28 days PO today and doing well - Tennessee, TN

I am a mother of 3 grown children. I have always...

I am a mother of 3 grown children. I have always done for them and now I want to do something for me. I have been wanting to have a breast reduction for years. Now I got my approval and I'm feeling nervous about doing it. I think it is because I am also thinking about a tummy tuck.

A part of me is feeling guilty for wanting to spend money on that. I get so excited just thinking about how it would feel to not have big saggy breast and a hanging belly. Oh to be able to run and jump, it has been years. I know this is totally up to me. But tell me what do you all think.

This is my first post. I can really use some encouragement.

I want to hear from you ladies who have had breast...

I want to hear from you ladies who have had breast reduction and tummy tuck at the same time. Is it normal to do this at the same time and is it really a 5-6 hour surgery? I am feeling nervous being under for that long. I'm looking for some of you to share.
Thanks in advance

My date has been confirm for 12/28. I am so...

My date has been confirm for 12/28. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. Just thinking about going under and scared I may not wake up. There, I said it. My fear is out, now I must confront it.

This site is wonderful and I thank everyone for sharing their story. Please keep them coming for the newbies like me. You all really help with knowing what to expect before and after surgery.

I am 2 weeks away from my surgery day. Excited and...

I am 2 weeks away from my surgery day. Excited and nervous at the same time.
My body is now trying to fight off a cold. I am trying to stay as healthy as possible so that everything will go well. Does anyone have
Suggestions on what supplements I should be taking now?
Oh yeah, my pre-op is on Monday.

I can't believe my surgery day is almost here. I...

I can't believe my surgery day is almost here. I took time off this week to get ready and all I can manage to do is fight off this cold. But any who I will finally post pictures, only so I may have before and after shots. I have to work up the courage to post pics of the top. Lol!

I am 1 day away from my surgery. I am so nervous....

I am 1 day away from my surgery. I am so nervous. I keep thinking about my family and praying everything will go well. Everything is all set and ready to go. I will finish packing my bag on tomorrow with the few things I need to take to hospital. Did some laundry today and a little cleaning. My daughter will come over and finish the little hat needs to be done on Friday whle I am at hospital. Getting sleepy so I am signing off.

Hello ladies, sorry I am just now updating. I am...

Hello ladies, sorry I am just now updating. I am now 25 days PO and I am doing well. I am having a lot of swelling but I know this too shall pass. I must admit I have not had a rough time. The hubby has been awesome. The hardest is trying to get use to this weird feeling of pulling in front of me. Is anyone else feeling this after 25 days, oh and do you all think it's too late to start taking bromelain? I posted a pic, sorry it is side ways. Does anyone know how to prevent that? Thank ladies for all your updates, I see them daily and they are very helpful.

28 days ago I was in my chair sleep with a cater...

28 days ago I was in my chair sleep with a cater on and drugged out of this world. Today and each day is better. I am so thankful for the progress I have made. I realize I have a way to go but so far so good. I know this will take time and I pray that I will be patient as I continue this journey.
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

My PS was recommended to me by by primary Dr. Dr. Davis was the only ps that I saw. When I first met him, he was very open and honest with me. He told me what to expect and the time frame, He did not rush with my first visit. He made me feel very comfortable and took the time to answer my questions. My second visit was even better, this was after the 3 month waiting for breast reduction. This was when I really got to know his nurse Sally, she is the best. She handled all my paper work with my insurance and told me what to expect. We spoke weekly to make sure insurance was getting what they needed. Once everything was approved i set a date. I am so pleased with my MMO. Dr. Davis did a wonderful job and I know he will see me through this journey as I continue to heal.

