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Hi, I have had my breast implants for 8 1/2 years....

Hi, I have had my breast implants for 8 1/2 years. I am 30 now and feel like its time to just be me..but I am terrified of what my breasts are going to look like..or should I say how saggy. I am so thankful to have found this website with women encouraging and pictures to show success stories. I have looked at other web pics and some turn out amazing and others are just scary!

Before my implants I had nursed my only daughter and went from a full B to a Full A. So I decided to get breast implants which made me a 34C. I go tomorrow morning at 7 AM to have the surgery and am freaking out because everyone is telling me I am going to regret it and will be unhappy with results.

I am trying to stay postive but I can only hope that my results are surprisingly better than what I am scared of. This is such a final and permanent decision..ugh. I should have never did it in the first place. I provided a pic of before and will put the after on sunday when I have had a couple days to heal.


Hope u are making a good recovery and not in too much pain? I would appreciate seeing your "after" pics as I am hoping to make arrangements soon for explanation, my main fear is what should I expect, fear of the unknown I guess, we all have an idea of what getting the implants will look like but it is more difficult to imagine the reverse. I would also like to ask if u had the capsule removed?
Hope you feel well and thank you for sharing. You have helped me make my desicion I will also post pictures and hopefully get my explant soon my initial appt is on 28th feb I just hope it all runs smoothly. Thinking of you take care Ex
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Hi Me again,
I am so sorry that people are telling you that you will regret it. This is your decision and yours only. You will be smaller again but you will be "You again" like your name states. It feels so great to be natural again. I have told my journey if you'd like to check my updates. I had my surgery two weeks ago tomorrow. Our sizes sound about the same (before and after implant placement). You will do great. Like "back to normal" stated, your breast shape will change continuously. They will fluff up a bit as the days go by so keep your chin up. Best of luck tomorrow. Keep us posted.
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I should also add, remember that the immediate result won't be your final result. Your tissue has been smashed down for a long time. It takes a while for it to bounce back, perhaps several months. But you will be surprised by how quickly this process starts.
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Well I did it! I am sooo excited to remove the...

Well I did it! I am sooo excited to remove the bandages and see what they look like! I highly recommend doing it. And the surgery wasn't bad at all. I am soo happy having them out. But crossing my fingers for the big reveal tomorrow :)

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Well I did it!! I am sooo glad I did too!! I still...

Well I did it!! I am sooo glad I did too!! I still can't believe how easy the surgery was!! I came home ate and took a power nap and felt just fine, a little sore but nothing like I thought. I have been up and around doing little things in my home and sat outside while my daughter played and was just fine. I cannot wait till tomorrow for the big reveal..keeping my fingers crossed that they will look as good as I feel. I highly recommend doing it. Im more confident now then I was with :) I will post tomorrow with the results.


Hi! I need to have mine taken out - lots of health problems from them - where did you get it done for only $1,200????
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Please put pics up ASAP im excited for you!!! :)
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I'm glad this wasn't too bad for you! Do you already feel lighter and more free?

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Ok, I have posted my after pic. It was taken 2...

Ok, I have posted my after pic. It was taken 2 days after surgery. I know it looks bad, but I am soooo happy!! Yes..I am deflated but haven't started to fluff yet so completely optimistic. I LOVE having my implants out! I was so scared to be flat. How silly that was because I feel so feminine. So I hope my picture does not negatively persuade you to not have yours removed. I will keep updating to show my progress through this journey. I will try to put my next photo showing what I look like a week out from surgery. Thanks for all the support and comments..I truly appreciate it with all my heart.


Wow! So proud of you! I'm strongly considering having mine out. When I got them I thought I needed them, but I actually think I will feel better, more youthful, more feminine, without them.

Can anyone tell me how much does explant procedure cost? And what is involved. I assume they have to sew up the muscle (mine are submuscular) pocket again, but I don't want my areolas messed with at all.

Also, I lost 90% of the feeling in my nipples and areolae after implant surgery. Praying that more sensation will return? Have you noticed this too, along with the "fluffing up"?

Thanks to all. Love and light
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Hi Galia, my explant in Massachusetts cost 2500.00. It was done under local anesthesia with sedation. I was out of work for 4 days although i probably would've been better off with 5 or 6. My surgeon only removed part of the capsule andi dont believe they sew up the muscle. They were removed through th same incisions under my breast and the procedure was less than an hour. I already have alot of sensation back and its only been 1 month. Best decision i ever made to have them removed. I lovehaving my natural breasts back. Good luck with your decision. Keep us posted
Where in texas did u get it done for $1286
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I am still so amazed by the support on this...

