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Hi everyone ;)!!! I recently joined realself. I'm...

Hi everyone ;)!!! I recently joined realself. I'm a mother of 2&1 yr old (I knw lol) I been wanting and thinking about a mommy makeover for a yr now. I have this gross pouch, by far in my opinion the gross thing ever!! It hangs,jiggles, heck It bounce more than my breast do! ( thats just sad lol) :( I can't wear Gstrings,thongs or just anything sexy for my man anymore and it gets in the way!! It just feels weird having this thing just hang with me lol. I never been so self conscious in my life!! We my husband hold me at night or if we are cuddling, in my head I'm think"Ugh please don't notice it" lol how can he not its sticks out 3 inches girl more if ur laying down!!! My twins are ok, I'm a D I use to be a B, on the bright side they are purky just not full, I would like to have that full round look!

I'm glad you found us and joined up! Have you gone on any consultations or do you have surgery scheduled yet?


Hi ladies this is what I'm deciding on doing,...

Hi ladies this is what I'm deciding on doing, Since I'm more concern about my pouch and would rather have my booty done then my chest. It make more since to have a TT & FG to hips and butt with some lipo in extra areas or BBL which I believe I'd the same thing(correct me if I'm wrong) the point is to use my own fat to get my " wish booty" and sculpt my hips. Im still looking around for Doctors, at the moment I'm thinking about, Salamas,Okoro,Jimmerson. I did a virtual consultation with Salamas, I emailed both Okoro& Jimmerson in detail what I have and what I'm wanting. I didn't see a "virtual consultation tab on their website:( its ok, I'll just keep looking and pray I find someone that can fix my tummy& booty. As always I'm open to suggestions and advice, I'm really excited about this and hope it all works out great! I'll meet y'all on the other side once I'm good to go!! :)

Spoke to a staff member from Dr Okoro! They said...

Spoke to a staff member from Dr Okoro! They said they opening for both consultations & surgeries!! I though I read some where he was booked!? It's still to early for me to have the surgery, but I did set a virtual consultation and a conference call for the 21(next Friday) I'm a little excited but I think I'm going to call Jimmerson!? I don't know what it is but I feel like he can give me what I'm looking for. I've compare both and I really like Jimmerson results, like he makes the booty fuller and that dip arch in the lower back with the lipo!! I'm loving that!!

Jimmerson office called :) and I have a...

Jimmerson office called :) and I have a complimentary virtual consultation and call conference schedule for Oct 24 @ 2:00!! That's a long time to wait though! But got to stay positive "Good things comes to though who wait"!! Right!?But I was told for a TT is 6600 if financed and 6300 if cash, as for BBL with FG cash 8000 if financed 9000..Lol Anyways I have a virtual consultation & call with Okoro next Friday so it's all good:) I'm content for now. So now I will be looking around for hotels& rental vacations (which heard are cheaper) in areas of the two Drs.

Dr.Salamas quotes 5800 for TT and BBL 7800 with a...

Dr.Salamas quotes 5800 for TT and BBL 7800 with a discount if I do come back for the BBL. He would like me to lose 30 lbs though. If I want to schedule the sx then I have to put $580 down to set my date. I haven't done that yet, I'm still waiting for Dr.J! I would like to hear what he's opinion is. After looking at both Drs, I would like if Dr.S can shape my hips( if y'all seen his work you know what I'm talking about) Then have Dr J work on my booty and give me that dip in the lower back. I think both Drs are talented but just in different areas!!
I agree with you. I love the way Dr S hips are contoured but that A$$ Dr J gives you is the s***!
Welcome and good luck on your journey! You have some great Dr.'s to chose from. I know how you feel with the jiggly pouch my kids like to left mine up and let it go to watch it shake. Sad!!
Lmao my kids will hit my pouch and laugh as it jiggles too!! Man is horrible,especially when they try to do it when my husband is near by lol

Hey ladies, well I just got a email back from...

Hey ladies, well I just got a email back from Nancy saying that I CANNOT have my hips done when I get my TT:( which really sucks!! I was hoping Dr S could do my TT& shape my hips then Dr J can work his magic on my booty!! But looks like that's not going to happen. Well I'm going to wait and talk to Dr.J and see what he thinks, that won't be until Oct 21@ 1
I hope you get some good news from Dr J. The 21st isn't that far away so you'll get the answers you need soon.

Heyy ladies I was able to post 1 pic (from Iphone)...