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Your girls look great and the TT looks like it is healing well. I had BR done the end if November and am so glad I did. I plan on a TT within this year to finish my mommy makeover. I don't know that I could have handled the two surgeries together. Good luck with your healing.
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I had a delayed mommy make over..lol. I had the tummy tuck last July and the breast reduction December 21st. It took quite a while for the pulling sensation to end, and still sometimes I feel very tight right in the center of the tt incision/scar. I thought about doing both at the same time, but sure glad I didn't. I just can't imagine trying to get around with that many drains, incisions and stuff. Kudo's to you and best wishes on your recovery!!
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Thank you Bebe:)
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I had my breast reduction about a year ago. I was very scared and worried, I prayed a lot. I was a 34J. I had lost a lot if weight and that's one of the reasons for the reduction. I had real bad headaches, neck pain, frustration with not being able to get the right fit, embedded bra strap prints. I know wow. My breast looks amazing I love them, I would do the surgery over again. I am happy to say I am a happy bouncing 36 D. I have to say after a year I'm still losing weight. What I'm trying to say do the breast reduction first and wait a while and then do the tummy tuck. Let ur body adjust a little. I'm not a doctor but from ur pictures u will be pleased at what u will look like after ur breast reduction. Don't feel guilty u deserve this mommy make over. U are going to feel great about ur decision. I'm going to have a pinna done in the next 6 months to a year. Please post pictures. I will do the same. Good luck and u wish u the best. Please keep me posted
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I am doing well and very happy with results. I have been taking photos I just have not posted. I will do so real soon. Right I' m trying to get use to the pulling and numbness and all the swelling.
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You dont have any after pictures yet. I bet your very happy u did the procedure and im surebyou look amazing...keep us updated
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Hi Cocoa -- We had surgery the same day. I just had a full TT with muscle repair and lipo on my hips. Just taking it easy here. Hope you are feeling well. :)
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Thank you all for your encouragement. I am just a view hours away from my big day. I will be turning in shortly. I have to be at the hospital at 6am for my 8am surgery. I will update as soon as I can. Good nite all.
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Oh, and the going under and not waking up thing, I am with you. I was terrified. But really, once I got the IV in (they ran saline for an hour or so before surgery) I was totally fine. When I got taken to anesthesia, right before surgery, I said "Ok how long does this happy juice take??" And as she was pushing the syringe of meds into my IV, I had a giggle fit. From there, I remember wheeling down the hall into surgery, climbing onto the bed, and getting oxygen. Then i woke up in recovery! It is as easy as taking a nap. The doctors will take GOOD care of you!
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Don't be worried about the length of the surgery, my breast reduction lasted 3 hours, so Im sure if youre doing a tummy tuck at the same time it would about double the time! My surgery was supposed to be 2.5 hours and only ended up being 3, they cant really know positively how long it will take until they get in there (lol) This is the BESt thing I have ever done for myself. Dont feel guilty (I did and now I feel guilty for feeling guilty...hah) this is for YOU! and you deserve it!!
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Don't feel guilty about wanting improvement. I just had a breast reduction 12/3 and it was the best decision I could have ever made. And just like you I am wanting a tummy tuck but I am not too sure about the pain lol. You'll be fine having the surgery. The recovery for me was a lil hard but I came back to work today.
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Ok not sure why photos are upside down. I have to figure out what I'm doing here. But I think you get the picture.
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they always do that....I just ignore it now. lol
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Don't feel guilty! I'm writing that for my self also... This is us and we do deserve it. We always do what is right for our family. Well this is for our family's to. I have wanted this way to long and 5 years ago canceled my surrgery to do things to the house.. Nope this time this if for my well beeing!
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Welcome Coco! It is natural for us women/moms/wives to feel guilty for doing things for ourselves. But as you said, you have spent their lives doing for them and now it is time to do something for you. Plus what I have found is that I'm so much more active and better able to participate in my life...including my life with my kids...and they are benefitting from my increased confidence and ability. Good luck!
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Thank you Iowa71 for your feed back. This site is so very helpful!
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Welcome to the community!!    No guilt allowed:)   You deserve to do this for yourself so just do it!   We will all be here to support you!

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