Hi I'm 26years old 172 lbs 5'4ft finally scheduled...

Hi I'm 26years old 172 lbs 5'4ft finally scheduled my surgery! Even though my surgery isn't until september I have lots to do before my day arrives physically and financially. A little about myself I'm married and have an 8yr old daughter who I love with all my heart. rewind 4yrs ago I was a stay at home mom I weighed 250lbs one day reflecting on my life I thought about what situation i would be in if something were to happen to my husband and it completely changed my view about the person I was and wanted to be. How could I possibly take care of my family if I could not take care of myself so I applied for a job and joined the gym. present I'm down 78lbs and with the same company as the assistant mngr:D With the support of my husband Ive decided to have a mommy make over and this is my story.


Okay this site it really addicting and now...

Okay this site it really addicting and now reflecting on my thoughts and feelings whew I've been working like crazy because i don't want to put this on a credit card and i don't want to worry about anything during recovery except healing and relaxing Im planning on taking 6 weeks off of work because my job inn involves a lot of physical labor and I'm always on my feet so right now I'm working as much as possible. okay I feel like a lot of other moms on here guilty for spending so much money when I could use it for something else but my husband is so supportive he tells me "don't worry about the money there always more to make" love him so much!! oh and I'm down to 163.7 still loosing weight I'm kinda glad my surgery is a ways out I'm in no rush to be living in a chair its going to drive me crazy and my husband says "you better not be trying to clean and stuff ill pay someone to clean I don't want you jacking yourself up!' Eeek I'm going to have to really start thinking of things to keeps myself busy.....in a chair lol:)

Alrighty less than 4 months and my day will be...

Alrighty less than 4 months and my day will be here time is flying by so quickly I'm down too 153 lbs and feeling fantastic!! my husband told me the other day "baby even if you weren't getting your surgery you are hella sexy" haha i just love him!! I'am a bit caught in a battle about breast size I don't want to be too small but i a don't want to be huge I'm thinking maybe a large C I've always been a DD and I'm so over the large breast phase beside that I know after my surgery I plan to continue being more active to keep my figure. I don't want to be top heavy I've heard that having large breast can make you look heavier? so I'm going to find the closest pic to what I want my breast to look like and show my ps at my pre OP appt:) hope all you sexy mamma"s happy healing and those who are coming up soon the best!! recovery!!

Okay my surgery is in 79 more days current weight...

okay my surgery is in 79 more days current weight is 150lbs goal weight is 130lbs almost there! today I'm posting pics of myself they are pretty bad so beware. I'm getting so excited! now time is starting to move faster towards the big day! I'm taking off september 25th -november 3rd my job is being very flexible,and understanding:) I'm using my PTO time that I've been saving up so money is not an issue. my daughter is gone till august so it gives me extra time for working out ect....I haven't been emailing my doctor with a million questions I figured I could ask them all during my pre-appointment and if anything changes so be it. in the mean time I'm trying to keep sane and continuing to get myself in the best shape possible then let my P.S take care of the rest:D

I emailed my coordinator to ask about supplies and...

I emailed my coordinator to ask about supplies and she responded back within a day. Really makes me feel important :) i feel like Ive started a revolution lol my friends and family are talking about plastic surgery now and they want to see my results so they can use my doctor feeling the love! :D I do have a few family members that are not exactly supportive but guess what they don't pay my bills so it does matter lol I don't tell them how to spend their money and thats my two cents:D anyways hope all you in recovery the best healing and those of you coming up soon a smooth surgery!

50 more days till my surgery eating healthy and...

50 more days till my surgery eating healthy and getting exercise hoping for a quick recovery and great results! Looking forward to be on the other side.

43 days until my surgery,made some changes to my...

43 days until my surgery,made some changes to my procedure only going thru with lipo to flanks,tummy tuck.and lipo to abs had a few unexpected bills so won't have enough funds but I'm thinking I'll get the BL and implants next year and just save up for it:) everything happens for a reason and I was kinda freaking out if I was going to be able to handle all the pain now I feel a bit relieved whew! still the tummy tuck will be a handful this is major surgery!!! I'm still 150lbs hoping I can loose another 10 before my surgery!! for all you ladies having surgery very soon your almost on the other side weeehoo!!!! and for those on the other side happy healing!!

22more days and I'll have a new tummy! Time has...

