Breast Augmentation Scheduled for 6/28/12....yikes and Yay! - Texas

Hello all and thank you, Angie for inspiring me to...

Hello all and thank you, Angie for inspiring me to add my story! I honestly never would've thought I would consider a BA. Until after having two kids and having totally different breasts! I went for my consultation in April and it took me a few weeks to finally make the decision to do it! My husband has been extremely supportive. He totally left the ball in my court as far as the decision which I appreciate. I'm 32, 5'2, weigh about 110 pounds and I'm a 32A. Initially I was thinking silicone because I hear it's more similar to breast tissue and looks more natural but I'm nervous about the upkeep and potential risks. I have two friends who have silicone and one with saline and they are all happy with their choice so I'm sure no matter which route I take will be fine. I am small on top and really don't want huge porno boobs, id like them to look natural. I'm honestly debating between 225cc's max 250, under the muscle, inframammary incision. I'm a huge wimp about pain and it's what makes me most nervous! Any advice is appreciated. My friends all tell me it wasn't as bad as they expected but I realize everyone has a different experience! Also, I have a 1 and 2 year old. I have help from family for about 10 days so I'm hopeful for a nice recovery! June 28th is close but it's far when you have time to read about possible complications. Hoping all will be well. Appointment with PS on 5/21, will update after. All comments and advice are appreciated :)


hey yesss we do have a lot in common! :D i'm excited for you, have you decided on what size you are going to gett? i say take pictures with the sizers on and see what you like best.
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Hey there! I have my surgery next month! I am also debating on a smaller implant size... Between 250 and 300. Will most likely go somewhere in the middle with silicone unders. Looking forward to following your story for comparison! Post pics if you can!! And good luck wih upcoming surgery :)
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I would go for 275 cause its not big, mine are 350 and very natural looking. Keep in mind you loose 25cc under the muscle. Mine are silicone not saline but. Check my review as later today will upload pics before and after. Maybe you get an idea. We have same height, weight, age and before breast size. Hope i can help :)
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