Heyy ladies I was able to post 1 pic (from Iphone) lol that's my wish pic well 1 of them!! Lately I've been kinda blue about my sx, still haven't figured out who could I go for a TT . Dr Salamas already quoted me but I haven't seen any1 who has a TT. What keeps me focus on him is the discount on the BBL which I know he does a GREAT JOB! 2 more weeks untill I have my consultation with Jimmerson! I've been watching what I eat and work out every other day. It's just so weird working out and having the pouch bounce!! Eww!! It sort of hurts when it flops down!! Lol sad:/ I never had this thing before so trying to workout with it is like having extra boobs on ur waist lol.

Well the 21 is right around the corner! I'm...

Well the 21 is right around the corner! I'm getting gitty about my consultation with Dr J! I been waiting almost 2 months now, I was ok with what Dr S office told me, but I felt my heart :) was with Jimmerson! Like he could give me what I really want if I can guide him to do my hips like Dr.S would..You got to have the hips to match the booty, like having a BA and a TT.. Lol :)

I called Dr Jimerson office today, just to confirm...

I called Dr Jimerson office today, just to confirm they received my pics. Good thing I did cuz they DIDN'T ! So I resent them, I thought my opt was for the 21st but its on the 24 lol like I said good thing I called..I also was to the consultation is FREE!! Last time I was told there was a $50 fee, (I was like,what it's free!?) lol On top of that, the deposit is less then Dr Salamas, it's ONLY $500 compare to $580! Every dollar counts( I have kids still in pull-ups & diapers) lol I also got the prices again, TT financed 6,800 Cash 6,300, BBL financed 9,300 cash 8,800 ( that price went up) BBL&TT financed 14,800 cash 14,300! Keep in mind the deposit prices does NOT change for any procedures whether its TT or BBL&TT and of course the $500 goes to UR surgery and set ur date..and there are 3 finance company, CareCredit,(Nope wont work for me) I forgot the other one lol sorry, something like myfinance or something like that , the last one she did not mention but said they only finance half and I would have to pay the other half up front.. I'm just letting y'all ladies in on the info :)

Hey ladies, just need to vent! :/ I just spoke...

Hey ladies, just need to vent! :/ I just spoke with the hubby since both TT&BBL is out of our price plan on spending, since I couldn't decide which one to pick I asked for his opinion. He response " I rather have u have ur TT 1st then later get the BBL".. Then I asked Why? His reply" so u can get ur confidence back and wear all ur tigh clothes again!" To be honest I felt kinda bum when he said that.. I guess I really was hoping he would say get the BBL.. Lol I want the booty!!! :( I feel like a child after being told "NO" lol I'm trying to convince my self, it's a good thing he said TT, it means He's ok with my booty lol.. Just down about possibility not getting a BBL. I know in the end it's my decision what gets done but I do take his opinion to consideration and it does mean a lot to me too!!
You never know what will happen after surgery... Get your tummy done and wait to see what happens with the backside... You never know... It may look good without the work!...

Ugh, It's almost 6:30 am couldn't sleep after Papi...

Ugh, It's almost 6:30 am couldn't sleep after Papi ( hubby) left an hr ago, well I went to bed thinking, " I haven't seen anyone with a TT by Salamas ( that I remember ) I really not liking what I saw on Jimmersons website either!!! What if I do go to them and I don't get the results I want!" Ok, Mita what do u want? ( I was talking to my self lol ) " the shape I have now, I like my flanks cuz they give me a shape, not just squared" " How would it look if I did get lipo to the flanks???" 0_o Now I'm still trying to figure out what to do!!! Can y'all give me some advice here
I hope so.. Only time will tell! I'm am great-full that I at have the opportunity to even have a cosmetic surgery done!! I just be getting excited over a BBL lol

Hello ladies hope all y'all are doing good!! Well...

Hello ladies hope all y'all are doing good!! Well I'm been think and might have to postpone my TT :| priorities 1st, y'all know.. Then cash that would be spent on my TT , well I'm been thinking just to put it toward or rent :( lol to pay 5 months in advance! This will give us more breathing room, we aren't as comfortable as we once were. Plus so many issues been going on here and it's not worth it anymore!!! Plus that means, our rent will 675 its half of what it is, basically we'll be paying half of 5 months rent in advance..( my Idea) Plus we can save its again in no time!! So it's bitter/sweet type of thing lol.. I told Papi about it but he doesn't think we should, we going to talk about later. I'm still going to have my consultation on the 24th just in case I do end up having my sx..Is it a good idea, or not? What y'all think??

:/ UuggHh! * HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED* Today was my...

