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I had implants at 26 because I was completely flat...

I had implants at 26 because I was completely flat chested and felt I was abnormal. I was teased and had low self esteem and depression growing up. But the surgery didn't turn out as I had hoped. I had complications which included severe nerve damage causing numbness over most of my breast surface, and about a year after surgery I developed capsular contracture that progressed to Grade III.

I am now 50 and the contracture is uncomfortable and I can't have mammograms because my breasts are too hard, and I have breast cancer in my family. I look weird undressed, definitely not natural looking. I am fortunate to have a husband who is very understanding. I can't imagine how awful it would be if I was trying to date with my breasts the way they are.

I am going to have a consult to see if capsulotomy might be worth a try. The main thing I am worrying about is nerve damage again. I have gained some feeling back over the years and don't want to be back to total numbness. I was a 32AA before surgery and 36B after. I really wish I had gone smaller. I told the surgeon I only wanted a little fullness but he told me I would be disappointed and that I should get the biggest possible. I wish I had gone to someone else or stood my ground.

I think the nerve damage was caused by him having the cut a lot to fit that size implant into someone who had no breast tissue. I'm not sure if it was worth it. I felt so horrible about myself it seemed inevitable that I would do it. But, the complications have been pretty bad. I didn't think about having implants over a lifetime. Additional surgeries are almost always necessary. When I look at before and after photos of breast augumentations so many of the before photos are what I wished I could look like because they look natural and normal.

I would advise any woman who has what most people would consider normal breasts for their age to think long and hard about whether it is worth the risk of ending up with such serious complications.

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The surgeon I had is deceased. I wish I had gone to someone who had listened to my concerns about size instead of telling me I should go as big as possible - big mistake.

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Hi Nan, I am wondering how your implant replacement surgery went and capsulectomy? I have CC and am trying to see how many people stayed CC free after capsulectomy. Thanks!
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Hi- I'm so sorry you are having to go through that. I had revision 5 weeks ago and it went way easier than I thought it would. If I had known it was going to be so easy I would have done it years ago. My PS had to remove a lot of scar tissue but the surgery was half the time he predicted. I went down a bra size. Kinda wish I'd gone even smaller but look and feel so much better I can't really complain. I was off of narcotics and on to Tylenol in 3 days. At this point I am feeling almost completely normal. My PS does not recommend massage but I am taking Vitamin E, Omega 3 and skin vitamins as I figure it cannot hurt. He said I have a 10-12% chance of getting cc again. So I am trying to think positively. Have you checked out the site JustBreastImplants? Tons of info, advice and support available there. Best wishes to you!
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Thank you for the advice Nan, glad you are doing better! Keep me posted if you stay CC free or get it again! I am praying you do not! Hugs~
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Hi- I am back after having capsulectomy and implant exchange in Oct 2012. Sad to say I am developing cc again. Now thinking about just having them out and done with. I have no breast tissue so don't know how awful that's going to look. All the pics of removal I've seen the women already had boobs that got the implants so they look fine- actually better- with them out.
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Ohhh nooo! I am truly sorry to hear about possible CC again! I just had my revision done on my CC boob. My doc just did a capsulectomy with new implant also. One difference is the strattice. He says he has not had one patient who has gotten I am keeping my fingers crossed otherwise I may have to consider explanting to if I get it again too. Explanting would not make me happy at all, but he says chances are less than 1%...I just saw you are in Texas- you should consider seeing my doc if you want to research the strattice to keep your girls. warning though, 1 boob is like $9k! He knows boobies though and I trust his skills. Oh man, I feel for you!!
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I'm in Maine now. Just lost my job so no fix in my future if I have to pay out of pocket. I am hoping my insurance may pay to explant if the cc gets bad again. I fear the saggy bag look, more for my husband than me, I have come to hate the feel of implants so much I think maybe I can deal with it. Question- how on here can you find your posts? I have to search to find where I left comments- I don't get any notification.
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I think you can only see recent posts if you see your name by where you've left a comment, click on it and it will take to there. You may want to change your settings if you want to be notified then. Might be in same place or check way up at top of screen by your thumbnail pic. Well on the upside I've seen gals who explanted and given enough time recovered to a decent/good end result. Do what you gotta do, if you hate the implants then that seems a logical solution
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I found out my insurance will pay for having my old (21 years) implants out and I can pay the additional to replace them. My surgeon seems wonderful- he agrees they were too large for my frame, severely contracted, and is going to do a capsulotomy and replace with 2 sizes smaller. I am so hoping I do not have contracture again... but at least if I am smaller it will not look as weird. I am worried about more nerve damage but I shoud be able to have mammograms so that is a health benefit.
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Hi mynewboobs05. I'm not sure if you've had surgery, but for some reason PS always want you to gt 400cc implants. They are HEAVY under your muscles and they will pull and give you headaches if you don't have very strong back, etc. Mine gave me brachial nerve damage and I'm still sick from them. they are not worth it, to me anyway, whatever you do....goood luck.
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I have silicone. I am 5'5" and I was around 100 pds with no breast tissue at all when I had the implants. I am now 120 pds. I am a 36B now but wish I was smaller- no larger than a 34B. I probably would have been happy with 34A even because it would be more athletic and slender looking and would fit better with my lifestyle. I was more of a party girl when I had it done but now at 50 my lifestyle and how I dress has changed. I look too "boobsy" in a lot of clothes and I feel self-conscious. I end up wearing a lot of black and loose tops to look less top heavy. Because the implants never dropped they are high and very round and there is a flat space between them. So, even though they are big I can't get any cleavage no matter what kind of bra, so I don't wear low cut, either. I thought they would drop and soften and look more real as I got older, but they got really hard with the contracture.
I hope this is helpful, and I hope you have a good outcome- best of luck!
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hi there. so sorry to hear the complications you've been going through. I am having my operation on the 20th.

are your implants silicone or saline and what size did you get. I'm 5'1" 118 lbs and still deciding on size.
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I'm sorry you've been through the wringer with your breast implants. Not the happiest scenario, for sure. Do you still have your implants? If you're considering getting them removed, you might want to check out our Breast Implant Removal community, full of supportive ladies who've been through similar ordeals.

I hope that if you do go with a capsulotomy that it helps! Keep us posted!

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