4 day post op

I've been wanting this surgery since I was in high...

I've been wanting this surgery since I was in high school. I knew my parents would say no and I couldn't afford it. Plus I thought it was a phase I would grow out of and I knew I should wait till I had kids. Well the time has come! I have two girls ages 3 and 2 yrs old. My breast never got big when I was pregnant. I was a 34b and after breast feeding my daughters I barely fill up an "a" cup bra. I'm 33 yrs old and weigh 127 and 5'6. I was debating between 350-375 cc's. I want to be a full C. However, reading a lot of the post on this site I'm now thinking about 400 cc's. Seems like there's quite a few women that say they wished they went bigger. My pre-op is Nov 5th and I can't wait! I keep wondering how much pain I will be in and when can I start working out afterwards. What are some good creams for scars so I can buy it in advance? Also, should I buy special pillows bc we don't have a recliner? Thanks in advance and I will keep everyone posted.


Very exciting! Here's a thread on what supplies to get for your recovery. Please keep us posted!

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Well I had my pre-op Monday and I'm finally...

Well I had my pre-op Monday and I'm finally getting excited about the surgery. Before now it just felt like it was a long ways away! I will keep everyone posted. My ps recommends a sports bra and I'm going home in ace bandages. He told me he doesn't recommend surgical bras bc they are expensive, won't use it again after this, and they are very uncomfortable! I was excited to hear that!

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Well tomorrow is the big day! I know this is crazy...

Well tomorrow is the big day! I know this is crazy but I'm not nervous yet. I think it's still a dream, I've been waiting for so long I don't think it has hit me that it will soon be a reality!! I will keep everyone posted!


Hi! How are you feeling, how went everything?
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I'll be thinking of you! ;) They're going to be fabulous.
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Wish you good luck! I can imagine it is all very exiting and just think at the outcome and the great boobs you'll have!!! SO exiting!!!
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Well the surgery went well. I got to the hospital...

Well the surgery went well. I got to the hospital at 10 and they took me back at 11:15. The nurse told me to take everything off and put in the needle for the iv. The dr came in next and drew on me and said that we would start soon. Right after that the anesthesiologist came in and said that she was putting something in my iv for anxiety. Next thing I knew I woke up in the same room and thought "Have we started yet?" Then I looked down and was wrapped up and realized we were done. I didn't even see the surgery room. Oh well....everything I put into my mouth came back up. I finally kept down a couple Popsicles and stayed on Vicodin. I took a bath from the waist down and the over the head stretches helped out a lot.

Today, I stayed off the Vicodin and just took Tylenol extra strength. I felt pretty good today. I wish I could sleep on my side but it puts too much pressure on my breasts. So far I've just felt a lot of pressure and soreness, at times it felt like they were engorged like when your pregnant. I'm excited and nervous to take off the ace bandages tomorrow. I will take pics tomorrow and post them.


Hope you are having an easy recovery. Keep us updated.
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Congrats on the new ta ta's cptx! Did you get saline or silicone? mod or high profile? I look forward to seeing the post op piks ....get well soon:-)
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Great! You did it. Congrats.
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Things are going good, just wishing the tightness...

Things are going good, just wishing the tightness would go away! I hope everyone else is doing great!


Never mind just scrolled down lol! How are you doing? :)
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How are you feeling?! What ccs did you end up going with? :) xoxo
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cptx, have you tried sleeping on your side at all? or just laying on your side? Sometimes when I try I get a sharp pains shooting thru my breasts. Have you experienced this at all?
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