No regrets at all!

I'm not really sure where to start. I am 31,...

I'm not really sure where to start. I am 31, 5' 2.5" and at 185 still overweight but still much improved over the 282 i weighed over 2 years ago. I have been overweight since the birth of my first child when i was 20. Apparently good skin tone does not run in the family b/c i was left with a hanging apron of skin right off( not a small one at that). Over the years i just kept packing the pounds on, finally a few years ago i decided i had to make a change. Diet, exercise and phentermine helped me drop almost a 130 pounds, i have kept off about 95 of those unwanted pounds. I don't know if i will lose what i have gained back or not but i do know that the extra skin has to go.

My first consultation was at the beginning of January. I really liked the doctor but didn't really like his plan for me. He wanted to cut me all the way around, don't get me wrong it would have improved more than just my tummy but for the cost and the added pain i decided it just wasn't worth it. Also when i called his office for an amended quote for a TT w/lipo rather than the body lift and no one ever got back with me i decided he wasn't the doctor for me. My next consultation was with a doctor located here in the town i live in and was recommended by two people i know. He wants to extend my incision as far back as he can with out flipping me over, then doing some lipo here and there. i much prefer that method. Also he has personally answered each and every email i have sent him since December, i think that is pretty awesome. Both doctors said i was a great candidate for surgery and was surprised that my upper belly was as in good condition as it is in considering i am still overweight. I tend to carry most of my weight in my hips, thighs and rear.

Surgery is scheduled for Monday March 26th. I am excited, I am nervous. At the moment is still seems very surreal. I have wanted this done for so long, but being from a paycheck to paycheck family it just never seemed possible. Thank you God for tax returns. =) Pictures to come later.

So as you can see I added ugly naked pics. I look...

So as you can see I added ugly naked pics. I look so much better clothed. At least dressed i may look chunky but not malformed. I will gladly transform from being wife of the Pillsbury Dough Boy (or maybe the Michelin Man) to being the Bride of Frankenstein. So 11 more days to go. I hate the flutter of nerves that i feel every time surgery crosses my mind. I will be a wreck by the middle of next week. Wish i could be knocked out until the 26th. On a brighter note i did go shopping for some simple loose cotton dresses for recovery. That way after the first difficult days are over i can get dressed in something comfy but not look/feel like a total slob. Gotta love Ross, got 3 dresses for $30.00! =)

10 days left until the big day, and my tummy is...

10 days left until the big day, and my tummy is full of nervous flutters. I dread to think how i will be next week. On the best of days when a surgery isn't even looming on the horizon, i'm a bit of a nutcase so now i'm positively certifiable.

So last night I couldn't sleep (or should i say...

So last night I couldn't sleep (or should i say early this morning). I was just a big ball of nerves. At about 1:30 a.m. the crying started. You know, all the big what if's poking around in my brain just came to the front and let me tell you once those tears started they didn't want to stop. Not big sobs, just an endless steady stream of tears. All i could think is "what if i have a bad reaction to being put under?", "Or get a blood clot?" I would really hate to die for vanities sake. I know, i know it is more than vanity to those who have been through this, but to outsiders it isn't. I also know it is very unlikely that i will die doing this, but it is a possibility. If i'm this crazy a week pre-op how will be in another 2 or 3 days before?!!!!!! Well i hope i can get some sleep tonight. Later, people =)

Had my pre-op appt this afternoon. Paid my balance...

Had my pre-op appt this afternoon. Paid my balance in full, which is nice to be able to do but also weird handing over that much money at once. Was given prescriptions for Tylox, Colace, Valium, and Duncef. Guess i will get them filled tonight or tomorrow and hope to God that they aren't too expensive. Surgery Monday!!!! Wow, i'm really going to do this!!!!!!

So my PS doesn't want his patients to have any...

So my PS doesn't want his patients to have any constipation problems before, during or after surgery, so he had me start my Colace today. Ummmmm i don't think i will have any trouble. My tummy doesn't like the Colace at all looks like i may drop a few pounds before surgery after all lol. In all seriousness i hope my tummy get used to it soon cause i do not want to be trying to run to the bathroom very often after surgery! So i guess that was my turn at discussing TMI moments (and i swore i wouldn't).

I wish Monday would just get here already! BTW if...

