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I have serious back pain. Also, I am very large...

I have serious back pain. Also, I am very large chested. I am an H or larger. I can't even tell you because I am flowing out of my bra. My doctor has asked me to consider it before and now I am scheduled for surgery on June 15th. I can't help but feel scared because people keep telling me not to do it. I need some feedback to motivate me. I am a large girl. I am in like an 18/20. Has anyone else this size had a reduction?

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I thought getting connected to this site really helped me too. Sometimes it takes a while for people to find the new reviews, so don't hesitate to comment on other reviews. Its a great way to get in contact with other women, and we all love to support and encourage each other! This is truly the best site I found when I was searching for information.
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I agree!! Thank you!
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Welcome, KC! Thanks for your review.

Items that I found really helpful for the reduction were front button shirts, (I wore comfy jammies a lot!) Miralax or Docusate to avoid constipation, easy to digest foods(yogurt, cottage cheese, bananas, etc) and entertainment. This would be the perfect time to catch up on all of those movies your kids want you to watch with them!

The first few days are the most important for having help. During that time you will be very sleepy due to residual anesthesia and the need for your narcotics. It is nice to have someone available to call that you can count on if you need help. As far as your kids, at 7 & 8 they will be old enough to help take care of you. They would love to help adjust your pillows, bring you a drink, etc. You could make some casseroles, soups, etc ahead of time to have on hand so that meals aren't an issue. Also keep some ham or turkey in the fridge and they could make their own sandwiches...along with one for you too! You will be moving around after the first couple of days so you will be able to supervise everything. Just let them do what lifting they can. I bet they'll feel quite good about themselves for how well they will treat you!

Good luck!
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Thank you so much! It helps me to know what to expect. I definitely want to watch movies with the kids and work on some things for school. I have a lot that I can do on the computer. :) I do have great boys that are so happy to be able to help! Thank you for your response. It really does help!
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1. What items do I need to have for this reduction? (clothing etc)

2. How long do you think I will need someone to take care of me? I'm a single mom and I am wondering how long I will need to ask someone to stay with me?

Thanks so much for your help!
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I am facing the same challenge..I am currently on my own and don't want to burden any of my amazing friends with the task of "taking care of me" : I am planning to stay in hospital for 3nights then go to a hotel for 2nights (whoooaaaaa) so that I don't end up cleaning the flat or carrying things (shopping).I am realllly hoping I will be well enough after 5days to take care of myself...right girls? Please say so!
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LOL I am hoping for the same thing! I have a boyfriend that is willing to take care of me...but since he hasn't seen the girls...I really don't want it to be like this that he sees me haha. I know that my mom will take care of me the first three days and then after that who knows :) I know he will...maybe I can just keep them covered lol. I am going to do some MAJOR shopping right before and try and not worry about cleaning though I am OCD. :) I am so nervous/excited!!
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The only advice I can give you at this moment is to make sure you have reliable help after your surgery. Thankfully my mom will be here and I am going to have my babysitter come in several times during the first week to give my mom a break. I have 4 year old twin girls.......who LOVE their grandma. I know that they will be very needy since I will be out of commission for a little bit. I think having a month to recover will be good for you to return to school. Just don't over do it during the healing process. I too keep thinking about having that "big belly" look afterwards. I think I would rather have to worry about a bigger belly than gigantic boobs. I plan on getting back on an exercise routine as soon as I can. I have always wanted to go jogging......I can't wait for that day. I'll be thinking of you on June 15......good luck to you too! I don't think we will have any regrets!
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I also am in the 18/20 range and wear a "J". I have been experiencing back, shoulder and neck pain. Not to mention all the stares if I wear a "snug" t-shirt. Everyone who knows about my choosing to undergo this procedure has been very supportive. Even if they were not, I would still do is not their decision and they have not experienced what I have. This is something YOU are doing to improve YOUR life.......stay positive and know that you will be so much happier to be able to function once again.....without pain!
What size are you going down to? I think I have decided on a C. My prodecure is June 11. Good luck to you.
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I also measured for a J. I can't believe I am that big, but then again the smallest bust size I have had since high school was a DDD. I am having terrible back pain to the point I am having spasms if I even attempt to bend over. I guess I am just getting nervous now because it is getting closer. My friends and friends that have had this done themselves have been very supportive. However, my sister keeps telling me that I am going to look weird with a larger tummy and small boobs. I am hoping that I will get to be a D or DD. My other fear is that I won't have someone to take care of me. My mom and friends are supposed to be helping me, but I am a little nervous about this. I am recently divorced and have two little boys (7 and 8). I teach and I just want to make sure that I am healed by July 25th so that I can be ready for school. That gives me like a month and a week to heal. I have been reading through the stories on here for support. I have been very excited and I guess I am just letting fear set in now. I need to keep my focus on what I need. I am praying that this is the best choice I can do. I think it will help me. I know that you know my pain and how it limits me. My procedure is June 15th. Good luck!! I will be thinking of you and I hope to hear an update when you feel up to it! :)
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I havent had my surgery yet but I am also size18 and I cannot wait for my surgery to take place! I am very fortunate as I have been working out and always strengthening my back and shoulder muscles so I have never had back pain because of my breast size but it is still a lot of mass holding me back in living life to the fullest. Yes the surgery and the recovery will not be the most pleasant periods of my life but I look at it as something I have to do now to avoid pain, problems further down the line...
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I have had back pains for a couple of years. I was okay with it. However, this year it is at its worse. My doctor has been trying to talk me into it and I finally said okay. I went to the PS and he said it is a good choice :)
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