22more days and I'll have a new tummy! Time has definitely flown by fast I'm so excited I can't even imagine having a flat tummy and not feeling this large piece of scar tissue from my c-section I've been living with it for 8yrs. Okay so received my surgery packet in the mail Ive read over it just feels unreal pre op is Wednesday the 12th I'm thinking of getting a bikini (don't own one) bottom just to show my doctor where I would like to see my insicion to be at or close to. I've been putting off buying anything but the week of my appt my husband and I are going to do some serious shopping I'm so happy my husband is going to be able to take time off to take care of me:) love him! I have heard that getting a recliner helps a lot and I discussed this with my hubby I was going to rent one but my hubby bought us brand new furniture set and it has 3 electric recliners SCORE!! I just love him!! He said he would sleep on the couch so I'm not alone the first week. Going to try and eat healthy and hit the gym as much as possible trying to stay positive and not worry about everything that could possible go wrong I need positive energy:D for those on the other side stay positive and happy healing & for those coming soon we are almost there!! Yahoo!!

It is really official today I have 14 days till I...

It is really official today I have 14 days till I will be on the other side Iam feeling kinda numb.... Yesterday was my pre-op appointment wich went well.The staff has been very friendly the 3x I've been there Shari the coordinator returned all my emails or questions in a timely manner I really appreciate that. My doctors office made me feel very comfortable and it was the same for my husband too on our drive home my husband said he was satisfied with the doctor I had chosen out of the five I had seen that makes me feel good because I know I have all his support and love. My p.s. has a great option if you pay cash or cashiers check you receive a discount so that is what my husband and I did. My surgery is early I have to arrive at the surgery center at 5:30am wich isn't a big deal because I'm a morning person. I have all my prescriptions and I got my garments I purchased a 2nd one like some of you ladies recommended next week and I'll get any supplies that I will need for home. Today the surgery center called and got all my information so all that is left it to wait ans see:D In the meantime I'm working and trying to keep it off my mind I'm not going to focus on anything negative I'm going to stay positive and look forward to something I deserve and want!! Happy healing to those of you on the other side mothers and ppl that have accomplished weight lost "before you can accomplish something you must expect it of your self!" love this quote.

Well the day has finally arrived my surgery is...

Well the day has finally arrived my surgery is tomorrow and some how some way I've managed to get everything done. I've got all my supplies shower chair,toilet seat, prescriptions filled, clean house, grocery shopping I've worked everyday this past week and even today it def. helped the time fly by fast. I'm really excited but at the same time scarred about the possibilities because they are endless oh well there is no turning back now hoping my scar is super low and everything goes smoothly! My husband will be off with me so happy because that means I don't have to rush to get on my feet to take care of my daughter and him. Well ladies here I go!

Today is po day 2 I'm still in the recovery center...

Today is po day 2 I'm still in the recovery center feeling really good and getting up and walking every couple of hrs dr. Corey came into visit this am he has such great bed side manners yesterday was also good I arrived at 5:30 got all registered surgery was at 7:30 you know what's crazy is on Sunday my monthly arrived and last Monday I had a cold my first one in years haha! But I'm pretty healthy so I beat that cold in two days and as for my monthly my first two days are always my heaviest so by Tuesday I wasn't flowing too bad all I remember was being given something to relax and I was out I was drowsy a bit when I woke up but nothing extreme I was wide awake when I was placed in my suit doctor Corey called my husband and updated him on everything my daughter and hubby came to visit my husband is so sweet he was like "hey how's my sexy mamma doing" I just love him I'm feeling really good all the nurses are so kind and they keep saying how they are suprised I'm doing so well only thing that sucks is being here alone my husband can't stay the night only because my daughter still needs to be taken to school and he's being mr. Mom at home well ladies I'm going to take a nap here in a bit I'm so happy I went thru with this hope all you ladies on the other side the very best healing and for those coming soon you can do this!!

Hello there ladies I am 4days post op and feeling...

Hello there ladies I am 4days post op and feeling really good just taking one day at a time relaxing and letting my husband take on everything else he's such a good man! My daughter knows about my surgery and she has been helping her dad clean and do laundry Iam so greatfull for the both of them the meds do make you very drowsy yesterday we had a scare my husband gave the wrong pills together and when I stood up to use the restroom I started sweating like crazy I got very dizzy my husband said he got dizzy just seeing me I think it scarred the crap out of him. the meds wore off and I'm feeling much better I slept in the recliner and my husband slept on the other recliner with me pain is not bad and I've can practically stand up strait but still not pushing it. today's goal is to take a poopy lol I've been eating unsalted almonds and cashews, fruit pinnalpple, eggs and veggies well I'm about to have breakfast so ill udate tommrow I don't remember if I told you that I saw my tummy it looks Awesome even though its swollen my hips are to from the lipo but my belly button is tiny and sexy :) well happy healing all you sexy mamma's and those who have lost large amounts of wieght be strong stay positive!!

