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First I would like to say, thank you to all of the...

First I would like to say, thank you to all of the ladies on this blog. I have read so many blogs, and I gain more confidence in my decision.

I have two amazing children, both born by a C-section. I have decided to finally get a mommy makeover. I have thought about this for the past two years. I have gone back and forth about this decision.

Yesterday I had my pre-op, after reading the paper work I’m very nervous. Although I know the risk are very low, I can’t help but think about them all. My Plastic Surgeon is amazing, he made sure that I understood everything and answered all my questions. My husband is so amazing and supportive, provides me with a lot of comforting in my decision. I will post some pictures before the surgery and after. My surgery date is set for February 15th.

Next week I will be getting some lab work done. That’s the next step.

Ok I have posted some pictures:OOOO!! This week...

Ok I have posted some pictures:OOOO!!
This week I will be completing all of my final pre-op steps. I will get some lab work tomorrow and my Mammogram. Although I’m not that old…30….:0 I want to get a full work up before the surgery. I want everything to run smooth!! Today I’m nervous STILL!!! I hope it goes away!

I have four more days to go! I'm much more...

I have four more days to go! I'm much more comfortable about it all. Looking forward to a smooth abd fast recovery and of course great results.

Well I'm five days post op. Today is a good day....

Well I'm five days post op. Today is a good day. Day one was easy I slept most of day!! Day two was a hard.. I was very stiff and the morning of day 3 I was a MESS!!! Full of gas and could not get comfortable. Day 4 was good I went to my first post op! I happy with the results. Today day 5. Still moving slow.. And needing help with little things but I feel good! Still swollen and stiff if I sit to long but everything is moving in the right direction!

Day 9: I'm feeling better every day. Still bent...

Day 9: I'm feeling better every day. Still bent over a little but It loosens up every day. I seem to get very tired these past couple of days very easy. I’m not needed any more pain meds, I have taken all of my antibiotics, now I will introduce all my other vitamins supplements back into my diet. I go for my 2nd post op appt Monday and I'm hoping to get the drains out. I will be wearing a lot of sweat clothes for the next few weeks until all of the swelling goes down. My feet and ankles are even swollen. On day 7, I was able to remove my circulation tights which felt so good! And I still have not had a shower…..I’m doing was downs from the sink.. Bird baths hitting all the HOT SPOTS LOL! I CANT WAIT! Let see what the PS says on Monday!

Day 11: I went to the DR today hoping to get my...

Day 11: I went to the DR today hoping to get my drains out but I can't get them out yet! I have to have 30ml or less output for at least 24hrs. I'm still swollen, my tubes keep leaking which is soooo gross. But I feel better everyday! My weight is NUTS but the PS said that it will fluctuate for a few weeks. But I can now take warm showers:))! I cannot fit any of my clothes... My feet and ankles are swollen so its hard I wear my closed in shoes.. So flip flop and sweats for now! However even with the drains and the swelling I feel better everyday!

Day 23: I have had a smooth post op experience. No...

Day 23: I have had a smooth post op experience. No issues at all!! Thank GOD! I still have one tube in and will be getting that out this Monday! I'm still wearing my abdomanl binder which I will wear for a total of 6 weeks.

I'm still swollen and was producing a lot of output in my tubes. My PS took, what it feels like every safety measure to ensure a good out come. I don't like the tubes at all but I know it's needed.

My scars are healing nice. I'm still wearning sweats until my binder comes off. The binder is tight enough and I just want nothing but comfort.

My husband has been such a trooper Through this whole experiences. My friends and family have been so supportive and helpful.. They have cooked meals for my family and cleaned my house. What a blessing it is to have true friends!!

Over all this experiences has been amazing and really life changing. I learned that its nothing wrong with thinking about yourself for one day.. You children and family is much happier if you are happy! I was always and stoll are a happy person and greatful, but I feel like I accomplished something I wanted and over came a fear that i had at the same time.

I'm happy about my decision! Some people said.. That it coast so much... And I said yes it did... But I have something to show for it!! LOL!! I have a 2002 explore.. No car note. And I said instead of buying a new car that I really don't need.. Only wanted... I will get my MM... They was well over due!! So if any one out their is reading this.. That feels bad about thinking about themselves or putting their needs first for one time...I just want you to know that It feels great to think about you for once in a while!!! Don't get me wrong... Always make sure your children and husband needs are meet always!!!!! But yours should be too!!

I have also posted new pictures!

Temecula Plastic Surgeon

AMAZING!!! This has been one of the biggest decisions I have made. I'm extremely happy with the results. Dr. Wongworawat was very honest, professional and is a expert at what he does. He answered all of my question and made sure that I understood them. Time was not a factor! The staff and services was OUTSTANDING!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I know it's been a while, but do you remember when you started walking upright? I too went to Dr. W and I'm 14 days post op and so hunched. I feel I'm never going to be able to walk straight again. I know everyone is different, but since we had the same PS, I thought maybe you could relate. Thank you.
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Hello! Around week 4 you will be waking more upright. I felt the same way, I was hunched over so bad that my lower back was hurting a lot. However every week it loosen up. At this point I walk normal, but my stomach is still tender! Dr W did a great job, now only if I can keep my weight stable I will be good to go! But I look and feel great!
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Thank you so much for your reply, it was comforting to know I will stand straight again someday. Your pix are great! I'm glad to hear you are happy
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I just saw your pics! You look great!!!! I haven't taken any lately - so swollen & depressed!
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You look phenomenal! Thanks for sharing your journey!
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Thank you!
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If it helps - I feel the EXACT same way!!!!
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How are you doing?
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I'm ok... A little tired and I feel tight. I'm swollen, but not to bad. its hard not to be able to move around like i want to. I have a great chair that the PS sent. i will have it for two weeks. it helps me get up and down so i dont have to use the musles. what about you?
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Same ! Just really sore! Haven't seen my tummy yet, but my boobs are huge and high up! I have a pain pump which I think has helped tremendously. They lipo'd out 300cc in the tummy, 145cc in the flanks, 70 in the thighs, and 2lbs of extra tummy skin! Yuck!
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good luck!
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Thank you!
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Good luck tomorrow! We should be going in at the same time!
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Thank you so much!! Same to you! Yes I have to arrive at 6:15 and the surgery starts at 7:30. How do you feel? As the days have pasted I feel more at relaxed! Ready for it to be over because I have thought about it so long. Where will you be getting your surgery at?
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My times are the same and I'm up in Redding! I'm the same - just ready for it to be done
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Holy Cow - I can't believe it's Friday! I have my pre-op Wed! What time is your surgery?
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Yes... And today went so fast! It will be at 7:30 but I have to be a the surgery center at 6:15
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Me too! I have my Pre-op Wed! I should find out more details then!
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Congrats on ur decision!!!
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It'll be quite a Valentine's day for you! Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf. I know reading the risks is scary, but think of it as a necessary evil. If you feel really about your surgeon, that's the first step toward a successful outcome.

You might want to check out this list of supplies to consider for your recovery!

Keep us posted.

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looking forward to following your journey thanks for sharing
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My MMO is on the 15th too!!! Yay!! What are you having done? I'm 5'5 135, get full TT with BA (no lift) 350-400cc.
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I'm getting a TT BL, BA silicone 325-350cc. We are on the count down!!!!
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Congrats on such a big decision. My mommy makeover is March 12. Please keep me updated on your healing process. Happy healing !
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Thank you.... I hope that it is all fast and happy healing! I will for sure keep you updated.
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