Finally im about to make my dream come true ! I...

Finally im about to make my dream come true ! I have been waiting for this moment for as long as 10yr .haha!
My hubby is not very support ive due to the anasticia .but I have made up my mind and in 2 weeks I will be on the flay side yay !!!
Im 44 yo have 3 sons 21, 17,13

I had 2 pre ops already and I made all my blood tests and ekg and chest radiation. ..
All came out good thank god

Now I am just nervous and impatient
Untill my date

I have prepared my bed wich is a very comfortable bed and not to high .
And it has special engin that bring her up and down so its kind of a recliner
So I will keep post as time goes by...


All the best. I think you will have a great result as you have a good body shape. Just the tummy. I am on day 8. Only advice. Stay ahead of the pain by taking the meds as instructed even if you don't feel pain at that moment. Also make sure you have some milk of magnesia to soften your stools - you don't want to be pushing when you have a fresh cut.
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Good luck with you TT.
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12 dayes pre op !!!

I forgot to thank you all lady's !
Without you .I would've never have don my tt , you all gave me courege to do it .only here in thi

website I had seen so many other girls like me .

Forgive me for my English I'm not a nativ english speaker!


Welcome and good luck future doll ur guna look great!!!
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Thank you !
Good luck!!
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11 days pre .this are ptobably hard day on everybody

I am a little upset maybe even depressed ! There are moments I am thinking what the hell am I going to do to my self , I look very good I get many compliments from others my hubby loves me like this????
My routinn will change for a long period of time .....

BUT FROM THE OTHER HAND IT'S MY DREAM FOR MANY YEARS !!! Every single day I imagin my self I will I look like I dont give up .
Is this normal to feel like that girls?
I have more pre pic
Nobody can imagen how I really look like .I hate this jelly belly

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Just fixing my pic .no one knows about my surgery but 2 good friends my hubby and 1 kid of mine the 17 yo whom I can lean on if I need to ..
I dont need anyones opinion and criticizing


So happy for you! Yes, build a fence to keep the unnecessary criticism out all the good in! Maybe have the doctor speak to your husband about anesthesia so he doesn't worry too much. Celebrate this time.
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Hay ladies , , I'm so excited im 10 days pre op, , thinking about it all the time.

one of my biggest fears is not to be able to workout regularly
I used to work out at least 6 tims a week and thats including body weights, pilatis , danc,zumba .I am totaly addicted to this and scared from the long recovery .but again flat belly worth even postponing activities we love the most !!!

In the last two weeks I started taking vitamins as Probiotic pills twice a day and zinc for better healing .plus v D concerning to my lab tests
My doc didn't recommend anything
So I made some research in e net and of course all your best advices my tt sisters !!!!! So thank you for this
I would love to hear about any recommendations from you ladies
Have a wonderful day everbody !!

I have purchased ernica tablets for better bruises healing as well

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hay ladies those ones who work out more than regularly

Is it true that we are able to go beck to are activities faster ???? Or is it just a bull... ?? I am really waiting to hear about your experience with this????


Welcome! You gonna love your new body! My PS said I can do light exercise like the treadmill after 3 weeks but no heavy lifting or extensive exercise until 6 weeks.
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Thank you , , I'm looking forward to be on the flat side. ....I know I will have to take it step by step . I searched your review and I think you look absolutely AMZING !!!! Glad for you .Really unbelievable results .

my measurements pre !

My measurements so I will compare po !!!!!
Weight 155
Waist 31.5
Belly jelly 40-42
Hips 31.5
Right and left (up part) thigh 23.1
Knees 15

So much waiting for po measurements ........!!!!!!!

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closer pic !!!!


Good luck on the big day! Nice xmas present :) I workout a lot and I had the same fears …. got over it though :) I walked around a lot in the couple of weeks post op but by week 3 I was doing short jaunts on the elliptical (SHORT jaunts) but moving was nice. I was back to work fast so it really kicked my butt. I was really great by th 6th week, in terms of pre OP workouts, minus abs…. the short time off was not a setback at all! ;)
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couldn't sleep welk tonight , im worried and have all this kind of bed thoughts
In my dream I see my son's face and im thinking what am I doing !!!!! and I'm crying . Oh I wish time will move faster .its getting harder to wait

the only thing that keeps me from this mood is work out so I went very early this morning to pilatis class and im more relaxed now!!!

