Teosyal my Nightmare

I am a 47 year old female, I was noticing that...

I am a 47 year old female, I was noticing that under my eyes were starting to look a bit sunken in. I went to see a doctor who suggested I use Teosyal to fill underneath my eyes.

At first I Loved it, it was a big difference but 3 months later one eye looked like I had a black eye, so I went back to the doctor who injected abit more and I looked great.

Its been 11 months now and for the last three months my under eyes look awful. I was hoping by now this would all be out of my system. Under my eyes are all puffy and un even, I look again as though both eyes are black and swollen, I am so upset and I really regret doing this and I hope that I can find a doctor who can help me out of this nightmare.

I wish I did my home work before hand and I hope if you are thinking about this , don't do it, at least under the eyes anyways

I had Teosyal Redensity II for the under eye area.. at the injection place i have two small lumps.. like ive been by a muskito. Is this normal and will this resolve? It looks very unnatural right now. It' s been 2 days ago since i had my injections
Hi, how does it look now, a month later? That is strange because Teosyal R II is rather fine combined with meso to enhance the skin from the inside, moisture, etc. , Curious.
Thanks to your invaluable Information, I searched a cosmetic doctor and finally I found one.

I had to search for a doctor because I had my Teosyal injection by a nurse who came here nearly every year to work, who have been working with plastic surgery doctors for very long time. By the time I started to feel my lump, she had gone, she has returned to her country. I did ring her and talked about my lump, but she said none of her clients’ treatments had developed with lumps, so I gave up her irresponsibility.

On Jan 28, I came to consult a cosmetic doctor who examined at my face carefully and said my case is very mild, the lump has tendency to reduce the size, I should wait for a few weeks if it wouldn’t get better, he will introduce me another doctor.

Now my lump is reducing the size, though I still not completely comfortable with it, but I can see it is improving. Why it is improving?

About a month ago when I talked about my problem to my friend, she recommended me to keep whole rice diet absolutely. I did it seriously : eating whole rice meals with sesame seed, drink whole rice cooked water and the result is unbelievable, my skin is getting smoother and the lump has clearly reduced 60%. I know that it is still there, but my family can not see it. Well, no one can understand our bodies than we do.

Conclusion, in my case now, the red has disappeared, the lump is clearly reducing it size, so I guess if it cannot completely go, then I have to wait for a few more months until the life span of Teosyal is terminated. So try whole rice diet. It is a magic in my case.
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