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I am japanese and was completely flat. I am 4'10"...

I am japanese and was completely flat. I am 4'10" and weigh 90 lbs. I had the implants put it in Okinawa in 1957. I had 3 children later, 1959, 1960, and 1961. I am now 81 and my daughter said several people wanted to see what they look like now 60 years later.

For being 81 and the implants being 60 years old I think they look pretty good.

My daughter found this on a medical archives...

My daughter found this on a medical archives website article written in 2005.


1895: Dr. Vincenz Czerny reconstructs a woman's breast by removing a large lipoma from her flank and transplanting it at the mastectomy site.

1900: There are written descriptions of the first breast augmentation cases using paraffin wax injections, but no documentation on when it is first performed.

1920s: The use of paraffin to enhance and reconstruct breasts is discontinued due to complications that were occurring such as "paraffinomas" and "wax cancer."

1940s: During World War II, Japanese prostitutes inject their breasts with industrial silicone liquid in order to appeal to American GIs. The procedure becomes popular and spreads to the U.S.

1958: Milton Milton T. Edgerton, M.D. and psychiatrist A.R. McClary publish an article about the psychological aspects of breast implant surgery. They studied 53 women who had the Ivalon sponge implants. They say: "Literally thousands of women in this country alone are seriously disturbed by feelings of inadequacy in regard to concepts of the body image."

1961: Houston plastic surgeons Thomas Cronin and Frank Gerow develop the first silicone breast implant in collaboration with the Dow Corning Corporation. This first silicone implant is made of a thick gel contained in a thick elastomeric envelope.

1962: A thirty-six year old mother of six named Timmie Jean Lindsey is the first woman to be implanted with the silicone breast implants at Texas Charity Hospital.

1965: Dr. Arion introduces inflatable saline breast implants. The implants are filled with saline or a hypertonic solution. They produce the first "bouncy breast" result.

1970: Canadian researches work on an inflatable implant for Dow Corning. The project is discontinue when they find that there is an 8% deflation rate during the first year.

1970s: New silicone implants produced which are more "lifelike", but have a tendency to break easier. Once broken, total removal is difficult or impossible.

1970s: Polyurethane foam covering for implants becomes popular to prevent capsular contracture. The foam begins to disintegrate in the body almost immediately, making it difficult to remove and causing other complications.

1976: Breast implants approved for use in the USA on the basis that they had been on the market prior to implementation of FDA regulations begun in this year.

1980s: Soybean oil breast implants are developed by an American scientist. They become popular in Europe, but as of 2005 have not been approved in the United States and Canada.

Jan. 6, 1992: The FDA bans silicone gel implants due to health concerns.

1998: Jenny McCarthy has her breast implants reduced. She says: "I just couldn't stand how big they were. They were driving me crazy!"

June 6, 2000: Britain recommends that women with Trilucent breast implants (soybean oil implants) have them removed, saying tests have shown that leaking implants may cause cancer or lead to birth defects. At the time of the warning, about 5,000 women in Britain have soya breast implants.

2000: During this year, 203,310 women undergo breast augmentation surgery.

2002: During this year, 236,888 women undergo breast augmentation in the United States.

2003: Mariel Hemingway goes public about her experience with breast implants, saying she got them at the age of 19. She says: "I did it for me. I didn't want to be thought of as a tomboy. I didn't want to be thought of as this kind of butch girl." Noticing health problems, she had them removed and discovered they had ruptured and that silicone had leaked into her blood. She now says: "I think implants are bad news. I enjoyed them for about a year, then from ages 20 to 32, I was asking, 'Why do I have these? I hate these. They were not me, it's kind of the antithesis of who I am."

2003: 3,481 teenagers undergo breast augmentation surgery.

May 2004: The results of a study are published in the Annals of Plastic Surgery stating that women who undergo breast augmentation surgery are three times as likely to commit suicide in the first years after their surgery than women who have not undergone breast augmentation surgery.

2004: During this year, nearly 330,000 women undergo breast augmentation in the United States. 11,326 of these are teenagers.

Oct. 2005: Sharon Osbourne admits to having had breast implants earlier in the year. She says: "The last thing I had done were my breasts about three months ago. I am a 34DD now and Ozzy loves them."

My husband was stationed in Korea, late in the...

My husband was stationed in Korea, late in the Korean war (1952-53). During that time he was injured and sent to Okinawa to recuperate. I was working at the ticket window for the movie theater on base and that is when we met. He was a bit of a playboy and also a photograhper for the army. He dearly loved bigger boobies, which I didn't have. In 1957 my husband was stationed in Okinawa again and that is when we bought them. I was not a prostitute like in the article above. Alot of GI girfriends and wives purchased implants at that time and later.
Doctor in Okinawa, Japan

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She donated her body to the med school here. She was such an awesome person.
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             thanks for sharing this amazing history! you look fabulous!
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Thank you.
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Thank you. I just got her ashes back last week and I'm planting her in with some tulips so when they come up I'll think of her
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That is so sweet, it's gonna make me cry! What a great tribute for her.
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Thanks scrappy. I put dad all around our olive tree where it smells so good.
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Tnx for such an amazing review Great2BMe . Your mum was a great lady.
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Sadly my mom passed away in April. I miss her so much. Her boobs sure looked great even at the end when she only weighed 56 lbs. She did not do well with her back surgery and I know is in a better place. Thanks to all who shared in our story. So someone else out there needs to take the gauntlet for oldest implants!
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Awww, I am so sorry to hear about your Mom!! Thank you Great2BMe for sharing your mothers story with us and I am terribly sorry to hear of your loss. =( She seems like she was such a wonderful woman. *Hugs*
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Hey doll, todat is the first time I've seen this profile. I'm so sorry to see that your mom passed away! She seems like a character :) how awesome of her to share her story with us! She was one hot momma!
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Thanks 5alarm, She really was!
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Great pics! Thanks for sharing! Love the history as well!
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Thank you for the fascinating information. I love learning new things, and this was perfect. Thanks again for posting, you beautiful woman!
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To be honest I didn't realize that breast implants had such a long and varied history. Very interesting reading. It makes you wonder why we still face judgement when it's a procedure that has been around for such a long time. Thanks for providing all of this information.
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Thank you everybody. I try to look good always!
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You are an inspiration! I can only hope to take care of myself well enough to look as good as you someday. Thank you so much for sharing with us!
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I just have to point out that your skin is absolutely beautiful!
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Yes, thank you for sharing with us!! Soo appreciated and very brave! Much respect to you!
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...and 60 years and 3 children later- very impressive! They look fantastic!
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wow! two thumbs up! they do look great, and thanks for sharing :)
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WOW...Love it.
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Oh my goodness!! This is remarkable...Bless your heart!
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Thanks so much for sharing! And I agree with you, they do look good =)
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Mom, you are a jewel for doing this for me. Love you.
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What a beautiful story. Thank you. Part of the reason I finally decided to get implants is because, having breastfed 4 boys for a total of nearly 12 years, my boobs were definitely stretched to the max -- across car seats, through bars of cribs, across beds, etc... But what really sealed my decision was when I was bathing my mother. She is nearly 90 and had 7 children. We were both blessed, genetically, with good genes and great athletic bodies. At 90 and with 7 childbirths, my Mom still is in great shape and her boobs -- well,....I was stunned, as i got to know my mother's body by bathing and changing her, as she came to depend on me more,...stunned to realize that her boobs at 90 were better than mine in my mid-40s. That was it! Made my decision then and there. Went home and started researching it. Thank you "Great2BMe" and Mom!
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