I will I go through this week ????


Glad to hear .I hop I will be able to work out even only walking or treadmill !!! Its so hard for me not doing anything I dont use to it .I even hardly knows how to rest .I guss I'm kind of hiper Good luck with healing You're looking great!!!!


Can anybody tell me when they started using the arnica before op or after?
Thanks real self sisters .


Good luck on your upcoming TT! I read your posts and all of the feelings you are having are very normal. The hardest thing to do is stay calm right before your surgery. I know! :) Try your best though. Being in good shape will help you recover faster. But (BIG But) the best recovery comes from resting well and taking very good care of yourself after your surgery. It's frustrating sometimes, but trust us, resting up and not overdoing it in the first 6-8 weeks is so important. You're worth it! and you'll thank yourself later. Keep us posted. We're here for you!
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Hi again! I jumped over to your page after reading your last post on my page. We have very similar measurements. I'm 5'8 and was 149 the day I went in for surgery. Pretty solid size 6. I know I'm only one day post op, but I think being in good physical condition has helped me tremendously!!! I'm walking fairly upright, which my PS told me was better than hunched over bc it takes a lot of strain off the back. I have to say I agree. I have little back pain compared to most I've read. I'm walking around the house really well. No walker or cane or anything. The only time I needed help was last night when I almost passed out and hubby caught me. But when my Ps called to check on me he said that was fairly normal and reaction to last of general anesthesia. Soooo much better today!! I'm a fitness instructor part time and I too am worried about the loss of gym time for the next several weeks, but I know the long run will be more than worth it. My PS has said that being in good shape will really speed up the recovery process and that's exactly what ladies on here have said too. I've gone thru crazy mood swings too--all part of the process. Seriously, how can we not be a little stressed thinking about being cut open and the pain that is inevitable? My PS said exercise after 2-3 weeks (light walking etc) would be ok to transition back to exercise. He just really emphasized listen to your body and only do what doesn't hurt. I really like that he didn't give me a specific date to begin exercise again--he said everyone heals differently and just listen to your body. You will do great, especially since you're so active. Just stay busy and try not to stress. It will be here soon! Can't wait to follow your progress!! You'll be great!
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Thank you so much .you have said words of wisdom the best way is to listen to are body .have an easy healing .marry xmas to you .

4 days pre op !!!

I am all prepared for my surgury .yesterday I went shopping for some stuff I need as loos pants and undeas.....comfy shoos
Took few pic with the swimsuit that I love ......

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my misespeling

Just a reminder forgive my english im not a nativ english speaker


Good luck! Try not to be too nervous, just breath and you will come out jut fine. Make sure you have a recliner, and one of those pillows that people use at airports (goes around your neck) this was a necessary for me. Lipo from back will hurt but it goes away quickly. I'm on day 3 and it's so much better.
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I didn't realize it can help I do have that kind of pillow thx for the advice. But I am not getting a recliner I have instead an adjustable bed , very comfy and not tall so I gusse I will use it ....cant wait for my op , im so excited
How are you doing?
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Im sure that each and every one of you felt like I do today !!
Words can't describe this feeling of fear, worry , anticipaition ,,,,,

Couldnt sleep much tonight ...
Looking for the right words to tell my youngest son ...he is very close to me and I dont want to scare him.i start to cry when I think of him ....oh please god help me through this .

My hubby also gives me a hard time , but he is not being mean , he is just worried like hell !!!

I spok to doc office today and they gave me instructions concerning the antibiotics and pain relief and what to eat after like chicken soup and veg and crackers ...light food .....

I am at work today so I will post later on


Good luck to you on surgery day! Can't wait to see your results. Your going to look fabulous!
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All the best sweety, you going to look amazing YAY!
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Thank you honey.

Actually today is the One day pre op !!!

Tomorow at 6:00 am im heading to the privet hospital for my surgury ! What can I say lady's its not easy , now things are coming to me big time !
every thing that im doing concrning the house works , shopping , cleaning, laundry its all me !
Tomorrow my hubby and two kids/sons will have to do and figure out there owen

All that I need is ready , I made every thing ready for tomorrow BUT it seems like its never enough !!