I wish Monday would just get here already! BTW if i haven't mentioned it before, i have to be at the Outpatient Center at 6:30 a.m. Start time is 7:30 a.m. and the projected length of operation time is 3 hours (i really think it will take a bit longer). I f all goes well i should be home no later than 5 that afternoon.

Oh my goodness i guess nerves and nesting go hand...

Oh my goodness i guess nerves and nesting go hand in hand! Terrified!

Tomorrow is the big day!!!!! So very nervous, but...

Tomorrow is the big day!!!!! So very nervous, but excited too. Just trying to keep busy, hope I can sleep tonight.

Went in at 6:30 yesterday, surgery started at 8:30...

Went in at 6:30 yesterday, surgery started at 8:30 and ended around 12:25. My surgeons words to my husband were "she may not be happy with me now but will thanks me later" apparently he gave me more lipo than we originally talked about lol.

Pain is ok when sitting but is horrible when moving about. my recliner tried to kill me by getting stuck, which made me wrench my incision so i really wanted to die for a few hours. To top all that off my mom came in and told me my grandfather passed away this morning. So my parents are now on their way to Oklahoma right now. Crying sucks when you've had a TT apparently. More later....

Post-op day 2 I am still taking 2 tylox every 4...

Post-op day 2
I am still taking 2 tylox every 4 hours, i will start trying to wean down tomorrow i guess. My antibiotics make feel so nauseated so i guess i also need to eat more. Tomorrow i go into my DR to get a new garment they ordered for me. Apparently they don't usually use it unless it's a special case, and i'm special according to them lol. I hope it is better than the binder i currently have on, they don't want it to dig into my hips since they lipo'd them out pretty good. I feel slightly better surgery wise however my heart is still breaking about my grandfather passing away and not being able to be with my extended family during this time. A 12 hour car ride is just out of the question at this point.

Have to go to my PS today to get a special binder...

Have to go to my PS today to get a special binder they ordered me, hope it is more comfortable than the one i have now. So last night i could feel gas bubbles and this morning i think the swelling has started. Feel like a sausage trying to escape my casing. Will try to post some pics tonight.

Went to my PS today. He is so happy with my...

Went to my PS today. He is so happy with my results so far. He put me in a high waisted shorts type garment with hooks and zippers. The traditional binder wanted to ride up since my ass is so big. When it would ride up it was leaving a huge crease in my left hip. He was very decisive that that would not do at all. Apparently with my hip being emptied out of fat the crease could become permanent if we didn't alleviate it. Not sure how i feel about the new garment, since my thighs are so huge the legs on to roll up, thinking about cutting that part off. I don't know about everyone else but when i try to stand straight it is my upper belly that hurts, not my incision. That took me by surprise. More later....Oh BTW he cut off 5.5 pounds of skin and suctioned around 3 pounds of fat off my hips. =)

So yesterday was a bad day. A friend of mine who...

So yesterday was a bad day. A friend of mine who was going to take care of me while my husband was at work never showed called or anything. My tummy had lots of pressure on it and i realized i hadn't "used the bathroom" since Sunday morning. I didn't figure i would have that problem since i've been taking colace for days before the surgery. Well i hurt enough last night that i sent my hubby out for MOM, which he couldn't find and just come back with some off brand laxative. (girls i don't discuss this stuff with the hubs at all, i mean seriously he asked me when we had been married for like 6 years if i ever pooped b/c he had never known me to lol) So asking him to buy a laxative just about killed me. Anyways i went this morning and i feel so much better! I'm amazed at how much better i feel every single day. The day of surgery and the day after were so utterly painful that i thought it will take me months to feel halfway normal, boy am i glad i was wrong,

OMG pooping is the best thing ever lol.

OMG pooping is the best thing ever lol.

Holy smokes Batman! my first post op shower was...

Holy smokes Batman! my first post op shower was one of the worst experiences of my life! My tummy hurt w/o the compression garment, the shower is a new one and hadn't ever been used before and the handle had been put on wrong so only lukewarm water would come out. Had to sit cold and naked on the toilet while hubby fixed it. Finally get in and in the middle of the shower the power goes out. Tripped breaker, so i now i had to sit cold, naked and wet in the shower for my husband to flip it back on. In the confusion my garment got wet and had to thrown into the dryer. So after an hour of no support my back and stomach are killing me. Garment back on finally. I'm thinking showers are overrated......was going to take more pics but after all that i think not!

