40 Years Old, Panniculectomy and Breast Reduction Mammaplasty - Tennessee, TN

The difference in the way I feel about myself is...

The difference in the way I feel about myself is incredible at just 3 days post-op. I had my first child while I was still a teenager, and he weighed 9 lbs. My abdomen stretched so that it never would tighten up at all, even after 100 lb weight loss and exercise. I have lived with a very sagging frontside for over 23 years. It wasn't until one of my coworkers had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation that I started seriously considering it.

I talked to the physician, and he seemed fairly confident that my insurance would at least partially pay for the procedures. I went in to his office for a consultation, he took 2 pictures, sent those with a letter to BCBS of TN, and within 2 weeks I had a precert number with both procedures completely approved by insurance. I got my surgery set up for about 6 weeks later, which allowed me time to get my FMLA leave approved at work.

I had bilateral breast reduction (with 482-488 grams removed from each) and 1900 grams removed from my belly in a panniculectomy. He said my lower abd fascia was also tightened up, but that the rest of it wasn't lax, so he did not tighten above my belly button. I'm just 3 days post-op, and incredibly swollen and puffy, but I already can't believe the difference. I can't wait to put on some jeans and a shirt and actually see how different everything fits. I would definitely say WORTH IT as of right now. :)

Nashville Plastic Surgeon

He has operated on my mother, on several of my friends, and now on me, and I can say his work I have seen is top-notch. He's been practicing over 20 years in my area. He is an artist with a scalpel. He's incredibly kind and compassionate. He really cares about his patients and their outcomes. He actually listens to you, and does what you want. He doesn't talk a whole lot, but his results speak for themselves. :)

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Well I had a date change and my surgery was August 12th (my b-day) but my tummy is nothing like urs (sadface) I hope its just swelling and it goes down some more.
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Look great , my breast reduction n panniculectomy is scheduled for 9/2/2014.
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This is a God send finding this! I have lost 117 lbs and my stomach and breasts are a disaster, so much so that even though I lost the weight and feel great, my body looks so weird now, especially my lower half where my belly hands down like an apron. I was worried my insurance wouldn't cover it because it's considered cosmetic. I have BC/BS of Tennessee too!
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I think you look great! Having panni and breast reduction, i was wondering did they just do below your belly button, or above it too? And also did they move your belly button at all?
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Your before pictures and my now pictures could be interchangeable!! What diagnosis did your doctor use to get your surgery approved? I have diabetes, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, and have problems with skin infections CHRONICALLY in the fold of my pannus. I HATE IT!!! I have a very deep cesarean scar in the fold...from over 19 years ago...and it is STILL irritated from being pulled so tight. I would love to have this corrected. Not so much for appearance, as much as it is for health issues. My immune system is already compromised, and the chronic infections make it worse. :-(

How are you doing now? It has been several months since you posted. I'm curious to see if you are still happy with your results!!
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Sounds to me that you have an approval with your insurance. I just had my ins approved and it was mostly because of my csection scaring and hanging pannus. I would find a doctor that is willing to help you with filing with your insurance.
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You look awesome! I hope your recovery went well.
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This site has been very instrumental in helping me make an educated decision about whether or not these procedures were worth the risks involved, and helping me be able to see "real life" results before I went under the knife. Thank you. I'll try to remember to post an updated picture after everything heals.
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Great. :) Can't wait to see how it works out for you.

We have such a lovely community of people here, willing to share what they've gone through in hopes of helping others. Thanks for adding your voice to the mix.

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Welcome to RealSelf! Thanks for sharing your story with our community.

You mentioned that you lost 100lb (congrats!) - do you mind sharing how you did it?

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Sharon, In 2005 I had a lap-band in Memphis, TN by Dr. George Woodman. I weighed around 270 lbs. I weighed 170-175 prior to the 6+ lbs he removed last week. The pre-op pic was immediately before the surgery, and long after the weight loss. My belly and breasts never really changed much even after losing all that weight. Everything just hung lower. Thank you for posting this. I hope it will help someone make the right decision for himself or herself. :) I was surprised Dr. Yarbro didn't have any reviews yet, and I wanted to be sure & give him a great one!
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