6 weeks PO new pics and new questions......

I have had three 9lbs babies, and gained a ton of...

I have had three 9lbs babies, and gained a ton of weight with each pregnancy. I have been working hard to lose the weight. After losing 60lbs from my last pregnancy, I have been left with a saggy and fatty looking belly and hips, and sagging boobs with excess skin I can pinch and make it stay in place. Its hard to find clothes that fit me, especially only being 5'2, that I know when I can pull and squish that skin I can see how much smaller I would be if I could just get rid of it. I went to my surgeon, and he suggested that I could have a tummy tuck done. He suggested if I wanted tightness on both my tummy and hips and sides a fleur dis lis would be the best but I could still have amazing results with just a regular abdominoplasty. I decided to go for a regular on, as much as I wouold love the perfect hour glass, I can't imagine having a scar up my midsection as well.

That now brings me to my breasts. We applied to insurance for a reduction. My surgeon suggested 460g to be removed (binging me to a small D /Full C he said). The insurance company denied my claim, saying it had to be 480g. After talking to me, even though I don't want to be too small, the shoulder and back pain are killing me, and to be able to just wear a bra without it digging, or a swimsuit without adjusted my slipped down boobs every few seconds, to even being able to sleep without a bra for a single night without them flailing all over just seems to much of a bonus to pass up, plus if I find them too small I can always have an implant later on down the road to achieve the size I want (C-D). :P So we resubmitted my claim,and I am hoping all goes well. I am currently a very saggy 38DDD. during pregnancy I was so big I couldn't even find a bra to fit! So you can imagine the havock that caused the girls lol.

My dress size is a 10-12. I hate always having the pant bulge, and the muffin top. Pants are just a no no :( To be able to look good in my clothes, have them fit better, and find some cute bras to fit. I always wondered why some women want huge boobs, if they only knew the trouble they can be for bras, pain and clothing! Sometimes being "blessed" isn't such a blessing! LOL I am a bit freaked out, and worried about recovery and pain. But I know it will all be worth it in the end. So as soon as I find out about the reduction, I am booking the rest!

Your going to look great! Keep us posted to progress with insurance and surgery date! I never heard of the fleur dis lis? I agree with not wanting vertical scar. Hard to hide! Good luck!

Added some pics of when I was pregnant. I am so...

Added some pics of when I was pregnant. I am so jealous of the girls that got as big as that and never look like the were ever pregnant! And that was only 29 weeks along, and I went past due to 42 weeks!

Still waiting on the insurance to get back to me. Crossing my fingers!
My fingers are crossed for you! i just posted a before pic of my old boobs. Oh my god! To look at the before and afters next to each other makes me emotional! Good luck!
I know. I sit sometimes in the mirror grabbing everything and pushing it to where it should be to see how I would look at my husband just stares at me going "you women are weird" LOL. I don't think most people understand how much even simple things like the extra skin on your tummy, or deflated boobs can make a woman feel about herself, from just wanting the one pair of pants without my tummy skin causing me muffin top, or my boobs fiannly staying in one place without having to adjust them, gawd knows how annoying it is when you are out with the kids somewhere having to pull your pants up or put your boobs back in your bra properly, or adjusting the bra straps that are killing your shoulders, without the whole world around you wondering what the heck you are doing! LOL.
The anticipation is killing me! I hope to get the insurance info back soon so I can get this show on the road! I am sooooo excited >.
Thank you! I look forward to being able to talk about this, even though it's super exciting to finally be able to do it, I still get scared thinking about it >.< But it won't hold me back! I have wanted this for wayyyyyy too long!

Well after a very nerve racking wait.... I opened...

Well after a very nerve racking wait.... I opened my mailbox today to see a letter from my insurance company. So I tear it open and read that I am approved for the reduction! WOOT! flat tummy and nice boobs here I come! I can't wait! EEEKKK! So excited!!!!

Sooooo..... I finally have a date for surgery! I...