Been a week to day since my surgery. Had a check...

Been a week to day since my surgery. Had a check up with my PS and he is so impressed with my healing. He was able to take out both of my drains since they had only been putting out about 7.5 cc's a day for the last 2 days. I'm so glad to have them gone. It slightly hurt and felt weird when he pulled them out, i just shut my eyes and took a deep breathe. My swelling is very minimal so far. Weighed my self yesterday and am down 12 lbs. Pretty much took myself off my pain meds yesterday, my valiums are still my friends though. Getting around fairly well but still keeping myself parked in the recliner mostly, this is my mini vacay such as it is and my family's turn to wait on me and pick up the slack. I will seriously try to get some more pics takes but i hate being w/o my compression garment for even a second.

WARNING TMI: So i know i'm only a week into...

So i know i'm only a week into recovery but last night i had sex on the brain. My poor hubby was so excited that i was interested but terrified at the same time. Finally i convinced the poor man that if he was careful that i would be ok. So he was, we did and it was AWESOME. No this was not doctor approved, but i listened to my bod and gave it what it wanted lol. The only mistake i made was trying to sleep in the bed, i woke up slightly sore and slightly swollen so i moved back to the recliner and started feeling better within minutes.

9 days PO feeling about the same as i have the...

9 days PO feeling about the same as i have the last few days. I did really mess up by trying to sleep in the bed 7 days PO since i have been slightly more sore since that night. Seen the PS today, i think he keeps expecting complications and is continually surprised at how well i'm doing. Even though my drains were hardly putting out 7 days PO i could tell he was wary about pulling them, so today when i came in he just pushed and pushed on my belly. When i asked him if anything was wrong he sounded confused and said "no not at all, there isn't any fluid build up". He says i am doing beautifully and look great, he wants me to continue to take it easy for another 3-5 days to keep the chances of fluid building up minimal. Oh by the way my second shower went much much better lol.

Insomnia tonight. I guess for a bunch of different...

Insomnia tonight. I guess for a bunch of different reasons, an after dinner nap and crying jags over the loss of my papa. Funny how when you lose someone all the hurt from losing previous loved ones also pops back up. Well guess I need to try and fall asleep now, I know it is important for my healing and recovery.

11 days PO So i have now had 2 days in a row of...

11 days PO
So i have now had 2 days in a row of shopping, just a few hours each day. Still can't walk upright, back is bothering me more than anything else. Only slight swelling from being so much more active and most of that swelling is in my thighs lol. Super duper tired now, think it is time for a nap.

Until today i have had minimal swelling. This...

Until today i have had minimal swelling. This afternoon i blew up like a balloon, and it is miserable. I admit the three days prior to today i did run quit a few errands. And of course i also over ate Easter dinner and dessert. Blah!

Insomnia tonight. Alot of things going thru my...

Insomnia tonight. Alot of things going thru my head. Missing my Papa which in turn makes me miss anyone/everyone i've ever lost. Hubby's birthday coming up on Sunday and after the awesome way he has taken care of me i want it to be perfect but lack of funds ect make that difficult. A few days after his bday will be the 1 year anniversary of his mom passing away. All these things just weighing heavily on my heart.
Healing wise most of my swelling has went back down after resting on my rear all day. Speaking of rears after this whole TT mine looks ginormous! I'm ok with that i guess since it is my husband's favorite body part of mine (eye roll) but i hate my freaking fat supersized thighs. Can't lipo the suckers cause they will just have more hangy skin, and can't afford a lift plus the scar freaks me out. Guess when i'm cleared for exercise i will just need to muscle them up a bit. Seeing the PS tomorrow for a check up, will let ya'll know how it goes. Night.

Went to see my PS Tuesday. He said he couldn't...

