Had revision after 4 mos-still not great-see updated pics

My hoods were very bad, and I contemplated this...

My hoods were very bad, and I contemplated this surgery for the past 10 years. I am day 4 after upper lift, and doing pretty well with the bruising and swelling. Doc recommended taking Arnica Montana for ten days prior to surgery, plus eating pineapple every day. I was thinking I was bad to bruise, but after reading all your comments, I think I did exceptionally well after following this advice.

Was worried today with the swelling above the incisions, especially seeing them in daylight and bright lighting. So comforted to read your comments and to reset my expetations for healing. Stiches taken out today, and had a little bleeding tonight after a slight jar (from the dog). Also good to read taht the dryness, itchiness, and blurred vision are common. My bigtgest concern is that to fix my drastic hooding problem, the Doc had to go wide with the incisions. Anyone else experience this? Hoping they fade out over time since they extend outside of the normal fold line.

Right now, I would definitely do this again! But don't let them tell you that you will sleep through the surgery! HA!

Hi CJ -- Welcome to RealSelf! From what I've seen with other RealSelfers, I think the incision location can depend on how much skin your doctor had to remove, and where was the best place to cut so your skin didn't bunch at the corners of the incision. Do you have any pics you can share?

Also, if you're at all worried, feel free to post on the Doctor Q&A Forum. They're really good at providing second opinions and peace of mind. :)

Happy healing! Please keep us posted on your progress.


Three weeks after surgery. Incisions are a little...

Three weeks after surgery. Incisions are a little higher than the fold, which appear more obvious when wearing makeup. Incisions are a little red still, and sometimes a little hard/roping effect. Have been using Scargel from Walgreens, which seems to soften the incisions and they feel and look better in the morning. Am told they will fade over time. Eyelids still a little hooded, which Doc says is swelling. Hope that is true as I specified I wanted to get ride of the hoods entirely. Still...it's a huge improvement.
Vision was a little blurry for a few days after, I think from dryness. Someone suggested taking fish oil caps, which helped.
Doc used scapel, not laer. Not sure which would be better as far a scarring. Any thoughts?
Hi, just read your review... How are your scars healed until now. Just had upper/lower bleph. yesterday, and my surgeon too did extended incisions outside the upper eyelid, he said this avoid a bulk or "scar bulb" in the corner that i read some people get. Your pics look great.
Healing well. The pinkness faded within 3 mos. The extended incisions turned out not to be a problem and can barely see the extensions. Scarring toward inner corner is more visable. Unfortunately, the lids are still heavy and I will be having a second redo surgery next week. The doctor was very understanding and willing to make sure I am happy with results. I think my lids were so bad, that it was hard to judge how much skin needed to be removed. Thanks for the vote of confidence.
Hi again, thanks again for your reply, i reaaly appreciate it. At my 2nd day po, have of the swelling and bruising is goen, so happy. I think my eyes are really symetrical and did not chanage shape, just more open...dont know about lower yet.... So sorry you have to go for revision. Do you have any pics? Thanks again,mand let us know how revision go.

Had revision as lids were still droppy. Now at...

Had revision as lids were still droppy. Now at three months after revision. Better, but now have bulge at inner corners of eyes. Outer corners still a little droppy, esp since incision extended out so far and had revsion. Scars at inner corners not satisfactory. What would you suggest?

Could the bulges be some leftover swelling? They kind of look like that in the photo.

Feel free to post on the Doctor Q&A Forum too for some expert opinions.

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Will reserve my rating until I see how the incisions heal

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