Rhynoplasty without osteotomies (patient's request) and upturned nose

The hanging nose problem solved but now i have...

The hanging nose problem solved but now i have upturned and short nose instead.
I mostly regret doing the op to fix my old 'Normal' nose.
I hope the upturnness will go down after swelling or with another op.
I am not very happy right now. I wish i had seen more doctors or simply being happy with my old nose.

I think it's beautiful actually
Please update your revision to tell us how you're feeling now.
You're not less masculine and you seem to be so beautiful that I barely noticed your nose. I'm a woman but I used to have a strong nose as you did, and I'm also feeling weird without it, maybe it's normal. About the tip, mine is dropping, is your dropping too? All people say that it will drop with time. Best wishes, Maria.

UPDATE - 1 MONTH: Not sure if nose is getting...

UPDATE - 1 MONTH: Not sure if nose is getting better or i am getting used to it, but i decided to be more contented with the results. Still not happy with a bit shortness of the nose and having upturned, more feminine tip, also nose looks fat now as it got shorter.

Doctor advice to massage the tip 3 times a day for 2-3 minutes to remove the swelling faster and move the tip down to normal, 90° position, where he claims he fixed it.

Here are some photos of 1 month.
Who was your surgeon? You look great by the way :)
Thnx. My OP was not done in the US.
Dude, your nose looks really good. Not just saying that :) Seriously, it doesn't look feminine or upturned. Especially from the front - you definitely still look very masculine with your new nose. Wait and see how you feel but I don't think you have should have any regrets at all.

UPDATE - 2 Months: I stopped begin conscious about...

UPDATE - 2 Months: I stopped begin conscious about my nose, not regretting having an OP as the results seem to me quite good. it has been only two month and hope some more good changes are also to come.

Upturned nose is less noticeable and looks straight now, although there is a sensible difference from right and left side of the nose. Here are some new photos for comparison.

Thank you all for supportive comments. Recalling how miserable i felt after the OP, it was a great help.
Hi. I was wandering what the name of your surgeon was and what clinic in Georgia did you get the procedure dome from. Your results are truly amazing by the way!
I am just stopping by to join your adoring fan club and tell you how great your nose looks! It is a change to you and I think even with the most perfect result, people can feel insecure about it at first because you can feel like you have to learn how to carry yourself all over again. You look every bit a man, though, don't be concerned thinking it is feminine looking! I noticed your beard before the nose, anyway :)
Haha, thnx for encouraging comment. I am starting to get spoiled with all your comments. P.S. would also love to see some photos of your OPs.

UPDATE - 3 Months:

UPDATE - 3 Months: I am three month post op and only at this point i can say i am happy with the results - Not regretting doing the OP. Sure, there are things that could have been done a bit different/better, but at the same time, i was aware there is no "perfect nose". My tip could have been hanging a bit low or the profiles from left and right side could have been more similar, but again, i am still happy the way it turned out.

My nose is still a bit swollen (can feel a very minimal pain/stretchiness while touching the side bones), subtle black rings under the eyes are still visible (fading away slowly, Arnika gel helps), yet i do not expect that my nose will change any more. So, this is one of the last updates for me on this webpage. PHOTOS ARE ATTACHED.

Thank you all for encouraging comments and your support. It helped a lot during difficult post-op time. My example shows that time cures everything, that nose does need some months to show it's real shape, drop a bit and fit your face. Most probably, no matter how good the nose is, it is always difficult at the beginning to accept the changes. quite often things are much better than we perceive it right after the operation :)
Hey just checking in on you. How are things coming along?
Very handsome!


It has been 11 months since my OP. I can say with confidence that my tip dropped a bit and although not exactly where i wanted it to be, still quite acceptable. My doc (who i consider to be excellent) advises to wait a bit. I would say i am happy with results, although still consider the revised OP as nose still looks bulky and fat due to the fact that bones were not touched during the OP as per my request.

So here are some photos of the current condition.
This is a very good rhinoplasty. Do not get another operation.
Sorry but you will make a huge mistake if you do second operation.. your nose is very very very good and what is more it is absolutely suitbale for your face.. trust me you do not need another operation.. you look great !!
hi there. im sorry but i am shocked that you are thinking of doing another surgery..you look stunning!its not like just good..its one of best works i have seen..you look incredible..I wish i looked like that:)..even thou my doc did a good job only 7 weeks ago.its still so swollen(or just big)in the typ area and even crooked a bit to the right.

UPDATE: 15 Months

15 months have passed after the op and I can say now that I am pretty much contended with the result. I do realize that if I had listened to the surgeon the result would have been excellent instead of "just normal". As I did not want to go through long recovery, I insisted on the op without osteotomies (braking and narrowing the nose bone), as a result doctor had to maintain high angle of nose that ended up with slightly upturn nose. Unsurprisingly nose is also quite wide.

During my last visit we compared the photos of 9 month postop and 15 months postop, it is obvious swelling has decreased significantly within this time and nose got a bit slender look. I hope processes are not yet over and narrowing will continue as swelling decreases.

Lastly, we talked about another op to correct the issues mentioned above. My doctor, just like people here, does not approve revision op, but considers it is up to me to decide. Narrowing the bone structure, as he explained can be done without major intervention into the shape of the nose, while bringing the tip down would require a lot more.

Currently I see a revision as a far theoretical option and do not so far plan to do anything about it before the swelling is 100% gone. Then, I will think...

Here are 15 month postop pics.

15 month photos

15 months postop
You look perfect! You shouldn't get a second operation
Consider yourself lucky. Your nose turned out great. It was a smart thing of you not to bring the nasal bones inward. You want to keep the nice masculine/handsome width you have. Its a sexy feature in my opinion. Also bringing in the nasal bones changes the way your eyes look. They will look further apart, rounded and hollow. I know this from experience. I had mine brought in and narrowed and it made me look like a completely different person. It ruined everything that I did like about my face. Now I am living in unbearable regret and depression! Just thought I would share my experience. I wish you well with whatever you decide to do.
You look gorgeous ... do not get another operation.
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