I am 22 years old and a size 32A. I have my first...

I am 22 years old and a size 32A. I have my first consultation with the surgeon tomorrow at 4pm. I have so many emotions right now, I'm not quite sure how to put them into words except for excited and nervous. I've been wanting to do this for a couple of years now and finally have the courage to get the process started. Not sure exactly what to expect in my first consultation though. I am married to a wonderful man who is being very supportive throughout my making the decision. I guess the thing I'm most worried about is having those fake looking boobs that are obviously implants and having weird unnatural cleavage, although I guess weird fake cleavage is better than none, ha! I don't want to lose my shape either.. I love the way mine are shaped, I just want them bigger. I'm planning on going to a C cup, so from my research I'm thinking a 325cc or 350cc is going to be a max. I have a fairly small frame so I think that's the biggest I could go before it starts getting unproportioned to my body.

Any help on what to expect tomorrow would be appreciated.

Just got back from my consultation and it went...

Just got back from my consultation and it went great. I instantly felt comfortable with the doctor. When he first saw my figure (small waist big hips), he suggested a 400cc to give me a nice hourglass figure and I immediately thought that was going to be way too big. From the research I've done and looking through before/after pics of breasts similiar to mine, I thought the 325 and 350 were the best and closest to what I want. So we got to putting sizers on and we started low and increasing went up in size. He said he needed me to get to the point in the size that I was uncomfortable and then we know what size I want. So we decided on a 375cc, I felt a 400 was just above the line of being over the top.

I have to admit, I absolutely LOVED the way the 375cc looked, I didnt want to take them off. It complimented my figure so incredibly much, it's exactly what I want! And not too big that I can't still be physically active. Now I just have to wait until February. Gahh all I'm going to be able to think about for the next 3 months is boobs!!

Alright ladies, it's official. Just scheduled my...

Alright ladies, it's official. Just scheduled my pre op for Feb 6 and surgery for Feb 21 and put my deposit down. There's no going back now! Well... I guess there is if I want to lose my deposit money, but I don't. It's a strange feeling knowing what awaits me. 82 days!!

I'm getting so incredibly anxious! 51 more days...

I'm getting so incredibly anxious! 51 more days to go!

I am going in for my pre-op tomorrow at 3. Trying...

I am going in for my pre-op tomorrow at 3. Trying to get together all of my last minute questions. I cannot believe how quickly this has come. Only 16 more days. I'm going to see if the doctor can give me something to take the morning of to keep my nerves calm. I'm getting sick to my stomach just thinking about the surgery! I'm not worried about the pain afterwards, just the thought of the surgery is getting me so nervous.

I'll update again after my pre-op!

My pre op went great today. We tried on sizers...

My pre op went great today. We tried on sizers again just to make sure it was what I want. Going to stick with the 375cc. I think it looks great and is very proportionate to my body and will look very natural. I am so excited and anxious. Can't wait!!

My surgery is on Thursday and boy am I nervous....

My surgery is on Thursday and boy am I nervous. Not knowing if I am choosing the right size is most nerve wrecking part. I want it to look nature and proportionate to my body. Hope I made the right decision with the 375s. The surgery is at 7:30am and I have to be there at 6:30. Pretty glad it's so early in the morning, this way I don't have to wait around panicking all day. I have all my prescriptions filled. Does anyone have any last minute suggestions, things I might want to buy for post surgery? Any help would be appreciated.

I woke up at 4am in sheer panic this morning. I've...

I woke up at 4am in sheer panic this morning. I've been sick to my stomach all day... geez I am a mess!! I feel bad for my husband, I'm probably going to be crying all the way to the surgery center in the morning. Well, I posted my last before pic, in a bikini. As you can see, no cleavage at all! Can't wait to put this bikini on for my after pics and see the difference.

I will see you all on the other side!

I'm in quite a bit of pain right now so I'll do a...

I'm in quite a bit of pain right now so I'll do a better update later but I have boobies!

Ok so I'll start from the beginning. I woke up at...

