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I'm 115 pounds small framed and gain weight in...

I'm 115 pounds small framed and gain weight in my midsection, I had lipo to my hips and small of my back, the Doctor only took 300 cc and put 150 cc in each cheek of buttock. I noticed great results just by slimming my hip area my buttock has great volume. I've had three kids so I lost my weight:) but also my feminine shape:( I will post my final result in 5 weeks from today, to show my final results. I'm happy just to have my sexy silhouette back, knowing i will loose some volume in my buttock.

How much did it Cost?

Can you send a picture of your results to xxx@gmail.com?


Could you please send pics to my email? xxx@yahoo.com I'm really thinking about doing this procedure.

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This is only the rating of the before and after of my procedure.

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