Went to see my PS Tuesday. He said he couldn't have asked for a better result and i'm healing very well. The only thing he said that upset me was how happy he is with my compression garment and how very little swelling i have. why did that upset me you might ask?! Well while i'm extremely pleased with my result i had hoped to be a bit flatter and had hoped i wasn't due to swelling. I mean i can't even wear my pre-op jeans so that must mean i have swelling right? i can get the suckers on but they are so tight they hurt my incision (don't get me wrong they were tight before surgery with my nervous eating habits kicking in) but i figured they would be a little loose now. It was chilly today so i figured my jeans would be better than my comfy spring like dresses i have been living in so i cried when i had to squeeze into them then take them off bc they hurt. Starting a strict diet, enough is enough i need to get myself under control and get back to my healthier eating. Tomorrow/today technically is my first day of being left alone with my toddler so i guess i need to head to bed so i can be on my game tomorrow. Try to add more pics soon, haven't cause nothing has really changed. Well actually in the past day or two my belly button scabbing has really started falling away, i think it is actually going to look pretty darn normal. Night everyone!

I think i'm 18 days PO today Yesterday i did a...

I think i'm 18 days PO today
Yesterday i did a little laundry and didn't take a nap, boy was i exhausted by bedtime. unfortunately my insomnia kicked in, i tried sleeping in the recliner then moved to my go. finally, I fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning. Having no other choice i kept my 11 year old home today to help with her 3 year old brother, i feel like such a bad mom. I woke up swollen and my belly burns. Not the incision, the muscles. Not sure if its from the swelling, doing laundry or what. So i'm feeling a bit miserable today.

Insomnia yet again. Which leaves me too much time...

Insomnia yet again. Which leaves me too much time to think, which in turn makes me emotional. Seriously other than the first few days of recovery today was my worst. Super tight and swollen tummy, burning muscles along with those electric shocks of nerves reconnecting. Just wish i was a bit further along in my recovery . Still it is nice to look down and see boobs if standing or my actual lap if sitting, not that big blob of skin, so yes it is still worth it.

Ugh! i'm going to add new pics but instead of...

Ugh! i'm going to add new pics but instead of better than my last post op ones they are worse. I have been so swollen all week. It is so upsetting.

3 weeks PO Had a visit with my PS today,...

3 weeks PO
Had a visit with my PS today, basically same thing as usual. He said healing great, better than he expected. I love him and his nurses but i can't help feel frustrated to the extreme. I mentioned to his nurse that i could barely even pull my jeans up over my thighs bc of swelling, she said swelling in your thighs you shouldn't have swelling there. So i'm supposed to believe that i weigh 10 pounds smaller than i did going in but my jeans wont hardly slide over my thighs bc somehow i have gained a bunch of weight there?! Not sure if i want to laugh or cry. I think i will just pray......

My hubby is salivating but i seriously look like a...

My hubby is salivating but i seriously look like a fat Kim Kardashion in my lower regions. Actually i think my hubby compared me to Coco from Ice Loves Coco show. Swell hell sucks, i already had a fat ass i don't even temporarily need more in that area and don't even get me started on my yucky swollen cellulite ridden thunder thighs. LOL. Laughing and praying my way thru this.

I'm more swollen today than i have ever been,...

I'm more swollen today than i have ever been, haven't been doing much. Well i take that back me and my hubby may have been a little vigorous 3 days in a row, and without my binder or compression garment....maybe not such a good idea. Oh well it will dissipate eventually.....

First off i want to thank each and every one of...

First off i want to thank each and every one of you who have wrote a review, and/or commented on mine. This site has been huge in my journey both before and during my TT journey. I thought i was completely mentally prepared for all the highs and lows of this process. Hoo boy was i wrong! So anyways i thought i would list some random facts/experiences/thoughts i have had these past 28-29 days.

One of the questions i looked up the most when researching TT's was the pain level compared to c-sections. Having had 2 sections myself i was hoping it would be comparable. Thing is not only are those 2 totally different surgeries each person will have a differing opinion about their recoveries. My opinion is this...The first 3 days after my TT was worse pain wise after that i think in most ways my c-section recovery was worse. In my c-section recoveries my incision pulled and burned but TT wise the muscles right under my breasts where the muscle repair began is what has hurt, it burns like i've done 1,000 crunches when i try to stand. I could stand better after a shorter time period with the c-section. however i slept way more that first 2 weeks after the TT so each surgery has it's pros and cons.

Things i couldn't live without:
the first 3 days my borrowed walker was invaluable. Also i slept in my recliner for almost a month. The first night i slept in my bed was kinda painful between it pulling my muscles a bit and the zippers on my compression garment. I just happen to have a seat built in my shower so i would say a bath seat would be a great thing to look into if you don't have one. Of course my husband was the most invaluable but no one else can have him so....

