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TT Pain - Regretting It So Far

I am absolutely miserable. I had my TT on July...

I am absolutely miserable. I had my TT on July 13th and the pain from the incision and tightening of the muscles are nothing compared to the lower back pain I am having because I am not standing up straight yet. When will this end?

I am at this point regretting the TT but its still early in recovery and I am hoping this will go away. I am crying alot. Has anyone else gone through this and if you have how long before you felt better. My PS had to give me flexaril because of the bad lower back spasms.

Please someone tell me this will go away!!

Judith--Congratulations on quitting smoking! That's great! You're going to look fabulous and be so much healthier, too! How's your back now? Are you feeling better?

Here is a fabulous tip for alleviating the back pain- and makes it easier to stand up straight sooner. Sit on the edge of a chair or sofa, pull your shoulders back as far as they will go, sit up as straight as you can, drop your knees a bit and stand up pulling your shoulders back!!!!! Its helps! Trust me-my ps taught me this on day 3! Also, I used a hot water bottle(2) behind my upper and lower back for hours at night. It gets better!
OK an update I'm not regretting it anymore, pain has eased up but I do have a little problem with the wound, yes I thought I was smarter than my PS when he told me to quit smoking well I just cut down yeah that doesnt work so now I am looking at 2-3 months healing time on the wound, so the only thing I am regretting is that I did not quit smoking. But I am smoke free now since July 12th the night before my surgery and will not pick that habit up again ever.

I am extremely happy with my results, I am still...

I am extremely happy with my results, I am still not standing straight and I am having wound issues but that is all my fault I did not stop smoking prior to surgery even though I was told to. Of course I am going to have scar revision once my wound is healed.

Hi I am planning on getting a tummy tuck. I live by temecula and noticed you used one of the doctors here. His price seems good, did it include any lipo. I dont see any pics do you have any. Was your scar placement where you thought, worried about it being too high. Thanks joann
Hi i had TTT surgery also known as Elmsi trillot or something like that..it's been about 3 months since my surgey but the swelling has not gone down nor the pain... My back is killing me does this surgery affect you back???Please help
Judith0873:I am serious considering having a TT, I live near you could you please tell me where you had your TT done Wendy 2581
Temecula Plastic Surgeon

He is an excellent doctor he is attentive to the patients concerns and questions. I would never see another doctor even for a consult if I decide to have anything else done!

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