It's 3::35am in the morning here just woke to use...

It's 3::35am in the morning here just woke to use the bathroom and had my first BM yay! Wasn't painful at all but my hips are extremely swollen from the lipo I mean they just huge I don't know if that's normal ??? Ill ask my doctor and find out what he says other than that I've been taking my meds so the pain doesn't build and I'm eating healthy not salty or fatty today I'm going to attempt to take a shower after my husband take my daughter to her riding lesson my monthly has stop which is nice I don't have to Deal with that:) pic soon to come happy-healing everyone :)

Hello good morning all you hot ladies its 6:15am...

Hello good morning all you hot ladies its 6:15am over here in AZ can't believe it's been 5 days since my surgery the two nights in the after care were exactly what I needed my first day home was a roller coaster I was allowed to take a shower but I waited till Saturday when my husband didn't have a million other things to do Thursday went I got home I slept off the meds I was given for the drive home I barley remember that. when I woke up my husband gave me two of the prescriptions your not supposed to take at the same time and when I got up to use the restroom I started getting extremely dizzy,nauseous , and I was sweating I think it totally freaked him out now he has all the meds organized glad I made it thru that whew the only thing that bothers me the most is the lipo I'm really bruised and swollen I only have one drain and it's been draining a little bit less each day I see my PS on Wednesday so maybe it might come out if not I'm in no rush it doesn't bother me too much. My daughter had her first riding lessons on Saturday I felt bad that I missed out but my husband was there and it was good daddy&daughter time. I also took my first shower saturday that was interesting if you don't have a shower chair get one I got mine on amazon for 20$ also got my toilet riser for 20$ they def. make it easier. My husband washed my hair and everything else he helped me put on my binder and clothes my daughter brushed my hair and put lotion on me it took all my energy so I took a long nap after I love my hubby and daughter they have been so helpful I'm still sleeping in the recliner and my husband has been sleeping in the recliner next to me so he's close. My insicion in very low love doctor Corey for that. Oh also I purchased a robe and its what I've been living in its so much easier than putting on a shirt and bottoms plus after I heal up I can still get a good use out of it . Later today I will post some pics k hope you all are healing beautifully and stay strong everyday day gets a little better:)

Hello ladies its been 7days since my surgery time...

Hello ladies its been 7days since my surgery time has flown by quickly might be because I've been sleeping a lot and resting feeling better everyday I seriously suggest anyone deciding to have this procedure be well prepared to have help because my husband has been doing everything from checking me cleaning me house work taking my daughter to school and cooking....this man never cooks but he has def. stepped up my lipo area is the worst it's Badly bruised it looks like a bus hit me and its very swollen and hard hopefully that's normal I see my PS tomorrow so I guess I'll find out my I still have a few stretch marks but I'm a going to wear them proud I couldn't believe how much dr. Corey was able to get rid of my belly button is healing nicely it's kinda sexy my husband says in a year ill get it pierced:) today was my first day out I went with my husband to drop my daughter off at school it was nice to get out of the house got my self cleaned up and took a few pics now its time for a nap will post pics tonight with my husband happy healing all you beautiful ladies and for those surgery this week my prayers and good vibes sent your way:)

8days P.O dr appt today went great crazy how each...

8days P.O dr appt today went great crazy how each day I feel better and better doctor didn't remove my drain only because well...... I forgot to bring my sheet to show how much is draining o well no worries ill get removed monday I have to say it doesn't bother me too much I have more swelling on m hips and back than I do on my abdomen. i keep glancing at my tummy its like im afriad its going to disapear oh something I just love it!!!! no regrets so far haven't been feeling depressed or anything I'm sure it has a lot to do with the fact that my husband has just been an awesome support person!! well I'm feeling a nap coming on so here are those pics I promised

12days post op sorry it's been a while still doing...

12days post op sorry it's been a while still doing great hopefully I'll get this drain out Monday but it's not too bad because I haven't experienced swell hell because everything is still daring out which is a plus it's 8.24am everyone is barely waking up last night was a bad night I woke up in the most worst pain I think I did a little too much yesterday my daughter had parent teacher conference then we went out for dinner I had a crab legs which was a nice treat earlier that day I had a good friend over so yea when we got home I took a shower without the shower chair(bad idea) and shaved by that time I was exhausted today I'm going to take it easy and chill out. Ladies just because you might think you can do a lot take it easy you'll regret it. Three days ago my husband and I did matress mambo! Lol it's a good thing he's in good shape because he did all the work but it was totally worth it such a great way to relieve stress plus it's free;D okay my lipo is itching and hard husband has been messaging it twice a day to soften it up and it helps belly button looks awesome and very sexy I have to say hubby agrees I'm so happy I did this minus the pain it's been worth it, okay I have to eat breakfast I'll post pics later tonight you can't upload pic from your iPhone or iPad so I'll get on my Mac later hope all you ladies are healing beautifully and all those having surgery this coming week you can do this!!! good luck!!

