Breastfed 4 kids left me with a AA. Just had Sientra 410R 380L Dropping little and loving new shape more each day!

Prior to kids I was a C cup. After my babies I was...

Prior to kids I was a C cup. After my babies I was an AA. I showed doc a pic of D's and after surgery do not seem swollen at all. Told him i desired full C small D. I have Sientra mod plus 410cc R & 380cc L . I feel I am not big enough and am trying to be optimistic. Anyone out there felt they were not big enough after surgery?
Your feelings early post-op are very common. Often times it takes several weeks for your breasts to drop and fluff into place. This is when you can really see your final breast cup size. Feel free to join a forum of other members getting ready for or recovering from their BAs this August, 2014. Congratulations and keep us posted!
Thank you Beth! Just feel as though I've been bigger than this breast feeding and was expecting to have the burning sensation after like my Mom had when her skin stretched from implants. Recovery has been a breeze and very minimal swelling & next to zero bruising. I am thankful for that and do not question my surgeons abilities for anything. He is more than qualified w/ very impressive credentials. However, I just know they could be larger. If I wanted to go up in size in 6mos-1year. Would they have to be textured? I have smooth moderate + Sientra's now. They look and feel so natural! Feel as though I just replaced what I had before kids. Would kind of like that extra umph. LOL I made rice sizers w/hubby the night prior and totally forgot to bring them in with my pictures wearing them. Kinda beating myself up for that. Also would like more projection. Would a high profile have been better? This is consuming me and I hate that! I have 4 kiddos and don't have the time to be obsessing over my breasts! Seems so vain but I literally had only a nipple on a chest wall from breast feeding them. They went to a good cause:)
If you still feel like you aren't big enough in 6 months, you might want to join this forum of women who also feel the same way: Does anyone have "Boob Greed?" Check in here! Try to forget about them for a while and see how they continue to change in a few weeks. (Easier said than done!)

6 days post op

Will be one week tomorrow. Hardly any bruising ...YAY!

AA to feeling much better!

Can't wait to shop for real bras! Just threw all tiny ones away today! YIPEE!

Can't wait to buy REAL bras!

Still wishing I were larger but think I'm getting used to the new girls. This surgical bra is just not flattering:)
You look great! Happy healing:)
Thank you so much fitmommieof5! That means a lot! You too!
Your results look amazing! How do they feel? Congrats!!!
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