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Tummy Tuck Eve! - Teaneck, NJ

Time for the outside to match the inside..again(If...

Time for the outside to match the inside..again(If only I had a crystal ball at 18 when I didn't see the point of the gym and Pizza was suitable for breakfast)and to no longer hear "But you have such a pretty face" Thanks I think 

Hope you are doing good. I also had a tt on 2/22/11. Pain from tt is not bad at all. But the loop is killing me.
I meant lipo :-)

Today was your big day! I'm wondering how it went and hoping you're feeling decent. I'm sure you're pretty sore and tired right now. Did you have children, a major weight loss, or were you just experiencing the effects of aging?

If I'd known at 24 what I know now, I would've worn midriff baring tops every single day. Even in winter. :)

Go get 'em and let us know how you're feeling!


2 days post op and I know I should be taking it...

2 days post op and I know I should be taking it easy but I'm not one to sit still too long.(I took two weeks off of wrk and am going crazy already) So I am propped up with pillows and all trying to keep my mind occupied.Pain on a scale of 1-10 is about a 4 the lipo hurts more and having to walk slumped over is not fun but I take ease knowing the worst part is over and looking forward to shopping;-)

Update 15 days post op I went to my second Dr's visit.I was in better spirits today because It wasn't like the first one when I was to have my drains removed OUCH and I had two! Although I have to buy all new jeans or some of them altered to reduce the size in the crotch area because that is where my belly hung,I have a whole new wardrobe with all the tops that would not hang as loosely around my hip area.I am more than ready to go back to work Mon.AS I REPEAT It's A PROCESS!I mean I knew I wouldn't jump off the table into a bathing suit,I still look like my bottom is separated from my top am swollen and my scar is still black from the stitches and the glue,my lipo on my back is still Black and Blue and I still jump if my husband or Dr.comes close My Dr. wants my Binder on as much as possible until I go to sleep so relying on that has me not as independent in keeping my Back straight without it on. It's funny as soon as I take it off my back starts to roll down.So far so good with the pain although I never really had much,it's now that I have to massage my tummy that is freakishly hard as a corpse between my "Lady parts" and below my belly button it's so weird to rub Hell I don't even wanna touch it!I brought one of those hand held massage rollers to do the job,but my DR.says since I had a gallbladder scar my circulation is not really normal yet.Again it's a Process prepare for it,plan for it lol it's really not just a physical change,but it does get better;-)
Thank you Gia for a glimpse into your recovery. It is very helpful to hear what to expect not just physically, but emotionally too. I look forward to some more pics. Happy Healing!
Hey Gia,
I know exactly what you mean. Getting used to your new body isn't exactly a piece of cake. Sometimes when I would discover something new going wrong, or at least weird, I would think, "oh great. at least before I knew how to deal with everything." But most of the time I am pretty happy with my results, and the more I get to know my new belly-- scar, swelling, numbness, stretch marks, and all --the more I am glad that I did this for myself. Every time I walk past a mirror, I check myself out, and I am glad I did this. Every time I pull my shirt off and see some abdominal definition around the edges of the swelling (I have a 4-pack now - it's hard to see most days, but it's there), I am sooo glad I did this.
I promise it gets better and the good moments outweigh the bad.

3 weeks post op went back to work today,took it...

3 weeks post op went back to work today,took it easy kept it light and it's good to be back.I planned on going back last week and I'm glad I didn't the extra few days did me good.I thought I wouldn't be able to stand to long and planned on using a stool but it was like riding a bike I stood most of my 6 hr day!


Hi i just had BBL mini tt on monday looking for addtionally garments where did you get the enforcer?
You look good! I hope the TT improve the appearance of my thigh area. I wanted lipo done to my thighs but ps said no I would have to wait but also ensured me I wouldn't need it the TT will help with that area . I'm praying it does. But looking at you picture you stated you had fat there and its gone! Wow I hope for same results !
Thanks I feel Good!Yes my Dr. Did lipo my sides and Flanks but that part of the TT is only to contour your waist.The Dr. is not focused on your thighs.
I noticed how my new flat smooth tummy did not match my flabby mom thighs so I just joined the gym to work on them.
I wouldn't have any worries If I were you because thighs can be tighten a firmed unlike our reasons to get tummy tuck so now I walk around the gym with my tight tee shirt and yoga pants and work on my thighs n Butt with the confidence knowing my tummy is the least of my problems.Couldn't imagine having that problem again.Good luck to you!

Hello everyone...As promised I would be back with...

Hello everyone...As promised I would be back with my Before and After photos!!!!!!

I can't Believe I'm doing this!!! OMG well here goes I need not say how excited I am now with my NEW TUMMY I have to stay on track and keep in mind that this is only the first step of not just my tummy but a mental and life style change.I'll be back once I use the bleaching cream for a few weeks.
Hi Sunkysd as my post states I had a very good experience with Dr. Bond she is professional,personable,and relatable,She is also a mom who understands eating a left over chicken nugget from your kid's plate is not a wise dietary choice lol.
However her staff could use a tune up I feel they are there YES to generate business for her when you walk though the doors the first few times but the business of current patients falls by the waste side honestly once your check clears don't expect much more than your follow up appts. I mean how many times do I need to update my phone numbers because they couldn't get it straight they would call my husband's job,when they were supposed to call my home,if was difficult to clarify if one num is his cell or mine etc.etc. (Then act like it was my fault, I'm about to go under the knife and it was me who couldn't distinguish between my husband's cell and my home number on paper work?!?! SMH) It came to a point where while at home healing my husband would call pissed like why don't they call the house to confirm your appt,because the calls would come while he was in meetings etc.etc. Over a year later they Still ask for my number like it's not on file...Billing was also left to me because they used another hospital by the time of my surgery date so it was up to me to pay the hospital separately and when a payment was not on record I had to call the office for assistance,but I already had taken care of it.
"Scar Therapy" is at an additional cost to "You" Not included and then months after I had to inquire about it and all that is is a prescription for the bleaching cream if you want it you have to ask for it....which again is at an additional cost.....To you Not included...What I did get from Dr.Bond's off was a one time Coupon for scar "oil" which I regularly buy at my local pharmacy (Still)
On the upside again I %100 DO NOT have any regrets that Dr.Bond "Fixed" me my tummy is still flat.
Another downer was Nobody(Her staff) even calls to check in after you get home from the Hospital I ended up calling them about a week later to check on something I forget.
My experience physicallyly if you are Not at your Ideal weight expect any little weight gain to go to other places other than where you had your surgery I had a Tummy tuck so Now regrettablyly fat distribution has gone to my back(Fat rolls) arms,legs,and Butt so Honestly keep you gym membership......My Real Honest experiencece 1yr 2 monthes later
Good Luck!
WOW you look great so glad to hear you could go back to work after 2 weeks, it is mind blowing isn't it what a different it makes!!!! I had a large weight loss and I am still a curvy girl I am never going to be skinny, I hope I look as good as you! You look awesome!
Thank you Bejerwelme Yes I will always be curvy as well,Who wants sticks and bones??Not my Hunny! I did take an additional week so I atctually went back 3 weeks later and worked half days for about another 2 weeks.Best of Luck with your TT;-)
Montclair Plastic Surgeon

When deciding on such a personal operation it not only makes one feel at ease that the Dr. Is a woman but Dr. Bond is the Best not only is she highly accredited but when most surgeons are aloof and you don't see them until you have to she was the one putting me at ease as I was going under.When I woke up 3hrs later she was at my beside filling out my chart. I'm Happy to be a "Bond Girl" and recommend her to anyone who ask.

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