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Let me say from the start that I’m not sure...

Let me say from the start that I’m not sure of the cause and effect of Zerona and the results on my body but the results were excellent.

Some facts:
I had 12 sessions over 3 weeks. . 6 on the lower body, i.e., 20 minutes on the hamstrings and butt and 20 minutes on thighs on a M, W, F schedule constituting 1 session. After the first week I started on 6 on the upper body, i.e., 20 minutes on abs/chest and 20 minutes on upper flanks and back on a M, W, F schedule constituting 1 session.

I started on the Curva supplement one week before the treatments and continued for one week after the treatments. (The Curva is a combination Green Tea extract, Niacin, and Ginkgo Biloba)

I followed relatively strictly the guidelines for additional things to do in conjunction with the treatments. That is, I had no alcohol or caffeine, and continued an exercise program which included walking. The restrictions on alcohol and caffeine started one week before Zerona laser treatments and continued for one week after the treatments and coincided with the Curva supplements. I also reduced my fat intake in my diet as suggested. (I must say I was addicted to caffeine and had the withdrawal symptoms of headaches, etc. Also, I routinely drank 10- 20 beers a week before the treatments. Stopping both was difficult; and also, a good thing. The no alcohol, no caffeine, and reduced fat intake should have on their own resulted in significant benefits over the 5 week period and is the reason I’m not positive of the cause and effect link between Zerona and fat reduction.

I am a 60 year man that was about 12.3% body fat before the treatments and weighed 175.9 lbs. before Zerona treatments and 164.5 lbs. after treatments with a 10.5% body fat level. The weight was taken at the location of the Zerona treatments as well as the measurements. Details of the measurements will follow below. The body fat analysis I had done where I workout.

Final measurements are taken one week after final treatment. My total inches lost were 10 1/8” from the nine measurement points they use for males. These are back, upper abs, mid abs, flanks, lower abs for the main areas, 7 3/8” lost here. They also measure “additional systemic measurement results” neck, right arm, left arm, right knee, left knee, 2 ¾” lost here.

I purchased a Groupon special for treatments that I considered relatively expensive. I do think there is an effort to control the pricing of the treatments by the manufacturer since receiving FDA approval for use of the laser since I think the laser are only leased to the physicians; however, I have seen a Groupon special from Chiropractors that own their Zerona lasers and had purchased them before FDA approval as low as $500 for 6 sessions. One of the other review writers on the Zerona laser has commented that the laser treatments were not specifically approved by the FDA for body contouring nor weight loss but rather for something else.

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Wow you look great with or without Zerona!
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My workout routine is about 40 minutes walking roughly 6 days a week with leg weights on...I do the P90X Ab Ripper exercises about 6 days a week with the same leg weights on and I do alternate days of upper body/then lower body of strength training with light dumbells also 6 days a week, etc. On the 7th day I rest or do stretching...about 2 hours a day 6 days a week....

In the late spring, summer and early fall I'm much more into water sports and golf and less into fitness!
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First off, you put most 40 year olds to shame, even without Zerona.

Second, I have perused your photos in detail. Visually, I do not see a difference (I said the same thing about my own photos).

I would like to know, do your jeans fit differently? Do you wear your belt a notch or two smaller?

You look fab, I'm more interested in your workout regimen myself.
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I dropped from a CK 34" waist to a CK 32" waist in my jeans...don't really wear belts except in suits and they vary all over the place..I dropped shirt size too; and also, the butt fits better in my jeans...just kept the workout routine I was doing but added some more walking and tried to cut out excess fatty foods, e.g. Buffalo Wild Wings wings and beer on Sat and Sun...I suspect since I'm not losing fat cells I'll put it back on during the holidays without a great deal of effort and cutting back on the alcohol...Like I say I'm not sure of the cause and effect... the metrics, both theirs and mine, did show excellent benefits...Thx for the nice complement
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Hi BradPitt -- Did you do this before or after "Moneyball"? j/k :) You look great, but there does look like more definition in the "after" photos. Congrats on your results!

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OK not really Brad P (LOL)...THX for the complement.. Loss of fat would allow the already developed muscles to show but I did continue to workout during the 5 week period...a week before Zerona, 3 weeks of Zerona, and the week after
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