Sooooo..... I finally have a date for surgery! I booked it this past week and I am already to go! So June 19th it is! I could have done it a bit sooner (June 5th) but my hubby is out of town for work (Thanks a lot mister >:( lol) So I have to wait an extra two weeks for it. I am super nervous, and with all the nice weather have been wanting to go buy some new clothes, but been holding off. The first things I wanna buy is a new bra, a bathing suit and a pair of jeans (without having to worry about muffin top!) I cannot wait! someone cancel so I can get in sooner!!!! :D 38 days and counting down...... >.

So I have less then a week to go until surgery. I...

So I have less then a week to go until surgery. I am so nervous! I managed to lose another 15lbs since I went to see my PS. I am ready for the change! Now I just have to wait a few more days until I can finally see the new me :)
I'm excited and nervous! I thought the night before I.would get all anxious anhave kicked in early and been sinceTuesday! Lol. I'm looking forward to finally seeing what's underneath all this skin :)
I love how phones write whatever they feel like to make what you were trying to say make no sense. Lol
I know right with phones!! I hope I am excited and not nervous when it comes to the day before my surgery!!

Well I will be at the hospital in 12 hours! I have...

Well I will be at the hospital in 12 hours! I have been so nervous the past week I started breaking out like I am 13! Free. It's like hey, I'm 30, not a teenager, hormones help me out a bit here! Lol. I hope I have everything I need. I filled all my prescriptions and have them ready, and I already have prepped my house for me being MIA for cleaning, and have filled the fridge with easy oven or microwave meals for my cooking impaired hubby to make for himself and the kids for. Few days. Lol I even bought disposable dishes so he wouldn't have to figure out the dishwasher. Rofl. And yet he is the most handy and tech savvy man, but ask him to do laundry, and he is like a deer in headlights lol. So I hope by organizing the stiff I usually do a bit for him.it makes things easier for him. I also have ate. Bit more the past week from nerves so I gained 3lbs :( but you can't notice, so ok ok with it. So I will update as soon as I can after surgery. Crossing my fingers for all of this :)
Gooood luck in 12 hours! So exciting keep us updated!!! I will be thinking of you!
Well tomorrow is the day and as soon as I can get pics up I will :)

Well its done! Spent night at the hospital. I just...

Well its done! Spent night at the hospital. I just got home. Still pretty out of it from the meds. As soon as I get moving I el post pics. My doc said he has never stretched someone as much as he did to my stomach, removing over 5 inches in height from my tummy. Crazy! So that's my update for today, back to resting.
Woohoo! Glad it went well! Can't wait to see pics!

Well tuesday was they day. I stayed over night in...

Well tuesday was they day. I stayed over night in the hospital and came home around 2pm the following day. Thank god I stayed because that IV pain med kept me out of pain and drowsy enough to sleep some of it off. today I'm stiff and sore. My tummy hurts the most and boobs feel great. So far everything looks amazing! I can't wait till I am able to move around more. I go for my post op tomorrow. I have been holding off on mypain meds as much as I can cause they make me really sleepy, and I know I need tio be up and moving as much as I can. But I think its almost time to take a few and go rest a bit as I have already made sure dinner was ok, the kids were good and drained my drains. So with that update I am off to lay down for a little bit :)
Sounds like u are doing okay. Glad surgery went well!! Can't wait to see pics!!

Thanks for the update. You focus on healing up and post photos when you're up to it. That's a lot of skin removed!


Well besides the fact I'm.swollen beyond what I...

Well besides the fact I'm.swollen beyond what I imagined , and stiff as hell from that swelling I'm doing ok. Posting a pic. I still have my pain pump and drains in but there is already a big difference in the way I look. Also bruising but I expected that as I do bruise easily.a little hunched over in.pic as I can't stand up fully. And pain wise I'm fine, its the sweelling that's bothering me the most. But I'm already happy, with what's there :)

Grrr phone won't let me post pic. Guess ill have...

Grrr phone won't let me post pic. Guess ill have to use the pc....
Glad you are ok!! Healthy and happy healing.

Finally got two pics up. I am so swollen its crazy...