No matter what if you are craving Chik-fil-a don't get it, you will swell up like a water balloon.

Unless you are one of the lucky few don't even try on your pre-op jeans for at LEAST 4 weeks, i'm a few days from 4 weeks myself and i cannot get them over my hips. It depresses the hell out of me, and it will you too.

Invest in some loose pretty cotton dresses, they will fit, you won't feel frumpy in them and they aren't very expensive.

Whether you believe it or not you will have "Why in the hell did i do this to myself" moments, i usually have them when i turn the wrong way, or the first few night i slept in the bed again oh or when you try those stupid jeans on that won't go over your fat swollen Kardashian ass. I told myself i would just be happy not having hanging skin, ha! i lied to myself, i have the self-doubt moments at least twice a day. Funny thing is they didn't start until week 2, so when the most intense bit of pain was over up they popped...go figure.

I'm getting sleepy so i guess that will be it for tonight, i'm sure as my recovery stretches on i will have more to ponder on but until then good night everyone!

Oh and one more thing, fixing your tummy will probably make you realize how much you hate other parts of yourself. I mean i hated my thighs before but man since my TT i have developed a true hate for those horrible cellulite ridden things.oh well can't afford to fix all of me at this point =)

PO Week 4 I woke up this morning (guess...

PO Week 4
I woke up this morning (guess technically yesterday morning lol) and was really flat and realized i had slept through the night without any pain while rolling over in bed. I did start to swell not long after i awoke but hey at least for a little while i was as flat as i was when i first came out of surgery. Also I did my measurements today, wish i would have remembered to do it right before surgery. anyways i was pleasantly surprised. When i was my smallest which was last summer and 30 pounds lighter i had recorded my measurements and now even weighing so much more my waist is the same and my hips are actually 1" smaller, unfortunately my thighs are about 5" bigger. Oh well guess i know what i need to work on. Hope to put more pics up in the next few days.

Had a doctors appt today. I am 4.5 weeks post op...

Had a doctors appt today. I am 4.5 weeks post op and things are going great. He said i only have to wear my compression garment for 8 hours a day. He recommended that i wear it if i'm going shopping or doing anything fairly active, otherwise i can pick and choose when i wear it. He took pictures so we looked at the before and afters together and i must say we are both pretty impressed. He told me the results i have are slightly better than what he thought i would turn out with since i am slightly overweight. I don't have to go back to him for a whole month!

I leave for a quick weekend trip to Mississippi tomorrow. It's only about a 4.5 hour drive but i'm going by myself so wish me luck! I will post more pics soon =)

I just tried on my pre op jeans and hurray! they...

i just tried on my pre op jeans and hurray! they finally fit! Granted i wish they were a smaller size but hey, considering they wouldn't go halfway up and over my thighs last week, i will take it. And starting next week i will have to get serious about my eating and get back to the gym. My thighs are huge my arms aren't much smaller and since i didn't have lipo on my back i do have small love handles. I know from being thinner last summer that i can greatly improve on all those areas if i just drop around 20 pounds. so i will enjoy my mini vacay this weekend and get tough on myself on Monday.

5 weeks po today. Back from my Mississippi trip...

5 weeks po today. Back from my Mississippi trip and putting up the promised pics.
Just got to work on my thunder thighs.....

It's that time of the month and so i am unable to...

It's that time of the month and so i am unable to wear my compression garment. I tried wearing the traditional white horrible binder but it made my back hurt terribly! My doctor had told me i could start weaning off my garments but still needed to wear it for at least 8 hours a day for a while longer. Well it's now been about 28 hours since i've worn anything for compression and admit i'm feeling a little nervous and guilty. So far not a lot of swelling though.....

So yesterday i was officially 6 weeks post op. No...

So yesterday i was officially 6 weeks post op. No new pics this week, but maybe in a week or two once i've been going to the gym again. Lord, have i been looking forward to the gym, hope i feel well enough to go tonight. I woke up yesterday with a mild sore throat and a slightly stuffy nose and by last night the nose thing had morphed into full on alternating runny/stuffy and lots of sneezing. When the hell is it going to quit hurting when i sneeze?! I did go on a 2 mile walk yesterday but i'm really dying to hit the weights. Oh crap, sneeze attack. I'm one of those people that can't sneeze just one time, it's more like 3-5 times or more in a row, OUCH! Guess my abs are getting a workout lol.