Finally I decided I will telk my younger son 13 yo the truths , there is no point in hiding , its big thing and he his so smart , and he knows his mother is a perfectionist person !!!



Good luck on your surgery today. It's exciting!!
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Thank you so much
Thank you sweetie

1 hour befor surgury

I am in the waiting room now .soon the doctor will see me for marking up

Exciting and very nervous but my hubby with me and I have to be strong for him


Looking forward to hearing from you!
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It it so exciting! Remember to take lots of deep breaths after your surgery. Tell hubby he will do great! He wants to help you. Tell him he can help you by reminding you to take deep breaths and move your feet after surgery. :) You will do great!
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had my surgury yesterday
Too tired to write
I will post later on
Thanks to all of you rs sisters
I love you all


I'm after thanks good .feel much better today I was in alot of pain yesturday but today much better Thanks for asking How are you ? Marry x
I am taking big breaths and being Paitiont .it will take some time to heal Thank you for advices

my hubby is such a care taker !

From the momnet I decided that im doing tt my was totly against it
But thank god he his such a helper .took care of me and still does .and cooked today soup and shpping
What would I have don without him


Welcome! So glad you made it to the other side. Now, have patience.
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Welcome to the flat side... Merry Christmas
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Thsnk you merry x to you too

2 days po op I cant believe it !

I woke up this morning and I still couldn't believe that im on the Flat SIDE YAYYYY
I feel pretty good .taking my pain meds every 3.5 to 4 hours although im not in pain so much I still take them just not to get to pain , it is a major surgery and the last thing we need is pain that can be prevented.

I take also antibiotics twice a day
And stool softener once a day .
I tell ya this stool softener really helped bc I pooped already yesturdsy
As soon as I arr home from hospital yay thats such a relief.


I can also climb my house stairs since yesterday without problem atall
its 22 stairs from first floor to second floor where my bed room is

Tha only thing that's really upsets me is the hunched over position but thats how it is , doc wants me to walk hunched over for 10 days o-m-g !

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my doc wants too see me today and if everything will look good I will be raedy for first shower yay lol !!
I cant wait for my shower its 3 days since I washed my body and hair yaki
My son kissed me this morning and told me "momy you dont smell as usual" omg what will you answer cto this lol!!!!!
Happy easy and fast healing to all my rs sisters !!!!

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Its vwery hard to take a pic , , eveto just stand for few seconds so here are 2 pic I will try to take some more without my cg


Congrats on your journey I can't wait to get to the flat side!!!!
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Thank you, I am so happy I did it Nothing in the world would make me regret . I know I have to have paitience Which is very difficult . Thank you m-x


About 2 months ago there were few rf that talked about using arnica even before surgery
I can't seem to find them now
does anyone of girls knows somthing about it ? If so please please shar ?????? Its about umeopatic netural pills for swelling lol...


You look great. You should start the arnica now. Just follow directions on the bottle.. I also took bromalian ( spelling). They do help with swelling and bruising. Happy healing
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just had first post op

Doctor took my cg out ouch!!!
Very scary but not too painful though .
Said everything looks good
I will post a pic tell me how it looks to you ? I'm very swollen gosh!!!


U can get the arnica on amazon. Speedy recovery to you.
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Thanks I will start arnica today .can you take a look at my pic ? Does it look too swelly ?? Im very worried!


I just took my first shower after 4 dys from the night before sur (I had my sur very early in the morning)
It was so good to feel clean .but I was flicked out without the cg !!!! My gosh
You feel that your belly will fall down
It's also the first time that I see myself naked and the truth is that I'm not very pleased I will post pic .
My belly islike aa mountain not smooth and very swollen
What do you think girls please im fricking out ??????


Looking good!
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Swelling, that's the body's way of healing itself. be patient, it will go down. I was freaking out about my lumpy belly and its going down slowly. It's almost gone. I didn't take any arnica, but did go on a low sodium diet about 4 days prior and that seemed to help the swelling. Drink lots of water. Happy healing.
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Thank you I probably should watch my low sodium diet .good point

I'm a little depressed to even write

I was depressed all day .and usually im such an happy person so it's really sucks !
Im 6 days post op and im very worried.
My belky is very very hard only I half of belly .this hardness really frecks me out!!!
I think I will call my doc .
And plus im very itchy under my cg
What shell I do about it


