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I have serious back pain. Also, I am very large...

I have serious back pain. Also, I am very large chested. I am an H or larger. I can't even tell you because I am flowing out of my bra. My doctor has asked me to consider it before and now I am scheduled for surgery on June 15th. I can't help but feel scared because people keep telling me not to do it. I need some feedback to motivate me. I am a large girl. I am in like an 18/20. Has anyone else this size had a reduction?

I thought getting connected to this site really helped me too. Sometimes it takes a while for people to find the new reviews, so don't hesitate to comment on other reviews. Its a great way to get in contact with other women, and we all love to support and encourage each other! This is truly the best site I found when I was searching for information.
I agree!! Thank you!

Welcome, KC! Thanks for your review.

Items that I found really helpful for the reduction were front button shirts, (I wore comfy jammies a lot!) Miralax or Docusate to avoid constipation, easy to digest foods(yogurt, cottage cheese, bananas, etc) and entertainment. This would be the perfect time to catch up on all of those movies your kids want you to watch with them!

The first few days are the most important for having help. During that time you will be very sleepy due to residual anesthesia and the need for your narcotics. It is nice to have someone available to call that you can count on if you need help. As far as your kids, at 7 & 8 they will be old enough to help take care of you. They would love to help adjust your pillows, bring you a drink, etc. You could make some casseroles, soups, etc ahead of time to have on hand so that meals aren't an issue. Also keep some ham or turkey in the fridge and they could make their own sandwiches...along with one for you too! You will be moving around after the first couple of days so you will be able to supervise everything. Just let them do what lifting they can. I bet they'll feel quite good about themselves for how well they will treat you!

Good luck!
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