:/ UuggHh! * HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED* Today was my virtual consultation with Dr. Jimmerson BUT I NEVER got the phone call!!! They called me on Monday to confirm I was aware of the consultation, since he's busy and will making time to for the consultation. I put the kids down for a nap early and made sure my phone was charged ( I only charge it when it is dying) Txt everyone not to call me & txt at 1 lol I had my t.v volume real low and had my list of questions next to me. I've been waiting for this consultation for about 2 months!!! I tried calling the office but I keep getting redirected!! I'm so frustrated and just disappointed :/ At least with Salamas I hear back from Nancy!! Maybe it's a sign!! He's so booked up She told me she has openings in Aug 2013 :/

Ok ladies, I finally got a hold of the ppl in the...

Ok ladies, I finally got a hold of the ppl in the office. Of course they apologized for missing the consultation ( very sincere) and I was just told to call in the morning and I will speak to the Dr :) FYI ladies make sure y'all send him wish picks!! I read somewhere that we shouldn't bring/show wish pics BUT he wants WISH PICS!! So I'll be looking for some new wish pics tonight! I'm ecstatic that I'm not having to wait a month or so !!! To be honest I was ready to go ahead and choose Salamas!! If everything goes well ill have my Dr picked out!! Xx Crossing Fingers xX :)
It's actually TODAY @ 1!! I'm excited!
I'm thinking about having a TT first then going back for a BBL a few months later after I save more money.I feel so guilty cuz I have student loans that I could put the money aside for after I graduate.How did your consultation go?

Hey ladies after trying to talk to my sisters...

Hey ladies after trying to talk to my sisters about coming with me to GA , they sort of brushed me off ( well they made it seem that way) Thinking I was going to have to pay for a nurse ( really don't want to) I remember my nephew " He'll be 18 by then" So I asked and sure enough he said He'll go!! I was so happy! He doesn't knw what I'm going for but he knows its surgery and in a different state lol He's real down to earth and has a HUGE scenes of humor" Hints his photo"lol
Good luck on your journey :)
Hey mommy Mita, just wanted to say I've seen dr salamas tt and i personally think they are the BEST! he makes the cut sooo low and perfectly lined, I LOVE them. I can't remember any of the ladies names who had a tt with him because its been looong since the last time they updated :/ but u can also go to his website n he has some pics there (I believe ) I see ur going with dr jimmerson for your bbl, and honestly you can't go wrong with him :) he definitely gives the BEST round perky bootays ... Always follow your heart.
Yes he gives nice butts but I want Salamas hips too!! You have to have them hips to match the booty!! Lol my husband has the lower body I want!! ( he's black) thick thigh & NICE booty :) I tell him ur like BeLo( Jlo& Beyonce,) lol he gets mad.

Ladies I need some opinions!!! Here is the deal,...

Ladies I need some opinions!!! Here is the deal, Get a BBL by Dr Jimerson (just lipo the tummy) then a TT (salamas) later. Opt 2 Get a Mommy makeover by Dr Salamas then later have a BBL (jimerson)..Ladies I've been thinking about this so much my head hurts!! I thought I was ok with the MM but IM NOT! Hubby was the one who said why not kill 2birds with 1stone and get the breast done with the TT, since u mentioned having them done later.. I really dont think my chest needs work right now.. There aren't perfect but I can work with them lol..I rather havr my backside fixed..BUT my stomach is a must!! It needs something done lol its in horrible shape..Both Drs Jimerson &Salamas disagree with each other, 1says have the bbl done 1st and the other says TT 1st I dont know what to do..Im so confused!!!
Your nephew is cute lol. Showed face and everything. He's a jokester I can tell.
Hi, I was just reading your last update on Jan 27th.. The reason why Dr. S says to do the TT before the BBL is because you will have better results with the BBL when you have the TT done, it shapes your body better. Sometimes whenwomen get the TT done they do not need a BBL because just by having the TT sometimes it shapes the butt a bit. IF you do the MM before the BBL you have to wait 6months to do the BBL which is not bad. But if you do the BBL before the MM or TT then you have to wait a year. I have checked in to the MM and BBL cuz it needs work on both ends. Get the most invasive done first like the MM or TT then later when your healed and past your 6 months mark then you should do the BBL if you still want it then. Hope this helps
Heyy!!! :) I Want a Mommy Makeover! Im thinking in a TT and BA! :) Im really think that having a TT with a BBL its much harder bc Ive read here that for better results for a BBL you cant put much presure in your butt! lol! but you cant be in your Tummy bc of the TT. I think its your decision! and you should see the pros and cons! :) with each personally i think having a TT and BA its better! you can always have the BBL later! :) Good Luck with your decision! :)