You look great. Just remember the healing process is slow so stay positive and before you know it you will be a few weeks PO and will be able to see how different you look...
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Look at my pics. I looked like lady Frankenstein and it's smoothing out everyday. Don't worry!
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After having a terrible day and night yesterday .today woke up to a better mood opend my cg and im looking WONDERFUL besides one littel hole next to my bb every thing looks nice and smoothy so im happy
Probably I over did it last night
That's sooo difficult to just lay down all day long
I have a 3 floors house and just going from kitchen to my room is climbg stairs so sometimes I have to climb few times a day but I can do it very easy now without breathing like im in marathon race....LOl..
Doc called up today sent him some pic and he said all looks good

I'm also not so hunched over anymore
I can almost stand straight up but not doing so cz im still afraid to ruin something. .
I stopped taking pain meds since yesterday and slept without them not the best sleep but still no pain
Got up today changed my pajamas to a nicer clothes put some victoria secrets body cream and decided I will have a good day today !!! So wishing you my rs friends the best day ever!!!


You do look great and your incision is nice and low and even. We all look worse before we look alot better. That first few weeks is the hardest then you will start to see your dream come true.
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Thank you !! This good and bad days are uncontrollable I couldnt survive this juorny without you rs sisters !!
I forgot to say, that the dimple besides your bb may be where your ps put a stitch in to attach your skin to the muscle. Ask him if that's what he did. I've seen quite a few on here. The drainless TT does that and sometimes people look like they have been quilted but it goes away when the swelling goes down. It is most likely that, when the swelling goes down you won't see it at all.


Im feeling very good today woke up with a lot of energy washed dishes made 1 laundry and went out for breakfast with good friend of mine.
It's the first time that I leave the house
all dressed up we had a good time Lol

Im not so hunched over unless im allready tired and my doc improved it
and told me to start walk straightas much as I can , but I'm afraid to do it I will give it few more days. also I can sleep with my body almost straight and that a big thing for me cz I been suffered at nights the most from my lower beck ... ..
So overall every thing is great I csnt wait to have my final results cz of course im swollen like everyone here
but for me it's not so terrible cz thet prevent people from asking questions

Here are some pic from my first hang out today with clothes on happy new year rs sisters ....and fast healing to all of you

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comparison pic

Look at the differences yayy!!!!

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Cg itchy houch!!!

Oh my god my body is very itchy
what shell I do about it ?

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mor pic the end of day 8

Just took a shower on my own second time already
I have some pic from this evening
Xoxo .....

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DAY 9 PO !

hi rs sisters
I feel much better today .it is true what every one here says ... .every day you feel better and closer to healling hopefully ......

But today I over did it and now its pay time .....
felt good in the morning and very board so decided to go to the mall for some shopping .been there for 2 hours and than for some groceries ....
But as soon as I arr home all I could do
Was sitting in my bad .I was so hunched and hurt .it was so bed that I had to hold my belly although im wearing my cg and girdel at the same time 24/7 .....
Ok conclusion next time slow down ...

In my head I think im the person from 9 day ago energetic, workaholic, sport addicted etc...
So I hop I learned my lesson


No no no, you are only 9 day post op. You have to remember to take it easy. I am pretty sure the Mall will still be there in a week or 2. Other than the swell hell you look really good. Congrats and Happy healing !!!
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Thank you for your support good luck on your coming change life journey !!!


Im 10 days po and still cant believe it
Cz I dreamed about it for so long yay !!

so yesterday I didn't feel so good and slept from 6pm to 7 am yes thats what happened when you think you are a super women .........Lol..

Overall I really feel good taking my antibiotics 2 a day , keeps clean food
And taking my zinc and Probiotic vitamin. I have no pain anymore only littel inconvenient from lipo im not even sure if it relates .

I slept most of the night on my side and its such a big move .....
It wasn't the most comfortable but better than sleeping on your beck

In two days bb stiches out !!!
wondering when scar treatment starts
I wilk look for some opinions about it
Any thoughts , ideas someone ???


Adding Pic from day 10

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I'm feeling quite good , can do most things besides bending over thats the hardest ....Lol getting tired fast and
Needs to rest few times a day

Went for po and doc was taking my bb stiches out ...not a bit hurts ....but stil he laft 2 stiches for few more days

I'm still home , I own my business and I can aford ti work from home computer very convenient


You look great... Remember to rest when you can!!
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Thank you !!! You too .how gym is working for you ? I have a special sports convention in 6 weeks which is 2 months po surgury I dont know if I will be able to attend it ??? I want to so much is the feeling when you are doing any kind of work out ?

