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Got my first round of laser treatment to get rid...

Got my first round of laser treatment to get rid of my tattoo. It's on my ring finger I got it because I am not a jewelery person and I am married and wanted people to know even though I don't like wearing rings. My sister did it for me I always hated it she did a BAD job on it even though other tats she did came out awesome mine not so much. It kinda hurt, Not bad to me not that bad. I can take pain though so I guess it all up to your pain tolerance levels. I will post pics of the after as soon as I can take off the bandaid. It was done at Rejuv laser and medical spa. I put the doctors name on here but it was a nurse that did the procedure :)

Added the after pics no pain at all only while...

Added the after pics no pain at all only while getting it done just a little annoying having to wear a bandaide on it all the time :) I will add more photos at 6 weeks before my next round

6 weeks later going for round two tomorrow going...

6 weeks later going for round two tomorrow going to show some updated pics :)

Went for round two WOW it hurt this time she said...

Went for round two WOW it hurt this time she said she put it on the next to highest level it can go And when you see my new pics you will see why it hurt so bad blistered up this time. The picture looks bad it hurt when I came home but the next day didn't not really hurt anymore

Dr. charles sarosy

I loved the staff that worked there didn't meet the doctor so I can't say How good he is the five star is for the nurse :) Any questions just ask away never far from my computer ;)

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how much this whole process cost you?
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Its really great article about tattoo..thank you for telling us this type of information..i will try this for removing my tattoo .. thank you so much .

Locksmith Guildford
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You have had quite a bit of fading - that is great! I hope your move went well, and that getting the kids prepped for school is as whine free of an experience as possible. ;)

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So for I have only spent 100.00 dollars I have been so busy since the last visit with the move and My kids have not gone back but I am uploading new pics you will see after healing how much my tattoo has gone away :)
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How much did u spend total?
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I thought of that but at this point I just want it gone.........
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Bro you should have tattooed a nice ring over it!

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IT HURT THIS TIME LOL but by the next day it was pain was gone :) OMG I looked at jo-26 holy cow I got a blister this time but it was more like a blood blister
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Wow, your finger looks so raw in the pictures! I can't believe it doesn't hurt incredibly bad, but I'm soooo glad it doesn't!

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So how did round two go?? Does your finger feel alright? I couldn't believe the blister jo-26 got on her foot from her tattoo removal - hope its going smoother for you!

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They said because it was done so poorly and not very deep 3-4 treatments should do it :)
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So at least there is a bright side to it being done poorly - fewer treatments!

Let us know how the next round goes. :)

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I'm so glad you mentioned it didn't hurt that much, cause the picture look painful!!

Did they give you an estimate of how many treatments it would take before the tattooing would be totally gone?

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