Okay so I haven't had any kind of problem so far...

Okay so I haven't had any kind of problem so far but yesterday I decided to go to a birthday party to give my 8yr old who is an only child some time to burn off some energy!! Lol and I went to see all my aunts and grandma ect.... I have a big family,,, I'm Mexican ofcourse anyways it took me 4 hrs to get ready I've been so careful about not coughing, no throwing up, laughing is not allowed in the house lol while I was plucking my eyebrows I sneezed with my compression garment on but I swear it was painful as f**** and I felt a pop!! Like a bomb went off in my tummy it totally freaked me out almost canceled the whole trip but there wasn't any extreme pain afterward.... But I'm like 100% sure I popped something because I still have my Drian in and the drain that was draining yellowish went to red today it's back to the yellow but it was freaky my husband said that my doctor told him that I might pop a stitch or two but not to worry so I see my doctor tommrow I guess I'll find out if I didn't to too much damage ugh it's been on my mind all day and night hopefully I'm worrying for nothing anyways hope all you ladies are healing nicely beware when sneezing and take care wish me luck tommrrow I'll post pics later tommrrow night:)

17days post op doing fab!!! enjoying relaxing and...

17days post op doing fab!!! enjoying relaxing and having time off to heal properly. still have my drain in but prefer it haven't had any swell-hell we haven't met yet I'm sure that has a lot to do with the drain still being in here a few photos not perfect but I'm still going to rock a bikini this summer such a huge improvement and im still very swollen. my P.S is highly recommended he is a true artist when it comes to my procedures!!

My result are satisfactory its not perfect but its...

my result are satisfactory its not perfect but its a great improvement I still have some stretch marks and the long scar will be a reminder but it reminds me of the long road I've traveled to arrive at a destination in my life where I'm not afraid of what anybody thinks I had a child and she amazing my husband and her are my biggest supporters I don't ever want that to change! my scar is low enough to cover up and in the am you can see my abs which my husband loves! i had my drain in longer than a majority of you ladies but never had major swell hell so no complaints there. Just had to be extra careful when showering,walking,dressing and sleeping my doctor gave me the okay to start bio dermis scar therapy but i have a little section where it hasn't closed yet doctor said the tissue is not the healthiest its where my stretch marks are so I'm going to keep a close eye on it and continue to keep it clean. I'm still swollen and bruised I feel the lipo was the worst of the two I'm mean I have tattoos all covering my back but wow Im swollen doctor says take it easy so I will with caution too. went to visit family this weekand and I picked up a cold yikes I know going to double up on vitmans. This week I feel like I've turned a big conner I had my drain removed monday the 15th I attempted to sleep in my bed so far so good yay! mattress mambo is a yes! i just let my husband do all the work no complaints there its a great stress reliever so if your doctor doesn't mind do it. well thats my update ladies any question ask plz! I will try to return asap k! much love excited for those of you coming very soon try and relax I know your probably running around like a chicken without a head try not to over think it, it really is unnecessary stress! I will update you in a week peace love and happiness

Hey there ladie's today it's just a great day for...

Hey there ladie's today it's just a great day for me, it might not be a big deal for some of you....but I have really never stepped foot in a Victoria secret store....my husband took me shopping today!! Yesterday was a bad day Im finally getting over this cold and I'm waiting for this little opening to heal so I can start my scar therapy I was in such a bad mood too! (mother nature arrived) so it explains why. My husband took me out for lunch and I had a healthy tuna sandwich w/tea. while we were at the mall he suggested we stop in the store. I hesitated at first but agreed..... I bought clothes and I was so confident and suprised I fit into anything!! Almost broke down in the fitting room I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to have this procedure! I don't regret having it, yes it was a bit hard at first but I'm just loving the pro's!! Happy healing those of you who just had surgery this week! Those comin up next week you are alonost there!!! Yay!!! Cheers!! To not having to suck it in!! :D

Just added some pics in one I'm in the dressing...