Finally got two pics up. I am so swollen its crazy..... my thighs look about twice the size, and my butt too. My tummy has come down a bit in a few places. Just want this swelling in my legs to go away, as I know that the swelling in my mid section might be there for awhile. I have found it much easier today then the last few. My back of all things is what hurts the most. My tummy and boobs are fine. I have been getting up and trying to be active and I dont feel as sleepy as I did. I have also cut back my meds and dont need them as much. I hate these drains though. They keep getting clogged and no matter how much I strip em it isnt coming fully unclogged. And the clog goes into the skin so I dont even know how badly it is , and it's on both sides :( I also hate this pain pump now. Where it is put it in has been been bleeding since they put it in. I am supposed to keep gauze there and just wait till monday when they take it out, but UGH, its sooooo gross. Hopefully the drains come out monday too, if not maybe they can unclog em cause I am not having luck :(
My husband has been a real trooper through this, although I am gonna kick his ass when I recover for making me laugh so much cause GDAMN it hurts like &*%$ . I told him just wait till he goes through something painful.... mwuahahahaha! But other then those things it seems to be coming along. I will post some more pics when I am not so swollen and bruised so I can actually look like I had something done for the better lol. :)
I was wondering of you got implants too? I'm currently only getting a BR no implants. Most of the ladies on here have gotten implants and was wondering of I should go that route. What size do you think your breasts are now?
Wow you look great! Sorry your drains are clogging:-( Maybe the dr will show u a track to unclog them if you are not getting the, out. Happy healing!

Tomorrow will be one week from the day I had...

tomorrow will be one week from the day I had surgery. So far so good! I had one drain removed today...... omg I never expected that to be the most traumatizing event so far! lol. Its the weirdest feeling imaginable! And I did NOT expect the tubing that was inside me to be so damn long! I was all O.o And I had figured it was clogged....... clogged is an understatement! All like 2 ft of tubing that was inside was filled with deep red clot stuff. It was NASTY. So my tip to anyone with drains..... start stipping those suckers right away and often! They get backed up... and quick. I can imagine my right side when that one comes out. lol. I am still swollen like mad but the doc says I am looking great and the swelling is normal and will slowly start to go down. Still hate my legs though. They are rubbing together when I walk and I HATE it. I can already tell a huge difference though in my body.... and other then the fact I am bruised and stiff from the swelling I am feeling great. I am back to all my normal house hold stuff, just getting hubby to do the heavy lifting. Sleeping sucks though, and I have still yet to find a position I like since I am soooo used to sleeping on my side. My boobs look great and the weight off my shoulders and back is amazing! SOOO glad I did that. And they look perfect for my body now.... not taking up my whole upper half. I know they are still swollen a bit though most of the swelling in them has gone down, looks like I will be a small D to C like expected. I can't wait for everything to be in place. And with that... Iam gonna try to go get comfy in bed.... wish me luck! lol

Well here I am going towards three weeks PO on...

Well here I am going towards three weeks PO on tuesday. I am still crazy swollen in my mid section and almost look like I need a tummy tuck again its soooooo darn puffy :( My belly button ended up getting a bit infected so I have been taking care of that everyday to clear it up. My chest looks fantastic, and I keep checking out the girls in awe lol. I dont remember the last time they looked anything like they currently do >.<

Now if only my darn stomach would go down I would be so happy. I have been wearing my binder I came home in but it has became either stretched out or I have shrunk... either way it just isnt fitting right. I have been trying to a garment to wear, and I actually found a really tight firm control one at walmart of all places that was better then a few of the medical grade ones I had tried. I got that in a medium but even that isnt squishing as it was, not sure if thats from sweeling in certain areas going down or just the material stretching out, but I have been on the look out for a small every where I go, with no luck, and I am super scared to invest in one of these 100+ garments only to have to change it out or get a different size in a few weeks, so completely unsure what I should do :(

The swelling I had in my thighs has gone down so much, though I still have a little bit left, but not much. My hips look much better too. Just that darn tummy. I have swelling above my incision and extending upwards in just the midline section of my tummy. It makes my tummy look mighty weird, but I know its swelling because some days it can go down quite a bit and other days it can puff up like nothing else, so I am trying to be patient and let time heal. I am hoping this coming week it starts going down more. I don't see my PS until the 16th for a check up as he is currently on vacation, so I am trying not to panic until then lol!