13 days po woww!!!

Counting the days its like rthe worst thing about it ...time does not move !!

nothing much is going on , just trying to rest and take it easy ...
waiting for my doc to aprove me for gym again ...if this will not happen soon I will go crazy for sure !!! I feel my blood running through my veins just from thinking about it Lol ....

Here some pic from this morning last night I was the most swollen ever like a balloon couldn't breath
I have to watch my diet that I feel stronger I lost about 2 kg from pre sur and I'd like to loos 4kg more


You look great babe. I have to give you some advice though with that swelling in between the incision and bb. I have the same issue. I actually started putting foam in the area and leave it there 24/7. It's helped out a lot. I will take pics on Tuesday or Wednesday and will post ;) what a difference in the before and after for you. Be patient love. I know I need to practice what I preach. I'm being patient even though it's super hard too.
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Thanks so much for advice .what is this foam I don't understand ???its some kind of cg ?
No... it's foam that some plastic surgeons give their patients to put inside their garment. I think they sell it on some websites. Shoot... i have no clue where. Salama gave me a lot and I had some when I got out of the hospital from the tt. I'll take pics soon. It will help tremendously

2 weeks post surgury !!! yayyyy

Yes yayyy!! Im happy . When im thinking of what I was going through I say that all of us here should be greartfull to god first for making it alive second for not having savvier issues over it ....ok now after preaching haha . I will just say that im ok , im still very swollen especially after being active so I learned that I have to rest more often .today I rested after being active few times and there is a huge difference . I keep taking my arnica pills 4 times a day and 1 zinc pill surprisingly I can sleep on my side with pillow between my legs .I sleep in my comfy adJustable bed next to hubby witch thank god is such a bless one thing is a pain in the a... is the scar burning but doc said no to touch yet overall im good ...wishing you all rs sis easy and fast healing and to those in the states suffering the storms and heavy snow take care god bless you all


U have to rest the more you do the more swollen it will become - Two weeks is not enough time I am 2 month out and I still have to take it easy it is a full 6 months to a year to fully recover from this.
Yes I know it in my mind but u see so many girls here are having flat tummys at a very early stage ....and I hop it will happen to me too.i know I still have a long way to go as you and others say ....I have to except it and be Patient which is very hard to my energetic personality. ...thanks for your help. and by the way I think your results are beautiful you look great ! Enjoy it .
Thank you :) and I understand I have same personality hard to sit still lol.

2 weeks post

Pic of two weeks post. Not much of a change maybe just a small change


I will take a pic of the foam today and post it up on my review. I'll be honest, I only rest here and there as my life has become busy again with my kids going back to school and since I drive them and pick them up, haven't prepared dinner for the past 2 weeks and I'm so sick of going out and now starting to cook, do laundry, do my husband's books, I really don't have time to relax and rest and when I do rest during the day, I cannot sleep at night at all. The busier I am, I sleep good at night. You may also have to get a tighter garment. Girl.. my garment is tight and the helps with the swelling big time. I always wear it. I wanted to take it off last night just because I couldn't sleep due to it being tight and my abs are killing me. Seems like the Dr tightened them super tight.
Its ok, not to worry I totaly understand you also not sleeping good at night , wake up few times for pee .when ever you can do it will be fine . thanks for doing it .the other day I was looking for this foam in pharmacy s and called my docs office but they didnt hear about it .havea wwonderful day .

15 days post first day at work !

Went beck to my office first time today had no choice my business needed me I planned to stay one mor week and I do recommend on that .I feel good but getting tired fast and after 5 hours left the office straight to bed. .lol
Im a little less swell todday than yesturday I guess cuz I rested yesterday. my left abdomin is still hard for the touch and you can see it very clearly in pic . took some pic as I changed mt working clothes to pajamas ho sooo comfortable yay of rs nice lady's recomended of foam to put underneath cg any one that knows somthing please share thanks everyone and fast healing


Happywomen, you look fantastic. Congratulations! I am having a TT with inner thigh lipo. How are you feeling about the results of your inner thighs?
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lipo to my inner thighs ...doesn't show

how long it takes to see results ??? any one of you guys had her inner thighs lipoed ??? well l dont see any difference from before .....and I paid my doc extra for this ....