MIXED feelings about paying part of the SX :/

Ladies I feel like Im might be doing the WRONG thing!! In about 2weeks I will be able to put down the deposit +$3,500 towards my Mommy Makeover! (Not so excited like I should be) I plan on calling Nancy from Dr S' s office and booking a surgery date..But Im starting to feel GUILTY about it!!! Why? Cuz there's a few things that money could pay for!! Like paying off our surround sound, 6months ahead in car insurance, or 2months advance on babysitting, the ps4 (hubby dying to get), a few things kids been wanting..I guess I feel like I'm being selfish, I'm no where near a selfish person. It's hard for me just to take that money and ignore everything else..Do I really want the sx? Uh yess,like for 3years!! But I feel like my wants aren't a high priority!! My Papi on the other hand says just to go ahead and do it. He plans to have it paid in full by Dec. I'm very thankful for his support and willing to go out of his way to make sure I have my sx..I try to think about what he says to make myself feel better. He always says"After giving me 2kids its the least I can do for you!" Ladies what would ya'll do??? PLEASE comment, all advice is welcome :)
Good luck chica on your journey! I say choose the best dr for YOU. I have seen no competition yet for TT's & Body Sculpting that can match Dr Yily in the D.R. I have seen no competition yet that match Dr Duran Asses in the D.R. and Dr Cabral BBL's are great for some pt's just depending on their body type. He works the hell out of them. So there is some D.R opinions from ME!.
You will be just fine!! Good luck to you:)
I see your dilemma, as a practical person I say take care of your needs before your wants. Surgery is a want, i can pay up your bills that you have listed in ade then that gives you some breathing room to save for the sx. You can have sx anytime in the future. I thnk that somnetimes as women we get whatever it is in our heads and just move full speed ahead. The sx isnt going anywhere anyou can pay up stuff, then I say do it. You have waitied 3 years, so whats a few months more to get what you really want. I sy those bills off, lower your debt and save save save for your makeover. Cash will get you a quicker appointment for sx no matter the doc. I knowits hard but the priority should be getting those bills down first so you are not stressing after sx ldamn I have to pay this and that. SX is already stressful, if you can alleviate a portion why not..JMO.

Considering go to D.R! wow

First of all, I would joke around about going out of the country to have sx. BUT now I'm ACTUALLY being serious!!! I'm shocked myself!! I've seen some impressive work(TT&BBL) by a few talented Dr!!! I received 2 quotes so far. I'm still debating so ill update yall then..To all the D.R dolls&barbies I will be re- reposting a pic I found. I'm trying to figure out which D.R did it!!
Aw yeah I say do it. When your husband is in board your in safe haven. .lol I think we deserve it and like he said its the most you can do for yourself after hooking him up with 2kiddos..haha Go for it and after your flat again clawd have mercy your gonna love him more than ever for giving you his support to getting your sexy back!
Reply to both of ur comment; I still can't make a decision on which Dr... After talking to my man, little by little he's coming around the idea of me going to D.R..He says "it scares him though" I was like aww you care lol :) He just gives me this "I'm serious look". If I go I will be going alone since my hubby can't take off that many days. I want to get the procedure done during spring break but get out of school on a Thursday have surgery Friday then stay there until Sunday so like 8-10 days..Only problem is the BBL if I get a TT I can't be on my stomach, and once I return to school and have to sit! But we aren't suppose to sit for 6-8weeks

Yily Mita's coming for TT

Its official, hubby is on board with me going to D.R! After we looked online together, we decided on (drum roll please) ..YILY for TT ONLY!! :) I really wasn't impressed with her or Durans BA. (Saving myself for Salamas, BA&BBL) So I already have my quote from Yily I just waiting on a email. I told her via whatsapp which date I need this done..I will be putting my deposit down soon then apply for my passport!!! :) so I guess I'm a future Yily doll, or half yily doll lol..Hubby said he's going to get me a T-Shirt saying "Echo en R.D" (Made in D.R) lol


I'm having second thoughts.....
2nd thoughts on the whole TT or going overseas? Hope everything works out for you!
I'm was having 2nd thoughts about going overseas and on the Dr I chosen. .But after I thought things out Yily is the right choice if I'm planning on going overseas. Unlike the other Drs she has had any malpractice or deaths under her belt..Top of that she is consider the sculpting Queen in D.R..
I hear ya on Yily!! She does do a great job! I'm thinking about getting my BBL with her! Thats if I do get it done this year or next.
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