I will get some new pics up soon :)
Sorry for the late reply! I did NOT get any implants. Most of the swelling has gone down in my boobs, and I can't even imagine getting any as I am bigger then I thought I was going to be, but I am very happy with my size. When I went in I was VERY saggy with a lot of excess skin and did not think I had much tissue left. I was about a DDD maybe a DD if I really squished em in lol. my PS thought at first I was going to be a C or a small D, but prior to surgery I lost some more weight which came off the girls again, and he was more thinking I would be a C or at worst a full B. But after going through the surgery there was more then enough skin and tissue to make the girls fit right for my body size. I am currently a D cup. I am up high where they should be and they are nice and round for a nice fit with my torso. I stick out just the right amount , nothing like I did before and they alone make me look soooo much thinner. I could probablyhave been a B or a C and still have looked great. My husband constantly looks at me and can't believe I was bigger then what I am now and wonders how I ever did it lol. So even though I was scared I was going to be too small at one point, I turned out fine. And I knew even if I did end up not liking it and being too small, I could always go back for implants. I am glad it was suggested to reduced first without implants because it would have been an awful waste of my money if I had.

Well Tuesday will be almost a month since I had my...

Well Tuesday will be almost a month since I had my surgery. Pain wise the numbness and occasional pain here and there are completely gone. My belly button shape looks great, though it is still very nasty looking from being infected. I have followed the docs orders for it, hoping when I see him this week, he will tell me its ok. My breasts are looking good, though my left has swelled up a bit the past week and is a little hard in certain areas, as opposed to my very soft natural looking right. But hey, it comes with the territory while healing.

I hvae noticed from the begining that there was one area on my tummy incision that as it started to heal was raised and red. I attributed it to the whole ordeal and figured it would get better. It did start to pink up and looked like it was healing good. Today I noticed that area (about 2-3 inches in length) of the incision has swelled up and is very red and hurts to poke at it. It almost feels like its a blister, but at the same time, it feels like the skin is too thick to be a blister. So that will be the first thing I point out this week to him, I dont want to ignore and infection or something if it is one :(

I also have gone down quite a bit in swelling, but all the swelling I still seem to have is right in the middle of my stomach from just under my boobs, to under my incision. I am now scared to death I won't have a flat tummy as almost a month out, even though I have seen pics of people with swelling, I have not seen anything like how mine looks.

I hope everything is ok. I have wanted this for so long, and took forever to save up the money for this..... I dont want to be left with a tummy that looks like I still need a tummy tuck :( I'm hoping I am just over reacting ...... :'(

Well I am back on antibotics for that weird...

Well I am back on antibotics for that weird blister like thing. He wants to keep an eye on it and gave me some keflex. I woke up this morning to see it has become bigger and hurts like hell to touch it. I will give it a day or two on the meds to see if it changes, if not I think I will go back before friday if it gets worse, since he is in surgerys for the rest of this week. Sigh :(

Well I was outside today when all of a sudden I...

Well I was outside today when all of a sudden I felt a wet feeling on my tummy, and looked down to see a big wet spot on my shorts. I went inside to look at it with my husband and I had a little hole along the incision where the blister thing was, and it was oozing puss and liquid! I called my PS office and my PS returned my call and he told me to keep on the antibiotics until he sees me next week. I am freaking out cause it is sore as heck and oozing still, though the fluid filled part is deflated. I am hoping its something superficial and nothing to worry about, though there is a depression like feeling under the skin if I touch it :( So I have to relax and hold out until next week and not get flustered over what it may or may not be....... that might be tough for someone like me! lol

I'm worried that it might be a stitch abcess or *gulp* fatty necrosis underneath. My husband pointed out the hole is a bit bigger today and is worried it might keep splitting. You can "see" inside the hole. It looks pretty deep and keeps oozing puss/yellow liquid. I'm so worried I go in next week and he tells me he has to cut out skin or something, as I am already feeling disgusting from what is there, let alone if he has to cut out something. Add that with the fact my tummy is swollen and no where near flat, and that was already bugging me, I am crossing my fingers it closes up and is nothing.

Hey I found this I thought it may help! I hope it's nothing though.




lilycat, I'd give your surgeon a call sooner than next week to get this squared away! Good luck and please let us know how you are.