O m g !!! I just wrote about it few minutes ago well im not sure ! I mean I can see that my doc defently lipoed my inner thighs I have the holes in my thighs but Friday I will go to doc po and will see what he answers me . So good luck to you on tt and make sure you have all what youd need for this journey .good luck !!!
Haha, I just asked you again on my page about the thigh lipo! Sorry for the double questions. For some reason I am worried about this particular part of my surgery. I guess I have read too many mixed reviews.
What are you worried about ?? I had no pain in my thighs atall just itchy from the girdel I wear that covers my thighs to my upper belly good luck


today I went to work for the first time after my surgery but hell I suffered from the cg and girdle .I couldn't bend over and I was etchy as well what are using cfor work????


I added the pic of the foam on my blog. There's a website i found, you may find some other sites. Hope this helps you and the swelling. It's helped a lot.
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Or it's even called epifoam.

swell goes down ???? please please god !

I think the swell is much less today
I thibk that resting often and tightening the cg helps alote in the other hand Im still taking my arnica pills so probably all togther works

One more positive thing is I lost 5 lbs since surgery and I swell yayyyy!
Have great Healing rs sisters .


Thanks again !!! I appreciate it

itchy day

I am soooo itchy its crazy !!! I tried to put my body cream in few areas but not where the tt was don only on my beck hands legs I wish it would help

Sorry for my english im not a native English speaker


You have to keep the compression garment tight on you. Cortes addressed that to me yesterday. Must be tight. They put me in a smaller garment again. I couldn't breath. So I've went down 2 sizes in 3 weeks in compression garments.
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And do you have any idea whether it will help with reducing the clot ?
looking good its gets better each day & IN THE END THE RESULTS WILL BE AMAZING HANG IN THERE GIRL!
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clot in lower belly !!

So I up dated few hours ago but I dont see now in mobile phone
Any I will repeat myself .3 days ago had a po and doc said this swell I hane in one side is a clot
Anyone knows what ti do about it ? I do have my tight cg I dont think that I can have something tighter ? My belly hurts as it is now.
I stopped taking arnica for few days and I dont see that it helped
Of course im worried about the clot .what can be don I dint know ? I m very depressed right now

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Sorry not clot but hematoma probably

Sorry for mistaken its probably hematoma which my doc think will go away by body absorbing it in time... that sucks !!! Im so sad .. how did that happened to me ? I will see my doc in 5 days so will see what he says abd what can be don


You look great!
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3 weeks po

No difference in my hard /swollen belly in my right side ...doc said body might absorbed it but im starting to be skeptical over it .as I follow up all my pic I dont really an improvement atall im very sad ....after all that I have been through clean eating exercise like mainiac the great amount of money surgury . I have to deal with this Overall I feel very good I stopped taking pain meds after about 3 days I can sleep pretty good and on my both sides my incision looks very good ..I just hop I will not have to have another surgury this would be the worse for me my hubby will give me a very hard time probably ....he cant stand the my pain and another surgury. Sorry for my words I hop no one get and for those who are considering a tt I defently recommend them go for it ! Still its worth it ......

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someone with hematoma ? please share

Please share your experience .what has been don to fix it ? Is it really what I have ?? It would be very appreciated


There is allot of controversy over the garmit if it is to tight you have no circulation and he body must have circulation to heal so everythime u take off body starts healing then u go and bind up again and process is limited again with no circulation do som search on this you will see so many doctos don't use any more. I wore mine for 6 weeks and now I keep off and only put on if doing straious activity to help with swelling. The bodies natural response is to swell part of healing I have also ready women who end up with permante edema because of the long use of compression garment so be careful always do research doctos don't know everything. My incision looks garret but evey time I out on the garment my incision bleeds and itchy text helas much nicer without it.
Wow thats a very good point , it makes sense thank you I will do some research.
It is why so many surgeons now due lymphatic massage instead of compression garment. But you have to be very careful because you cannot do lymphatic massage too soon and it is vital that whoever massages you understand and knows what they are doing. My sister is a holistic healer and is very knowledgeable and has done many lymphatic massages with her permanent Edema clients she will start my massage next week I will keep everyone posted

hematoma reduced a little I do hop so !