Ok so I'll start from the beginning. I woke up at 3am this morning sweating, chills and nausea, I was up for about 45 minutes and woke back up at 5 to start getting ready. I wasn't as mentally nervous as I thought I would be. Definitely still nauseous though. We got to the surgery center at 6:15. I gave a urine sample and they checked all my vitals... My temperature was 101.5!!! The nurses started freaking because they weren't sure if we could do the surgery with that temp. Everyone was asking if I've been sick, but I haven't. I was literally so nervous that my temp was that high! They put an iv in and the temp started going down. Then they put some great stuff in my iv to calm me way down. The doctor came in and drew on me, then it was off to the operating room. I remember being transferred from one bed to another and being strapped down. Then I was out! Next thing I remembered was a nurse asking if I was cold, which I was so they wrapped me up. I didn't even realize the surgery was done yet until they asked if I was ready to see my husband. The only thing I felt at that time was how dry my mouth was! I really didn't start feeling any pressure for about 30 minutes. And that was pretty minor. Right before they discharged me, the pressure was getting heavier so they gave me some valium to help. The surgical bra didn't fit right now, so I just have ace bandages wrapped tightly around me and a tight strap at the top (see pic). I'll get the surgical bra on Monday when I go to my pre op. I've been off and on sleeping all day. My husband has been great, helping me pee and eat, doing anything I need. The pain has gotten worse as the day has gone on. Feels like something really heavy has been on my chest all day. Also kinda feels like I have bad heart burn. It's been difficult taking deep breaths, especially while I'm reclined back so I've felt short of breath all day. I haven't been able to see the girls because of the tight bandages :( I can feel the top of them and they are super hard!! I can shower tomorrow and take the bandages off so I'll take a pic then. My back is also really sore. Did anyone else experience that??Ive been laying on a heating pad but it's not helping.

Ok I'm going back to sleep, will update probably tomorrow.

Wow. The pain today is incredible. If I had known...

Wow. The pain today is incredible. If I had known it would be this bad, I probably would not have been able to do it. I can tell some of the swelling is starting to go down, still hard as rocks though! My husband had to work today so I'm by myself. Gonna stay in bed as much as possible.

When does this incredible pain start to go away??

Finally got some pictures up. It was such a relief...

Finally got some pictures up. It was such a relief to take the bandages off for a bit and actually breathe. I doubled up on my muscle relaxers so I'm feeling a lot better for now. Still pretty bloated, no BM yet.

Wow day 3 has been SOOO much better than the last...

Wow day 3 has been SOOO much better than the last 2 days. Last night I decided to start doubling my muscle relaxers and that's the best thing I've done so far. It has really helped subside the pain. I'm still trying to take it easy, but I've actually been able to get out of bed and do a few things today. I really haven't felt very much pain today at all. Well except for my bloating and lack of BM, which I've still yet to have. I drank an entire bottle of milk of magnesium last night and nothing! I seriously look like I'm pregnant because of how bloated I am. I'm about to down another bottle to see if it will work this time. Over the last 2 days, I thought this was absolutely the worst decision I've ever made. But I'm starting to see that light. My boobs are still pretty hard and sitting high but I am slowing seeing the differences.

I dont really notice a difference since day 1. I...

I dont really notice a difference since day 1. I am so ready for this is to be over with. As i mentioned i started doubling my muscle relaxers because they helped me out so much. Well, i ran out!!! Luckily my post op is tomorrow at 3 so i should be able to get more. I finally had a bm after drinking milk of magnesium but i am still super bloated.
Soo... i havent been taking my birth control pills, mostly because i forgot but its not like we are having sex right now anyways. Ive had some spotting today.... im not even close to my period so im not sure if this is normal or should i be worried??

I'm not adding a pic today because I really dont...

I'm not adding a pic today because I really dont see much of a difference from the pic I posted yesterday. As I mentioned in my last update, I ran out of muscle relaxers. Luckily, my mother-in-law has an everlasting supply of pain pills and muscle relaxers due to her own issues. So my husband went and got some from her last night. Today was my first day back to work, but I work from my home sitting at a desk 8 hours a day, no biggie, right? I had to work at 6:30am and I had a rough night last night so I didnt get much sleep and was pretty groggy when I got up. I took my pain pill and my mother-in-laws muscle relaxer. Was too groggy to remember I needed to eat something with it. Also too groggy to remember that my mother-in-law has a very high dose of medication so I should have only taken half! omg.... Now let me first say, I am a very good employee!! I take pride in my work and was just recently promoted. Well.. these muscle relaxers seemed more like pills that make all of your muscles forget how to work completely!! I'm trying to go through my e-mails and all the letters are jumbled, I can't understand anything. so my mind decided it was a good idea to take a 45 minute nap!!! ON THE CLOCK! then I woke up, went to the bathroom and TOOK ANOTHER NAP!!! wow good thing no one tried to call me or something. So I finally snapped out of it. I was about to text my friend and tell her when I saw a text I had already sent her that said " oh my pass @ @ are cgsbdhgcv af argh GIS an j sgllkxdd fu renfnbdrvfn" lol.... noooo freaking clue what that was supposed to say. Lesson of the day: dosage amounts are VERY important.

Pain wise, today was very good, even after the muscle relaxers wore off. I feel like my boobs still look about the same but I can feel them getting softer. I had my first post op appt today and the Dr said they are looking great. He squeezed them a bit here and there and that hurt quite a bit. Oh and he refilled my muscle relaxer prescription, thank goodness!

It's crazy seeing them change so much every day....

