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A few things that are not being said here and I...

A few things that are not being said here and I think everyone you should know.
1) Implants have cons also. Like 20% fail and need to be redone.
2) Implants need to be cleaned twice a day around the post to keep infection out.
3) The snap in dentures need to be rebuilt or should I say the snaps replaced about every 3 months depending on use.

Just thought you should hear all sides.

Just to clarify..traditional dental implants have an over 95 percent success rate. The lower rate of success you quote sounds like a mini dental implant. These dental implants are less expensive but fail more often. They often have limited connection options as well. The connection to the denture will have to be maintained. If your prosthetic connectors are wearing out every 3 months there is a problem with the load or support on the denture. We utilize a retention system that lasts for years without replacement .

Good information Dr. Huckabee, thanks for filling us in on the differences!


Thank you for letting us know about these. How long have you had your snap in dentures?

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Reoutation was good in the area

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