After tha last few days depression and negative thoughts I woke up this morning to a much less body swell and reduced in hematoma I think so here are some encouraging pic ...

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how does yor belly feels like ????

Mine is very hard for the touch in lower abdomin . How yours feels ?


Looking great. Ur swelling went down some. My lower belly is still hard but softens a little after massage. I started getting lymphatic massage around 14 days post op and it really helps. My massage therapist says it will stay hard for a while. I also massage on my own daily.
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Im afraid to do massage in that area it feels weird a little bit hurt .I will postponed it for a while. are lookibg awesome ...try bikini onand shoot some pic
Thanks .....just wyish swell hell goes down

a short update

I feel pretty good saw doc yesterday for po .i see doc once a week and call him if necessary he is very flexible and available to me and I believe all of his paitience. My doc deserves the compliment ! Lol .so beck to me I can start do any kind of sports besides crunches but gradually and listen to my body !!! I intend to start walking for a start .concerning to my hard swollen belly doc said no to worry it will get better in time ......I have an infection in right side in incision start antibiotics again ! I sleep very good on both sides and not that hunched over anymore at evenings yayy . Can't wait to get my routinn beckkkkkk happy healing everyone love ya

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pic 25 days po

A small change in sweeling took pic at night time just before go to sleep g-n !

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pressed too soon

Here som more pic

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my sports wear

I tried on my sports wear that now a bit over my size .I will have to get new stuff yayy im sooooo happy happy

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forgive my english

Im not a native English speaker
when im reading my posts im laughing at myself ! So give me credit ....thanks wonderful rs sisters. Xoxo

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my wonderful doc luv him !

As I updated few days ago I have an infection in incision I tell ya that son of a .....hurtsssss. and doc told me to take antibiotics and to put some medical cream to prevent infections today he called me up to find out how im doing ....he is a great caring doc ..

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30 days po

at this stage time is moving faster than in the first month ....thank god I started loosing my paicians. ..after more than 4 weeks po you really see the progress of your healling every thing now is easer for your body to do such as bending over , walking faster, sleeping better . I feel stronger and less tired in the end of the day .and even less swollen this last few days although Im not flat yet which pisses mo of .incision is nice and shrinks .haven't start scar therapy due to doc but as soon as doc will clear me I will use silicone stripes .went to jym for low level walk for 45 minutes and felt great now starting gradually to increase the intensity...happy about that also working almost my normal hours but taking a break to rest every day .im watching my weight and wants to loos about 10 lbs im posting pic from this morning for comparing my progress

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swelling oh swelling please go away

I just want my belly to be flat ! Im still waiting for results .doc told me that it will take time and my results will be good 99.9% I want to believe him .he is very experienced doc in my country

overall im feeling very good incision is closing it has dark color and it is getting thinner and it is very low im happy about it every undies I got covers the incision ...

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beck to gym yay....

Im beck to gym on regular basis waited for this moment ,to feel normal again .doc says my belly still premature and has not recovered yet walk on treadmill for 40 min on a medium level 6.7 for me, and felt great even went last time without any cg on was afraid to hurt muscles but felt good , swelling just as always but happy .wishing you all fast recovry .

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5 weeks po

My swelling went down some still waiting for better results due to my perfectionism but overall looking much better than the before me. but not perfect


Hey! Did you get advice re hematoma? I have one, I'm having it drained weekly and slowly slowly my swelling is reducing. I'm 4wks post op and still feeling very sore from the lipo. I have ordered an abdominal binder which I hope will squeeze out rest of swelling. I have two full body suit compression garments that I keep on also... My tummy is soft to press and that tight feeling went when I had my first draining... You do look good, I know what you mean about just wanting to be flat though x
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Hi . I have this lump since day one .I remember the first time when I saw my new tummy it was flat as a board ! But in day 2 or 3 I already had this lump witch is very hard for the touch and my doc said we should wait and body will absorbed it .but so far there is just a very small change nothing significant and last app doc said that I will make ultrasound and will see whats in there .im still with my cg most of the day and very frustrated. ..hoping for better results .how did your doc diagnosed your hematoma ? By ultrasound ?
No I didn't have an ultrasound although my GP (not surgeon) first suggested one. But then when the surgeon saw it, you could feel the fluid underneath the skin - if you look at my pictures before the draining you can see how swollen I was. If I understand correctly, hematomas can be hard until they turn liquid then can be drained x

6.5 weeks po

Since the first week po tt I was waiting to be 6 weeks po ! Why ? Cuz at this stage most of girls are taking of their cg or binder and most of the girls are beck to gym and normal life .so this morning I woke up with a smooth tummy (not flat though) but kind of nicer one .as you will see in my pic .also untill today I was covering my incision with bandages .not anymore cuz my incision is heeling nice a getting smaller each day.

