skin growth and jeeps it from getting infected. The instructions say to use a diluted form . Well I being stubborn used a 100% pure tca from Bettercomplexions101 . Its good stuff. But I am impatient I wanted to not have to do so many treatments so I thought I would just get it down deep since it was gonna hurt anyway. The application triangles burns very little. What u dont want to do is keep applying the tca ov over and over if u are using it pure. Which is what I did. My mistake. All my other treated tats with 100% pure peeled and healed nicely. And one other tat lightened about 30% which I am very happy with. But the star I am going to show u went too deep . It was my fault I put to much on it. But it has removed 90% of the tat. At best u want to achieve a second degree burn to do well like my other tat lightening up to 30% . But the results of my star was a third degree burn .it will take longer to heal.but I guess im crazy because I feel its worth it as long as I dont end up with a scar. U must remember in the pic it is very red and u should be during healing. I am keeping it wrapped and compressed with antibiotic ointment and mupricon ointment daily and nightly . Washing morning and night with antibacterial soap the wrap again. Peel skin does come of with wrap and ink bled out . This is good . It is healing slowly but well. The remaining star print that u see is imbeded in my dermis . Which tells me the tattoo artist went too deep . So my advice is if u want it gone its worth it . The application doesnt hurt and the healing peeling is the worst. And lets face it u are purposely burning yourself and u want to go for second degree to get the best results. U must keep it clean and wrapped daily it will take weeks and more than a month to heal. The product was only 26$ but the bandages and ointments have cost me extra. U cant be squeamish to do this . Or neglect ur womb.
Thank you for sharing your experience with us.   Definitely keep on top of this healing.  


I am very pleased with how this tat turned out .it faded nicely . I used 100% tca on this as well but only swiped on once and left on just until frost and then neutralized . I will follow up with more application to fade / remive this tat in the winter months where my arms aren't so visible.

I will update future second treatments

Hopefully I will acheive tattoo removal. And can help anyone with tat regret. Sorry for all the typos in my reveiw

star update

Star is healing . It used to be raised on the edges and even tho its red on the edges it is no longer raised it is flat dispute its appearance in this pic . I will post more pics after complete healing . It has grown many layers of skin back . In all previous pics the dermis was exposed . Now im not sure if all 7 layers are back but it has skin and isnt so tender . Looking forward to complete healing . Still hoping for no scar . And tat is half way gone :)
100% TCA? I'm just beginning on fairly delicate skin with 25%, 3 passes. After 8 days the peeling began and I'm drowning it in hyaluronic acid, squalane (olive) oil and coconut butter (Trader Joe). The fading (it was skin color on a scar area but it came out bright pink, like lipstick) is subtle but going slowly, patiently and not becoming aggressive will pay off. Patience. Attacking with much stronger would increase the risk. There can be with laser scars. Very patient is probably the key and I prefer to manage my own skin gently than rely on someone else who isn't familiar with the way I heal, etc.
Wow 100% tca! Be careful! I hope you get the results you want.

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