Finally starting to like my new boobies....a little bit

OK, Short & sweet....I had my BA on the 17th...

OK, Short & sweet....I had my BA on the 17th of Oct. I had 300cc saline implants under the muscle. I am 5 days out yet they are still up in my armpits!! Is this normal (doc says yes) & who else has dealt with this???


Yes it's normal
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You have to do your massages! Don't freak out!
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Well, ladies I am 2 days shy of being 3wks post op...

Well, ladies I am 2 days shy of being 3wks post op. I'm starting to like my new boobies more, I think they are starting to look a little more normal, but they are still very firm! Not soft at all & still higher than I'd like them to be. I'm also wondering if I should've gone bigger! Ugh!!! Only time will tell, I guess!


I am only 1 day Post Op and my breast are VERY tight and hard. Not to mention swollen. My PS didn't tell me to ice them, or wear a implant stabilizer. The outside of my boobs are super sore and my back hurts too. Here are my stats: 21 yrs. old (no kids) 5'4" - 139 lbs 375cc filled to 400cc Saline, Sub Pectoral IMF Incision
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Mine look kind of like yours and are riding very high. I just got them done last week and today is my 1 week post op. I've been massaging since Tuesday and it actually feels good and relieves some of the pressure I feel. My MD has a video on his site if your PS didn't give you instruction. Here is a link it's the one at the bottom. Hope this helps :)
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...oh and once your skin and muscles relax which is the "fluffing" part they will prob look a bit bigger. The bottom part will fill out. I think you got a great size for your body, hang in there!
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Anyone know how to add more photos from your...

Anyone know how to add more photos from your phone? The only option it's giving me is to upload a video. :(


I had mine done 10/19 still not as soft kinda worried. how do urs feel
  • Reply had your BA 2 days after I did! & no....they don't really feel any softer. In fact for the last 2-3 days they have been uncomfortably high & tight! I really have no clue why or what to do about it! All I do know is that I really don't like it!!! :(
omg mine feel kinda hqrd for the last to days but i was thinking maybe the cold weather has something to do with it. i will see my doc on the 29th
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