Sports / gym

Since day one I was waiting to go back to gym and being doc cleared me to do anything I want besides sit ups and abs but after I did my research (thats me have to study first on the subject)in the net and in this site I decided I will just do the elptical and treadmill and some light weights .only after week 8 it is ok to start with more strenuous activity ....body and muscles that repaired needs at list 6 mth to heel .... fearing from ruin anything I am taking it very slow....any thoughts about it ?


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8 weeks -frustration !!!

I'm feeling very good beck to gym on regular basis doing all kind of work out like before (not crunches though )I red in one of rs review that she is doing crunches abd this is a big no !! For at list 6 months po. Im stil having my lump and in few days will see what doc suggesting , I have a feeling that I will not like the answer and it really most annoying. I think that my results could have been much better .I wasn't starting with a huge overweight and the only difference in my body after tt is the belly all other areas are just the same but I'm not flat as I wanted plus I have this lump im very disappointed ..sorry for my mood girls I know that you can see your results imidiatly after surgery .and mine were there from the beginning I was just in illustrations untill now

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my phone change my spellings

I ment I was in illusions


You look phenomenal !!!!!!!!!!!!What a wild "ride" you had. Thanks so much for sharing all of your journey. Sure can see a HUGE difference in the before and after....all for the good.
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Thanks sooo much for your kind words ..and good luck on your journey not regreting my surgery after all ...I hop time will bring improvement
No don't think like that - I see big differences. Your lump has almost gone! Give yourself a few more weeks, are you still wearing your compression to help swelling? X
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happy moment

Tried on this morning a very old pants I used to wear them about 10 years ago , they are very tight on the waist and belly I couldnt butten them cuz of my suggy belly look at the difference.....very happy today .

Tomorrow I have 8 weeks po app with doc .....I will see if he clear me for scar treatment .I tried mederma but felt sore and I have silicon stripes. .....

I'm wearing my cg in the afternoons and all night but I do that just cuz I have this lump in right side and I think the cg is helping reduce it ...but other than that I dont need the cg anymore I feel verygood without it ..happy healing everyone x


You're looking great.
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Thanks !!!!
you look so great! i had the indent on my belly too, ps said it was a stitch and would go away when dissolved. i've seen a big difference between the 8 week mark and now, 11 weeks. give it time.
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11 weeks po can't believe it !!!

Some pic update

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long time since last updated

But im here all the time reading other tt sisters reviews. .....

I was down for a long time and still am concerning lump (it might reduced a bit ) but im not flat and thats was all I wanted .doc insisted on waiting 1 more month to see if any change and if not I will see a surgeon for chack up. my concerned is that lump is not a hernia but either way I will probably need to have another surgury if it can be fixed and if not than I will be pissed of.

I know overall I look good and I'm beck to gym and resume all activities
but being flat was the goal .

I still wear my binder overnight just bcus I hop that would help with the lump and swelling .I have good days when my swell is minimal and some bad days looks prego

My measurements

Weight 152 ish
Waist 30
Belly 38


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new sports wear yay !!!

Some comforting shopping


Hi, your looking good! Still swollen, but your doing great!
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Thank you ..Although im not flat flat I am trying to stay positive cuz this swelling is hell ......xx
Thanks I still hop its only swelling and it will go away soon .. good luck to you too dear.

I trust my doc 100%.I know i am In good hands. He has been very helpful and realistic with me. he is very professional and an fryiend recomended him .I love his staff the are very supportive and kind . Im 1 day post op and what ever I will say will not be enough to discribe the professonalty of my doc , he was very gentle and carrying. Explained avrything and came to see me many times po .I just love him and adores him .I highly recommend of him !!

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