Sonobello Lipo to Lower and Upper Abs Waist and Hips - Texas

So far, so good. Surgery Thursday. Today is...

So far, so good. Surgery Thursday. Today is Saturday. No pain pills today. Waiting for the last incision to close ... until then: draining. Have found staff at Sonobello to be helpful and competent and answer all questions. Am getting daily emails on what to expect, which is also helpful. Procedure only slightly painful for a brief time. For most of it, I never felt any pain.

Things I wondered about : if you need to keep garment on for 3 days except for showers, how do you go to the bathroom? Well, the crotch has a hook and eye series and totally moves away from your buisiness.

Well, today is Monday after (post op 4 days). ...

Well, today is Monday after (post op 4 days). Dizzy off and on. Nurse says I need to drink more water. Also, am trying some arnicare gel on the bruising that pooled near my pubis (totally expected, but shockingly purple), but not on any open wounds! My wounds have closed. No leakage yesterday. Still lots of swelling and bruising. I am noticably smaller and can tell when the swelling is gone ... wow... this is a new look.

If you are on the fence: do I/don't I: I'm not going to sugar coat this. This is not a quick fix procedure and keeping it quiet is hard, but not impossible. Flu/food poisioning is a good cover story if you are wanting to keep folks out of your business. I'm not wanting to advertise this to friends/family because this is the sort of journey you undertake under your own will. And, it is a kick start to a new lifestyle of healthy eating and regular exercise. So, rather than being a commitment to another person, it a commitment to you. Paying the money out of your pocket, going through the pain and healing are all part of the commitment process.

TIP for the pre-op crowd:: Poise pads are not comfortable and don't work all that well for drainage, What does work are even cheaper and readily available at your home medical supply store. Grab yourself a box of DUKAL sterile combine abd pads size 5x9. Cost was $6.50 for a box of 25. Just spring for 2 boxes and send kind thoughts my way if they work well for you.

Be well. Choose carefully and then take care of you..

Hi. If you are reading this, you are probably...

Hi. If you are reading this, you are probably wanting laser liposuction, possibly at Sonobello. I am very happy with my results so far, and I am not totally healed. I am still a little sore and swollen. I didn't expect to be kept away from excercising the area that was done nor did I expect that I could not return to running yet. But, that is just the breaks. Clothes fit nice. I'm no longer selecting outfits by what best hides my tummy

Howdy from Texas! I am feeling so awesome about...

Howdy from Texas! I am feeling so awesome about my new sillouette. I feel sorta guilty now not telling any friends what I did... what if they think that it finally just came off with diet and exercise and then are holding themselves to a similar expectation? I feel like I am being so dishonest by withholding this info from them. On the other hand, my closest friends have not said one thing about how much smaller my waist is or how flat my tummy is. The difference is obvious, so maybe they have guessed? Guess I'm overthinking, as per usual. Well, best wishes to all of you in your journey, wherever you are.

Hi and happy November! Yesterday was my 6...

Hi and happy November!

Yesterday was my 6 week anniversary. I love the update emails I receive once a week from Sonobello. Yesterday's reminded me that although I'm looking great, to remember that I must keep eating right and exercising! Done and done. I keep thinking about the money and discomfort involved and there is no way I want to throw this away.

Am I perfect? No, not yet! Would I go around in a bikini if it was summer? No. I still very easily mark up from even loose clothes. I still look a little lumpy bumpy by end of day especially. What really helps relieve that end of day swelling is exercise. Elliptical works really great for this.

By summer time ... I will definitely be in a bikini. Getting dressed is fun again! No longer am I thinking, "what will hide the pooch"? Pretty soon a lot of things in my closet are being donated to charity because they are too big. How fun is that?? VERY!!!!

Halloween costuming was a blast. I had to buy a size small because the mediums swallowed me. And I didn't hide behind other people for picture taking, as I had grown accustomed to doing.

I sure wish I had done this 10 years ago.

Best wishes to all on a speedy recovery and great results!

Signed, Tiny in Texas!!!

Ran 5 miles of a relay race yesterday! Feels good...

Ran 5 miles of a relay race yesterday! Feels good to be back.

Past 3 month check up and still doing great. I am...

Past 3 month check up and still doing great. I am have been told to use heating pad twice a day and firming lotion twice a day to get the best results. I do have some bumps and lumps but am getting a little better every day. I'm so glad I did this. I've so enjoyed all the clothes I can now wear now that my tummy is flat. Next checkup is at 6 months. Best wishes to all of you.