just added some pics in one I'm in the dressing room buying some new clothes. Its crazy I'm still swollen too im not even sucking it in! I see my ps on the 7th my dr. is amazing I'm so happy I did my research!! when you've chosen your doctor make sure you are on the same page all the way until you get on the bed right before you fall a sleep its your body!! the picture of me in my gym gear nothing special I have been going to the park for walks with my hubby just to get out of the house I cant stand being home anymore my body has changed my legs are pale and my arms and legs have def lost muscle I feel so flabby only thing that I can see muscle in is my abs pleased but really ready to get back into the gym... my husband and I decided to spend halloween in california with his family we will stay a week & take my daughter to Disneyland . the only thing is I haven't really told them about it eek i just know they are going to talk so much crap my husband told me he knows they'll probably will oh well too bad too sad!! haha my little opening is almost closed up and then i will start the scar therapy I put it off so that it had time to heal the instructions say don't place on open wounds I'm not going to risk it. I go back to work the 7th its been nice having time off but I'm ready to go back I miss working sad I know!?!? well its late I'm ready for bed. happy healing everybody and those of you coming up this wk we are rooting for you!!

Hello lovely ladies many many apologies!!!! to all...

hello lovely ladies many many apologies!!!! to all whom have had surgery between june-november I have been out of town and this is my last day off. I hope you are all healing beautifully as I know how long recovery may seem.... I'm feeling wonderful and the time has definitely flown by faster than I had anticipated. I have a visit with my doctor tomorrow hoping he is happy with his work as I am, only concerns are the possibilities of dog ears I still have swelling on my hips and at the end of the day...it is bearable so ill speak to him about fixing the ears other than that I'm back to my usual activities. I don't plan on spending to much time on the web only because my job & family consume my free time. I do plan to occasionally snap a few pics and show you the results here and out. Im going to get back to the gym and try and loose another 10lbs and tone up for the upcoming summer here in AZ it starts about march/april so Ive got to get on it. My review isn't much in detail but a good supporter (blonde) a majority of my questions and reading of her site she has been awesome and I'm giving a HUGE thank you check out her review its the best!!! okay here are some pics good evening to you all!!!

Quick up date doing good!! feeling better still...

quick up date doing good!! feeling better still some swelling later at the end of the day but no other issues doctor and I discussed a small revision to move my scar wear it is a bit off, I will get that in 6 months very happy with results hope you all are well and those still waiting its so worth it!!!
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

The staff in the office is inviting and polite dr Corey doesn't make you feel like he's pressuring you he gives an ohnest opinion and realistic results payment process was easy and Shari the coordinator is very quick to answer emails & question overall it has been a great experience I plan to schedule another procedure after I've healed up. I chose dr. Cory because my husband and were both satisfied with him at our consultation.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look amazing!
  • Reply
Hey sexy momma, your looking great!
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{{{{happy dance}}}} for not sucking it in! You look amazing!
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You look amazing! So happy for you!
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Thank you!13days until you'll be on the other side!!! Do you have everything ready?
  • Reply
I think so! We even practiced stuffing pillows all around me last night to see what position would be most comfortable. I am beyond ready!
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Yes get lots of pillows! Now that I am finally sleeping in my bed I have the all around me.
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Awe I so teared up reading about you in the dressing room. I so know that feeling. So happy for you that you can finally see on the outside how you have felt on the inside!
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Something I told "blonde" to do before her surgery is measure your self this way you can see the difference in measurements my pants a smaller but there isn't a big change on the scale not only that but I'm not able to go to the gym yet and getting cabin fever I've been do a little stress eating:-0
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You look wonderful. Glad things went so well for you!!
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Thank you armywife72
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I am so happy for you:-) That must feel so wonderful!!!! Good for you:-) :-) :-)
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Oh blonde I remember how I felt a week before my surgery I joined this site almost 8-9 months ago I think it was 6 months when I started reading your review Im so excited for you!!! I know exactly all the emotions going through mind:) can't wait to see your results. I posted a pic of me in an outfit but it didn't upload:-/ ill try again later, I feel like a beautiful woman again it's like a whole new me:)
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I am happy you feel that way about yourself. I hope I feel that way after surgery:-)
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Mrs.AZ You look great!!! :)
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thank you preciosa!
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I'm glad you are doing good and looking great!
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thank you its not perfect but i still have time for healing stay positive don't get discouraged!
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Hey Sexy Momma you look fabulous!!!
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hey ? when your sitting down do you have a tingling sensation where your inscision is ? i had a c-section so im used to it being numb but it feels different from that? its not painful though
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I almost forgot to ask are you standing up strait completely already I can stand up straight but it takes me a minute to get there i feel the stretching and i just dont want to hurt my result's so im a little bent
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Hey lady. I have not noticed that. I am numb but that's all
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Hmmm? I better ask my dr. Then hope your healing nicely
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I am standing straight but I can feel the tightness in my lower tummy. I also find if I have been up and going for a long time I do start to hunch over a little
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You look great!!!! 
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