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All clear.....2 weeks to go!

I found this website about a week ago and I have...

I found this website about a week ago and I have been reading it every day since. Needless to say I'M FREEKING OUT!!! Well with that said let me tell you about myself. I am a 45 year old mother of two men (23 and 20), married for 25 years (hi honey). I don't feel my age and have been talking about getting rid of mondongo (my pet name for it) for the last 12 years or so but never looked into it until now. I actually wanted to prove to myself that I couldn't afford it and I would just have to live with it. I visited 3 different PS and finally chose my doctor. I scheduled my TT for May 4TH ( see too much time to think about it). I really didn't want to start a review so early but I'm getting cold feet. When I started reading this website it was for helpful hints but after reading it for a few days I'm starting to wonder if I should go through with it. On the one hand I hate the way it just hangs over everything. No matter how much I workout (and beleive me I tried) it never goes away. On the other hand is the PAIN!!! I am trying to convince myself that it is no worse than anyother surgery but it sounds like recovery could take forever! Any words of encouragement from my fellow tummytuckers? Help?

Best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery, if you decide to go that route!!!
I'm not having my TT done until December, 2012 so I know what you mean about too much time to think. Especially now with this website, I check it just about every day too and think about what my own situation will be like. The pain is my biggest fear too. I keep telling myself that "You will be down for at least 6 weeks so accept that now." See if you can block out May 4 to June 4 with no appointments, no family events, nothing to distract you from getting better. Like, for example, I've accepted that there will not be any snowmobiling or maple sugaring next winter and that stinks but having it in the summer would be more difficult for me. The worst case scenarios, on average, look to be about 3 weeks of pain, then dealing with the swelling. I guess 3 weeks is do-able considering Mondongo has been around for probably much longer than that lol. Good luck to you and think about what you'll look like at this time next year!
Hi Taylor and thanks for responding. You're right Mondongo has been around for way too long and it's time for him to go. I'm trying read these reviews for informational purposes and not concentrate on the horror stories!

I thank all of you that have sent me words of...

I thank all of you that have sent me words of support. It really does help to hear from people that are either anticipating or have had a TT. Well my mind is pretty made up and I am gonna go ahead with my plans. I have a recliner standing by and I am looking for a walker, toilet elevator and a shower seat (thanks for the tips). But now I have a question for some of you postop TTkrs.

We had made plans on a trip to SC (about 8 hrs from NJ) for the end of May, about 21 days after my scheduled surgery (crazy I know). These plans were already in process before I scheduled my TT. I don’t want to disappoint my boys (we will be meeting them there) or my husband. I have been reading some reviews on how some people were feeling around that timeframe. Can anyone give me any feedback of what I should expect? I am also going to ask my doctor. But only you know what boat I'm about to jump into.
You have made the right decision. Don't worry the time will fly. Good luck with everything!

Well the count down is down to 5 weeks. Sounds...

Well the count down is down to 5 weeks. Sounds like alot of time. But it feels like its coming up pretty quickly. My emotions still waiver but excitment is starting to blend in. I cant beleive its really happening, after all I have only been considering it for 15 years or so. I have been reading your comments and admiring your pictures. You all seem to be coming along so well. I know you have had your battles but you are all of the same opinion that it was worth it. Thanks for that. Keep healing, you look beautiful.
Thanks for sharing your story. Time does fly, it seems like yesterday I booked my surgery. I have been running around like crazy getting supplies, cleaning the house. As for your trip, your ps is your best person for advice. I was scheduled to go out of town and was told for the first 4 weeks they want me to stay local.
Wow, it will seem like an eternity to wait til' the 4th of May, but before you know it...you will be out of surgery and recovering. Take care of yourself and stay strong.
The day will be here before you know it. Before to take some pre op pictures so you can compare the before and afters. Take care.

It all starts this week. I go to see my PS on...

It all starts this week. I go to see my PS on Thursday for my preop visit and Friday I go to see an internist for a physical and clearance for the surgery. My apprehension is becoming excitement but I am still really scared of the recovery. All the swelling, not fitting into my clothes, watching what you eat, what is the best therapy to use on the scar and the thoughts go on and on. I have been preparing my husband as well. If anyone wants to talk me out of it, do so now! And here we go, 19 days and counting!

I was given the all clear from the PS and the...

I was given the all clear from the PS and the internist. My doctor gave me a list of all the possible side affects and complications and assured me that this was very rare. I feel confident that he is telling me the truth. The rest is up to me now. The checks have been written (ouch) and the appointments have been made. Now I have to get my mental state straight. One of my children are travelling on the day of my surgery for an overseas class so that is waying heavy on my mind as well. Well that's it for now. Thanks for listening. I wish an easy healing to all you tt vets!
Good luck with the upcoming surgery. I am sure everything will be fine. Post some pics when you get a chance.
What happened? Don't leave us in suspense!
Praying for you and your surgeon.
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