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Where my Texas Girls At? - Texas

I have tried everything under the sun to get rid...

I have tried everything under the sun to get rid of my horrible cellulite - gels/creams, dry brushing, endermologie, laser, red light therapy, massage, skinny wraps. NOTHING has worked! I am 39, 5'8" and 134 lbs. I have maintained this weight my entire adult life, minus the "freshman 15" and my 2 pregnancies. I eat healthy for the most part, drink tons of water and have exercised consistently since I was 14! Blame it on genetics, I guess. I really want this procedure but have yet to see anyone from Texas getting it done. What am I missing? There are no doctors who perform it where I live, but can travel to Dallas. Surely there are doctors there performing it. Would love to hear from anyone who has had Cellulaze in Dallas or other TX city. I see that a Dr. Lester is affiliated with RealSelf.


Lord knows I am very particular but I am starting to worry about using Dr. Powell. The 2 ladies on here who have one to him have said that he is a sweetheart, but don't seem to be thrilled with their results. I am not having this done until around the holidays when I am finished breastfeeding my little one, so if anyone finds someone in Texas that they thought did a great job, let me know!
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I live in Dallas and was referred to Dr. Charles Powell as well by a girlfriend who works for Cynosure. I am currently nursing my second child so I am doing my consult in late July and plan to do the procedure around the holidays. I know that is late, but I will DEFINITELY post an honest review when I am done. I always do with anything I have had done...
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Get Cellulaze!!! It's day two and I'm already seeing results!!!! I'm Sooo excited!!
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