It's crazy seeing them change so much every day. I'm really starting to love them already. I'm not loving the side view just yet because they are still sitting pretty high but from the front, I LOVE the shape. Pain hasn't been too bad today. Except for morning boob lol. Morning boob is painful but once I get moving around it gets better. Every once in a while I feel a little tingle in my left breast, my PS said it's because he had to cut my muscles a little due to my small frame. But still the tingle really isnt painful, just a weird sensation. Cant wait to keep seeing them change and continue to drop!

Everything is still going great. I am surprised at...

Everything is still going great. I am surprised at how easy this has been (except for those first two days when I regretted this whole thing lol). I always work from home but I had to go into my office for a meeting today. I was able to conceal my boobs perfectly. I haven't seen my coworkers in 2 months so everyone was giving me big ole hugs... Not good for new boobs! Needed an extra pain pill after that! I feel like I am healing great though and dropping more and more every day. Of course I don't know what the final product will look like but so far, this is the best decision I have ever made for myself and I am so happy! I put on one of my old bras just to see and wow was I POPPING out of that thing! I occassionally feel that little tingle in both breasts now, nothing painful, just tingling. I'm also surprised that I really didn't bruise except right next to the incisions.

Ok... I said I wasn't going to start shopping for...

Ok... I said I wasn't going to start shopping for new clothes for a few weeks, right before my cruise on March 23. However.... I have been so in love with my boobs that I decided to go today and buy a few things.

Ladies, it was the most amazing feeling trying on strapless and revealing dresses and bikinis and looking wonderful!! No more big space on my chest showing nothing but my rib bones! I went a little overboard. oops! Couldn't help myself.

Still doing great. I almost feel like this has been too easy. Why am I not in more pain? I guess I shouldn't complain about that! Just have the itching on my incisions a lot and morning boob. I've started to set an alarm for about an hour before I actually need to wake up for work and I take a pain med then. That way when I actually need to get up morning boob isn't too bad. I haven't even really been limiting myself physically. Doing the same regular stuff I would do any other day (besides working out).

Post op ladies - did any of you have it this easy in the beginning and then get pain later on?

I am so in love with my boobs. Can't believe it's...

I am so in love with my boobs. Can't believe it's been 2 weeks already. I had my 2nd post op on Monday. Dr said they are healing beautifully. I started doing massages. Now that was weird and painful at first. Basically when I squeeze from the bottom, I have to squeeze hard enough that I can see the implant pushing up at the top, then the same when I squeeze the top. The first day I did it, I woke up the next day and they were pretty sore but nothing too bad. It's slightly painful everytime I start massaging but it gets easier as I go. I can tell they are getting softer, still pretty firm though.

I went bra shopping, just to see what I would fit into. My doctor said probably a full C but possibly a small D. I used to be a 32A, so I grabbed a couple 34Cs and 34Ds. I fit very comfortably in one of each, then the others were either too tight around or I was bulging out of them. I only wanted to buy one, just in case I needed a bra for our cruise coming up. So I bought the 34D... lol for some reason knowing I filled a D cup made me feel sexier than the 34C I fit into. Plus it was on sale for $10. Once they are more settled I'm going to get a real fitting to see what I should be. But for now I'm sticking to my sports bra. My nipples are still hard all day long and aerolas still super sensitive. Not sure when that will go away but my headlights are always on! I've started sleeping on my side a lot more, just cant stay like that all night, or I'll have to switch sides otherwise they start to hurt a little. The other day I was laying on my side and moved too fast, got a really quick pain in my right boob, so I was holding it (cuz that somehow made it better) and I heard a squishy noise. It just did it twice when I moved my boob. Dont know what that was. My incisions don't itch as much anymore, just every once in a while. I also started taking Vitamin E to help the muscle tissue and prevent capsules. Oh and morning boob isnt nearly as bad as it was, gets better every day.

Seriously I am obsessed with my boobs. Totally in love.

Added some pics from day 12

I feel like I've taken a step backwards over the...

I feel like I've taken a step backwards over the last couple of days. I don't know if it's because of the massaging.. maybe I'm not doing it right, or my muscles are just sore from it. I feel like they've gotten firmer and went back up a little bit. Every once in a while when I massage my right boob, I hear a very slight squishy sound and a small vibration feeling but it stops after a couple of times. Never in my left one. I hope that isnt a sign of capsular contracture. Did anyone else experience any of this in the first week of massaging? My next post op isnt until the 15th.

My nipples and aerolas are still super sensitive, definitely ready for that to be over!

Just realized I havent added a new pic in almost 2...

Just realized I havent added a new pic in almost 2 weeks, oops! So I just took a couple and added. Right boob is still sitting higher even though I've been massaging the heck out of it, ready for it to drop already!! They've gotten much much softer and the nipple sensitivity is finally going away. The right nipple is still a bit sensitive but no nearly as much as it has been.

