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I am a young mother of 3 children. I had my first...

I am a young mother of 3 children. I had my first at age 20, and never regained my cute body after that. I am now 27 and my body looks much older. I put myself through school for 4 years as a single mother, and now that I have found someone that loves me as much as I love him, it's time to treat myself to something special! I plan on having a BA with lift, FTT and lipo to flanks.

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I just scheduled my Mommy Makeover for January 23....

I just scheduled my Mommy Makeover for January 23. I am so excited, I never thought I would have enough nerve to actually do this, but I have wanted this for a long time. Each pregnancy left me with a more disfigured body, and I can't wait to see the new me. I'm the type of person that likes things to happen right away, but I will just have to keep myself busy until the big day. I have been religiously reading everyone's posts trying to get an idea of what the whole process will be like. Sooooo exciiiiited to have made this step!


Are you a rep? I am, and am only taking a total of 11 days out of field. Really nervous about that. BTW, I too was a young single mommy who put herself through school...I have 3 kids... And I am doing the exact same procedure on 2/9/12. And....coincidentally enough. I can't decide on my ta-tas either.
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I know what you mean I rrad everyday too. I would say from what I read 2 weeks is not enough time off if your on your feet 14 hours aday. Where are you having your TT done I see you live in Texas.
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Thank you SassyMomma! I religiously read this site everyday and see how everyone is progressing. I feel like I'm somewhat obsessed!
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Ok, I have 11 days left and seem to be avoiding...

Ok, I have 11 days left and seem to be avoiding thinking about it. I guess the reality of it has not hit me yet or something. I have 11 days left and have been working a lot lately. I have my pre op next Tuesday, so I am guessing it will hit me after that. Everyone's journeys have been really inspiring, and I hope to have a successful surgery and recovery!


420 cc high profile saline....he overfilled a little to 440 I think
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How many cc did u get& what type of implants?
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I honestly don't know much about these drains yet so I can't help u there! I'm just in the beginning stages of choosing my surgeon/consultations..etc. but I would be sure to wear something comfortable & loose if possible.
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Ok, so here I at my first day of work. I am...

Ok, so here I at my first day of work. I am miserable. I am in pain and it has been a slow day for the most part. I have never been swollen this much since the surgery. Usually it is just below the belly button but right now I am swollen above also. Ugh. I wish I had more paid time off. Hopefully I will feel better tonight after lying on the recliner!!!


You look fabulous!
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Thank you blackbird! Right now I'm sure I look pretty swollen. Today was my first day back to work. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty stuff. I wish I had more time to recover at home. Good luck to you on Tuesday! Everything will be fine and turn out great. It was over beforenineven knew it started!
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Ok guys, I had a bit of a disappointing day. I...

Ok guys, I had a bit of a disappointing day. I have had this weird looking spot on my hip and my doctor was watching it for a few weeks. Monday it was determined I have a small wound separation, however, I had a thin layer of skin over it so it wasn't exposed. He put Hypafix tape over it to try and protect it, but yesterday I started having a reaction to the tape. My whole side was red, inflamed, and itchy. He asked me to come back in today. He decided he had to take the tape off in fear off it irritating the wound more. He decided to cut open the skin there in the office and expose the wound, rather than it breaking open at home over the weekend. Anyway, therenwas a pool of blood and a stitch thatbwas nor dissolved. He took that out and took a culture to send to the lab and test for infection. He says it looks like healthy tissue and will not take long to close. He rinsed it with saline and packed it with gauze. So now I have to be doing that twice a day and go back on Tuesday to get checked out. The wound is not that big, but it is still a little scary looking until it fills in. I will be 1 month post op tomorrow. It just seems weird to be how I had a wound separation, but I had skin covering it. It never opened up on it's own. Anyway, not the best news, but it couldnbe worse. I'm just glad it is manageable. Hope everyone is healing well!


Pharmgirl, how are you doing??
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