I am still so amazed by the support on this website. I truly appreciate it! And I know before my surgery I was on here daily looking at other peoples stories to help me be okay with my decision. I still am happy I did it :) by my pictures you can tell I am slowly starting to maybe fluff up. Really I am not worried about having boobs at all, I rather like my flat chest. But I do wish my skin would hurry and contract. Thanks again for all the support and will update soon with what I look like. It is freeing to just be you, I promise.


Hi Beloved, Your pictures look great and I am glad you are recovering well. I was wondering if your implants were removed ‘en bloc’. I have been doing a little research and this term has been recommended..

Thanks Rach
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8,000? Are the doing lift as well? Geesh. I paid $1000 but it was under local. It was easy and I love the freedom of no more implants! Good luck to you and hope you get some info on Dr's soon!
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Dear "Me Again - Texas"

I am 32 years old. I had ha silicone implants for about 4 years. I have all the terrible symptoms that so many other women with silicone implants are experiencing, I truly cannot take it anymore. I live in Atlanta, GA., an all the doctors I have found seem awfully expensive, around $8K. I was recently lay off from work and even if I wouldn't have been, I could have not afford this price.

Could you please share your Dr. Information with me? I see in your posting that you paid $1,286 in Texas. Is this accurate? Please help.

I appreciate in advance your help and information.

Kind regards,

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So I am 7 days away from it being my 2 month mark....

So I am 7 days away from it being my 2 month mark. I am really happy how they are taking form. I know it can take 4 months till they are completely healed and shaped so YAY! I look at my before pictures and think OH MY was I really that BIG! I have had a struggle with bras though. I can't seem to wear an underwire as of now. Not because of pain but fit. And I got fitted the other day and was a whopping 34A : ) . Another plus is when I got my implants I had the surgery through my nipple. And I hated being touched there which made my husband sad and I lost sensation. So I was sure when they did the surgery again through my nipples all my husbands hopes and any sensation would be gone..But I am here to say miracles do happen!!! I regained all sensation and I LOVE it!! So I hope that helps anyone who is thinking about getting rid and getting real, lol, hence! And thanks for all the support I truly appreciate it!!


you look great! small boobs are so much sexier
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You are beautiful ! I just had my implants removed yesterday. The best thing i could have done :)
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Did u have yours removed en bloc or with the capsule removed?
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Hello everyone! I apologize for such a delay in my...

Hello everyone! I apologize for such a delay in my update and with responding to messages. I have been terribly busy and ABSOLUTELY LOVING my small chest!! Well it has been 6 months since my surgery. So here are my new photos. I post these photos in the hope of giving you all hope. If you are on the fence with your decision.. I know how you feel. And if you think you won't be beautiful without having large breasts..well, I know how you feel. I was there..I was soooo afraid of what I would look like and how others would look at me. Our society tells women that we have to be thin, beautiful, and big chested to be of any worth. Making women feel sadly inadequate. What crap!! I was a victim too of the intense media brain washing. Beauty is in being unique. One of a kind. Which you are!! You were fearfully and wonderfully made. Look around noone can replicate you. Your body is part of your story...I choose that my story will tell my precious daughter that her mother was strong. And brave to accept the true beauty that God gave her. I was not raised to realize worth is more than skin deep. It has taken me 30 years to achieve that, but I do want my daughter to find her self worth in more then cleavage. I do look forward to hearing back from all you women out there. Take care


What beautiful results! I am hoping and praying my outcome is as beautiful as yours!
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Thank you for your storie, it is helping me be positive about removing mine that I have had for 12 years and suffered capsular contraction and Mastitis while breastfeeding 3 times. I was a 34 BB and now a 34C and I have very light stretch marks on the bottom, only I see and I hope they don't look too flat when they take them out. I just want to me my natural me again, these gave me the opposite of confidence, they made me feel embarrassed.
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I was traumatized when I made the decision to get my implants. They're too big for my frame and I feel ashamed. I am so conflicted on whether or not to get them removed. Sometimes I do feel confident with them. But I have 4 young children and I want them to feel confident about the themselves just the way they are. I am scheduled for 2/20 for explant surgery. I saw a picture of myself post-op. I was so skinny and had zero boobs. The smallest, saggiest little things that breastfed 4 babies for a year each. I remember what I was feeling… I wasn't enough. I was embarrassed to be in a bathing suit and even in a dress with a totally flat chest. Well now I've had big boobs for a year and a half and I know now that I didn't need these to feel good about myself. But looking at my before pic, I'm terrified of how I will look/feel after I get them out. I don't want to spiral into a depression. I believe it's the right thing to do for my body, my health and my children…..but I'm so so scared.
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