I've dressed up a few times in capris, camis and...

I've dressed up a few times in capris, camis and cute little cardigans/shrugs. And while I am a big girl but i feel sexy! Love my results. Scar doesn't bother me at all. Today was also the first time back at the gym and it felt great. Hopefully i can get back on track and shape up the rest of me!
Dr. K. Dwayne Fulks

Dr. Fulks answered any and every question i had via email before i have even met with him. During our consultations he never made me feel stupid or rushed. He also never tried to "sell" me anything, he was very realistic about his thoughts on my outcome and wanted to make sure i was on the same page so there wouldn't be possible disappointments later on. His staff was always very polite and helpful. I wouldn't go to anyone else, i completely trust him with my care now and in the future.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look GREAT! I am about to have my tummy tuck soon (counting down). I am having Surgery April 3, 2014 with Dr. Victor Ramirez and I am posting all my before and after pictures and details on Real Self. Follow my blog (s) for updates. *Very Excited*
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Your results are fabulous! I have surgery in three days... I hope I get the results I'm dying for.
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I just laughed my butt off at your post about the first time you took a shower after surgery! I'm sure it wasn't funny at the moment, but really made me laugh today. Thanks for that cause I was crying before I read it cause I'm so scared to have my surgery next month!! How are you doing? I know you haven't been on here for awhile since your surgery was months ago!! I hope you are well! Sorry about your loss of your papa.
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You look so great!! How are things going now, is the swelling gone for the most part?
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Nice flat tummy!
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Honey, your tummy look so good. You must be so excited about your results.
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Thanks! I am so happy with my tummy, now i just need to work on the rest of me. Especially my love handles and legs.
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I'm working on me as well. My surgery in on June1st. I'm getting myself ready for it. Now I'm wondering if I've lost enough weight to get the results that I want. I'm just going to keep eating healthy meals and working out and see what happens.
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just stick with your plan and i think it will be fine. Even if you lose some more weight after your surgery it shouldn't mess up your results. =)
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u look amazing!!!i was reading ur comments and saw how u said it was hard for u to find pants that wnt drag..wel im 4'11 and sometimes i shop at the kids theyre the perfect i really do have a hard time finding pants, sometimes even petite size is still a lil long so usually ill cut them lol...i just embrace my height though my grandmother would always say good things come in small packages..and i believe they come in all types of packages...good luck w healing!!
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You look great you are really smoothing out you can see that in your last photo, as far as the binders I think being comfortable is most beneficial, some feel compression helps some dont I think comfort is what counts
  • Reply
Thanks Amber. Surprisingly i feel very comfortable with out my binders. The first few hours were iffy. I do wear my torsette when i go shopping bc i feel like it would be a huge mistake at this point to do a lot of walking without anything, but the rest of the time i've been sitting around with nothing and it feels great.
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You look fantastic!!!
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I'm sure it did feel good to get back in those jeans girl! I know it did for me! Looking good.
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I loved reading about you experience!
Very helpfull
And you look great!
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Thanks, i'm glad it is helping someone =)
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You look phenomenal!!
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Thank you so much! =)
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Hurray! I am 3 weeks and was ready to cry.... My size 14 won't button and forget abt the 12's. I was devastated! Now tht I've read ur update I feel much better. I wud like to loose abt 20 lbs too.... Any suggestions?
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Girl i wish i had advice to give i'm going to try my best to get back on a 1200-1400 calorie diet and cut out all sweets again. And of course make sure i get to the gym 5 days a week. that is how i lost so much weight last time. that first week is so hard though. And yes there is light at the end of tunnel with the jeans, just one random day you will try them on and they will fit lol.
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My thighs were totally swollen from the incision and swelling I didnt have lipo that is BS my hips, butt and thighs are huge, and I mean huge!!!!
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I'm so glad i'm not the only one lol.
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KKay I am a Kardashian least according to my bigger than life ASS that I have acquired!! Now don't get me wrong and nice ROUND ass would be ok, but a swollen ass just intensifies the cellulite x 100!!
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So glad to hear from you. You're looking great.
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