I had my 3rd post op on Friday(the 15th) and Dr said everything is looking great, except the right needs to drop more. I also photographed my first event since having the surgery and it just happened to be my first wedding to photograph! I had been really nervous about it, knowing I was going to be moving around a lot for about 6 hours. It went really well though! My back did start to hurt a little bit towards the end but nothing too bad. I guess my back isnt quite used to the extra weight yet. Then on Saturday, I decided to wear a regular bra for the first time (I've put a regular bra on, but havent actually worn it for longer than a few minutes), it was really nice to not be so restricted in a sports bra. I ended up buying a cute dress so I changed midday and went braless. Now that was nice being totally free! After a couple of hours though, it felt like my boobs were really heavy. Because I've never really had to feel the weight of them like that wearing the sports bra.

I'm leaving for our cruise on Friday so wish me luck! Dr cleared me for all activities except zip lining because it uses the pecular muscles too much. He said I can swim in the ocean and do anything else I want to at the ports! If I want to do any physical activities (like ATV riding) I just need to wear a sports bra and I will be good.

So I probably won't update again until I get back in April. I hope all you other post-op ladies are having a wonderful boobilicious day!!

Wow it has been way too long since I updated....

Wow it has been way too long since I updated. Breasts are doing wonderful! Over the last 3 weeks, they have really started to feel like a part of my body and no longer two things sitting on my chest. I have a lot of movement back to them. They actually jiggle now! Not quite as much as before, but Dr says I still have some slight tightness to loosen up so they will become even softer over the next 2 months. Sleeping on my stomach and side has become much better. Every once in a while it's a little uncomfortable and I have to readjust but I imagine any woman with a bigger breasts probably has that problem. I was looking at my before pictures and I can't believe how small I was :( I am so incredibly happy with my decision and I would do this again in a heartbeat!!

I've had some negative comments from family but I just brush it off. I didn't do this for anyone else. I did it for me. :)


ok wow so I kinda forgot about this site!! Sorry! But once you reach a certain point, you don't notice any day to day differences anyways. I love my girls! They look and feel great. Almost completely natural feeling. I say almost because there is just one thing I really notice. When I'm laying on my back, naturally the girls lay to the sides. Well if I play with them and push them together or something, I can feel the implant against the muscle. It doesn't hurt or anything, it's just noticeable. Other than that, they have a great bounce/jiggle and nice and squishy :)

Oh one other thing, my nipples are hard way more often than they were before the implants. Not a huge deal except when I'm wearing a cute thin dress..
Dr Michael Thornton

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You have such natural results! I hope mine look as great when they d&f! Thx for updating!!
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Did u get high profile or moderate?
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My ps didn't prescribe me any muscle relaxers or antibiotics, my surgery is the 24th, my mom has muscle relaxers so I can get some from her but I don't want to if my ps doesn't think it's a good idea, Any suggestions? I heard they really help
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Looking great!
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Yours results looks amazing
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You look great! Your write ups seem like you are happy, yet status shows " not worth it"?
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oops! didn't mean to click that
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My PS didn't prescribe me a muscle relaxer and I'm freaking out bc I hear how much that helped everyone. My mom said she has a prescription for one, should I use hers. If so how much and when? My BA is in a week!
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I'd be leery of taking something if they don't specifically prescribe it for you. If you're having troubles, you can always ask them about it. I know I called to see if I could take a muscle relaxer, as I had some at home anyway. They said not to, so I didn't. Not that I didn't think they were a bit on the sadistic side, making me get through with nothing but Tylenol(!!!), but really (especially in hindsight) I had a pretty easy recovery with only 1000mg Tylenol every 6hrs for the first several days, then gradually tapering that down after that point. I won't say it was a piece of cake and that I didn't have any pain, but I'm a total wuss and I really thought (again, *after* the first couple days) it was a surprisingly easy recovery process. Hang in there - you'll make it through and be well on your way to recovery before you know it! :)
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Thank you! Any specific advice for my recovery?
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I feel like the muscle relaxers are what got me through it, not the pain pills. Maybe ask if they can prescribe you some?
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HI there, It seems like you are doing great, and looking great too! Just wondering why you have marked off that 'it was not worth it' on your profile?
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I was wondering also, sure it was a mis-click.
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Total mis-click. Thanks, I'll change it!!
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Looking fabulous!
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You look really good
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They look great! I hate haters! My family still doesn't know and I'm 10 weeks. :)
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They look really good!!
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They look great. They dont have a fake look at all they look natural. I wouldny worry about family or friends negativity .Its what makes you happy. Its your life not theirs. U look awesome!
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Exactly! And yes I am so thankful they don't have that fake look!
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They look nice on you !!
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Fabulous results!! Enjoy!
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Thank you!!
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You look fantastic! Congratulations! XO
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