So went to my PS today about my weird blister...

So went to my PS today about my weird blister thing that popped. So it seemed that I was rejecting ("spitting") two stitches. I have to say it was really gross as he poked at the hole and I watched it split to like twice the size it was. Good thing was it bled as he took out the offending stitches, so the surrounding tissue is still alive and well :D. Seems they were infecting the area as they were trying to be pushed out. So I have to pack the hole now with gauze, which from previously working in a hospital you think I would be cool with that from all the crazy things I saw... but when its yourself you have to work on... I become a great big wuss. LOL. And it should close up on its own in the next week or so. So that was a huge relief!!!! Now if I could just get rid of the tummy swelling.... lol

~Oh and as a little way to make me laugh, my...

~Oh and as a little way to make me laugh, my husband named it Audrey II...... "FEED ME SEYMOUR!!!" ~

Glad it all worked out!! 

So my tummy hole is starting to close up. It does...

So my tummy hole is starting to close up. It does not look half as scary as it once did. LOL. I have also finally got the nerve to upload some photos. I am so worried though. I will be 6 weeks PO on Tuesday. I know I look a million times better then I did. I also know that my PS removed a ton of skin and tightened me close to, if not the most he has ever tightened anyone. But I still look like I have loose skin. I know I have some swelling still, and I know it can take months to go away. But I can still pinch quite a bit of skin between my fingers when I am standing up straight. I can pinch it in both the lower and the upper area of my stomach. I am definately not flat. I worry maybe I should have had an extended tummy tuck or something. My husband also pointed out the the pubic mons area is now saggy, and it was not before. My PS is so darn nice, and he has done such great work, I dont even know how to begin to bring this up to him, or if I do, if I am making a big deal out of nothing, how stupid I will feel afterwards. I am a very shy and quiet person, so this is really difficult for me to address. I am also adding some pics of me pinching the skin, so maybe I can get some opinions on whether I am just worried for nothing, or this is something I need to look into.
hi i think you should send him the pics and ask whats his opinion? you paid for it so if you dont like what you seeand it can be fixed, he should honour your wishes, beacsues the job is not finnish. I also think i should be flater but my ps worn me that i had fat under my muscle which was whard to reach, so by losing more weight would melt that fat lol, ive also send me ps pics and awaiting his reply, the good thing about ytou , you wont have to travel by plane to see you ps :). happy healing and keep us updated
I think you should discuss your concerns with your P.S. after all you are not trying to offend him you are trying to get your best results. You deseve that, isn't that what you paid for. I am happy with my results but I dislike my belly button, I sent my P.S a picture and when he did not email me back I called his office. Follow up and revisions if needed are part of what we paid for so don't feel bad.
I also did not get implants and love my BL. I was a D cup before and I am a D cup now. I know that sounds crazy but before I had them shoved in and pulled up. This put dents in my shoulders. Now they sit in my bra and do not leave marks.So glad I did not get implants.

Well its week..... something or other LOL. I...

Well its week..... something or other LOL.

I had an appointment to see the doc but he called to surgery, so I have to reschedule :(

I am hoping to bring up some of my concerns when I see him. I am hoping that I am just over reacting.

I am just mostly concerned at the moment with the fact of how much skin I can pull and pinch on my mid section, tummy and hips. I am wondering if there is anything that can be done to correct this, as I still would not be caught dead in a bathing suit cause my tummy bulges, sags and rolls in all the wrong places :(

Hopefully its an easy remedy :)
curious as to what the Dr. said about the swelling /extra skin? I know mine did "relax" a bit  after things calmed down and it took time for the skin to adhere back to the muscle... but I had no fat to reemove or anything like that. ALWAYS bring up a question to your doc. ALWAYS...
I was also wondering about possibly getting my tummy tuck done with Dr. Kerr.... how did it go on your last visit? Did your swelling in the mid section ever go down?
Glad to hear that the "hole" is healing up. I was surprised by your photo as you pinched your stomach and can see the extra skin. Do you think that can get toned eventually? You shouldn't feel bad about bringing it up at all. It's your body and your money and you will have to live with your actions and decision. It never hurts to ask otherwise you're always going to wonder about it. Good luck!
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