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These Photos Are Two Days Post Peel.........

I have taken these photos two days after the...

I have taken these photos two days after the chemical peel. I was applied to some of open wounds as well they turned into white colour after that. Now iam in 5 days post peel. Now skin peeling is started......those white spots turned into light pink in colour. The new skin is appearing with light pale in some locations. Can i expect my skin colour back after few days after complete healing process?..please reply

use coconut oil to heal and remove scaring!!!!

hey sheely...do let us know what happens if you do?


Hi Friend...How are things with the peel?...Has it fully peeled and have you seen marked improvements?...also curious as to what percentage you used?...I just tried a 20% and it worked really well...I was amazed...and that was only 1st peel treatment...I am tan skinned tone...let us know...we'd like to know how you're doing?...ttys!
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