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Hello lipo 920 I know it's almost been two years since your transformation ,but I just had mines almost a week ago upper,lower abdomen and waist from Sonobello in Orlando,Fl and was supposed to go back a week later for other areas but to get the areas I want done I have to lie on my tummy,and it's still too swollen and tender for all of that. So I was just wonder are you still happy with your results,and what do you recommend far as the stage two garments the underwear kind,or above,or below the knee full body suit. I know everyone is different but I just asking for trial and error insights. I thank you so much for sharing your story.
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7 week anniversary today and I feel pretty great. Still the shooting twinges hear and there, especially after I ran/walk a 5K on Saturday. They are brief but noticable. Trying to remember to use my mederma on my entry points. they are really small, but still purple. That will take time. Overall, am very, very, very pleased. Those of you early on in the process, I can only say that it will get better over time. Patience is a virtue. If you have concerns, please phone your doctor. Answering your questions is part of the service you paid for.
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Hey Tiny! I wish I had read your update before my email! So great to hear thAt im not the only one feeling like this! Kudos for your Halloween costume! How did that feel? Retail therapy a, nothing compares to that! Thanks for the exercise tip, I'm gonna start Zumba next week, twice a week and hubby is dragging my butt to gym but I get tired easily. Good to hear from you!
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Great you are going to Zumba and the gym. Be patient with yourself, but keep on moving. Movement does help the stiffness as long as you don't overdo.
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Hey Texas! I know the feeling. At my work place nobody has said anything about my new shape either. I did loose weight before my smart lipo three weeks ago and I eat pretty clean and coworkers know that, but no one has said anything and I'm making a point to wear fitted dresses because IM PROUD OF ME! Don't feel about about misleading your friends, you don't have to tell them anything! How big of a difference did you achieve? Like I said I lost about 10 lbs before surgery so they knew I was dieting and exercising... I'm also from the Lone Star State!
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I've lost at least 2 inches in all areas. Seems I get smaller by the day as the healing continues. How about you?
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Idk Dr measurements before surgery . If I go by what I kept on my journal, I would say about the same, 2 inches lost. My abdomen gets swollen by evening and I feel miserable...
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I tend to be more swollen after sitting at my desk. Walking really helps. Elliptical helps. Biking helps. Those are all pretty gentle ways to keep moving and for me the stiffness and swelling goes down after moving. I did do some short run intervals with walking in between yesterday and it felt OK. I am going to start back to run/walking now. The cooler weather helps.
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Hello. The soreness does take awhile to get rid of. Ibuprofen does help with the swelling. I'm suprised it has taken this long. I really thought most of the soreness would be gone by now. Im in my stage 2 garment which is my friend, sort of. Too long out of it, not good. Too long in it, not good. You'll find what is right for you with trial and error. I may post some pics, soon.
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Hi! I am having liposuction of my love handles & saddlebags on Fri & had a couple of questions if you don't mind. 1- did you have anesthesia or were you awake? 2- how was the pain after? Were you able to just take OTC meds or were your pain meds necessary? 3- which day was the worst pain? I have 5 kids & a very busy schedule! I'm not telling my family, so asking for help may be harder. Guess I can 'play sick'. Thanks!
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Also, might add I don't think mine is laser... Is regular lipo supposed to be worse? Can you tell I'm nervous?
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Thanks so much! My husband knows, but not kids or parents, etc. Its less than 48 hours away! I guess I better do some 'nesting' tomorrow around here because it sounds like I won't feel like it later!
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Moving around is good. You will get sore if you don't get up regularly. Will you feel like cleaning house? Not heavy cleaning. :) I am very glad I did this. I hope your results are as good as mine or better. Take care.
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Hi, there ehisle: I don't mind at all .... 1. yes, I was "awake" but dosed iwth Xanax and Ultram. I could not have walked to car without help, much less driven. You must have a driver to take you home and someone to watch you/check you regularly for the next 24 hours in case issues develop. 2. pain after was sore and achey. As the nerves reconnect, some shooting pain, like a rubber band snapping on your skin. Not too terrible. I took some pain pills. for a couple of days ... no where near the max. Switched to ibuprofen once the incisions scabbed over and drainage stopped. 3. which day was the worst? Not sure. I am still sore if I overdo or after staying in one position too long. The garment they give you helps greatly will swelling and to keep things supported. It decreases discomfort and pain. It is your friend! Wear it as directed. I didn't tell my sons. One doesn't live at home, he's in college. The other is teen and oblivious. I don't know how anyone doesn't tell their spouse. You will have a lot of brusing and some swelling and will be wearing a garment. And you may be walking a little funny from the work on your outer thighs. Love handle work has healed much faster and in general was least painful part of my procedure. I had no leg work done so cannot comment on the saddlebag area. I don't know any information about "regular" lipo, so couldn't comment on that. Best wishes to you!
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Hi, Kirsty: Thank you for your kind words. It could be months for final results. I'm already seeing quite a bit although swelling is obviously there. Tape measure confirms decrease in size. I tend to heal quickly because I am super OCD with following doctor's orders. Also, I'm drinking plenty of fluids and eating recommended foods and I think that is why I am doing well. This is not a time to quit eating, even though my apetite is not there.
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Hi lipo 920 what were the recommended foods doctor gave you? I had smart lipo 3 weeks tomorrow and so far I feel good. Still swollen and tender to touch. Haven't started exercise yet.. Wearing two cg and massaging as well.
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Hi Daisey! I am also still tender to touch as the day goes on. Seems I'm great upon waking and then swelling starts as I sit still. Exercise greatly helps to loosen things for me. You question was about foods. Pineapple helps reduce swelling. Avoid fats, sugars, empty calories. Stay with lots of fruits, veggies and lean meats. The "cleaner" I eat, the better I feel. :) I hope you are as happy as I am with your results so far. Every time I read that the results will still get better, I can not see how that is possible. :) I mean that in the best way possible.
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I didn't see this posting until now... I been eating exactly as you described before and after surgery... Good... I just don't like the swelling... Today is not a good day... I'm super swollen... And it hurts ! Do you wear cg? I wear a stage two and a binder... Binder only at night or if I wear a loose top with jeans... Do you massage?
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Hi. The nurse told me that lightly rolling a rolling pin (like you'd use for pie crust) would help. I do that when I get bumpy and sore. I find that putting Arnicare gel on the swollen areas helps a lot! I am not wearing cg very often any more. I find that light exercising is helping to keep the swelling down. Best wishes on feeling better soon!!
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Thank you you too
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us. I'm glad everything went well for you and you're recovering well. Did your doctor tell you when you could start to see results?

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