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Ok i had a tattoo done 3 weeks ago and regretted...

Ok i had a tattoo done 3 weeks ago and regretted it almost straight away. I have gone through every emotion since having it and now I think it's embarrassment I'm left with. I wanted to get the removal process underway as soon as I could, and have sleeked various people's opinions on this. Some have said 8 wks other have said if skin is healed straight away. I'm starting ASAP as I healed really quickly and in my mind the quicker I start the less chance I'm giving the ink to really settle in. I've had a patch test a week ago. It was an uncomfortable procedure a lot more painful than the tattoo was, but bearable. I've looked into a few removals available in the UK, and I would of like to try Picosure but financially couldn't afford it???? so I am going in for Q Switch which I have heard works just as well just takes longer! So my first session is on Saturday so I will keep u guys posted.x


Hey. good luck on Saturday, i had my second session with a Q switch laser 4 days ago, and it's working really well for me :)
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Thank you, just keen to get it started now!
Ahhh and your not being charged 600 a session right ? That tattoo should be 50-100 dollars the most each zap
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Be sure you get what you ask for!

This is what I went into the tattooist for and came out with my biggest regret????


The ink isn't settling the longer you leave it in there. It's in there. The longer you leave it, the more will be rejected naturally. All tattoos fade and tattoo artists put in way more ink than the skin can handle at first because a certain amount of it will be rejected immediately. That's why you wait. Because, otherwise, the first couple sessions will just remove ink that would get rejected on its own during the first few weeks anyway.
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Ah that's interesting no one has explained it like that its all been about condition of skin!

Interesting point whatwhatkumquat, never thought of it that way.... hmmmm. My question is though, doesn't that extra ink come off during the healing process? 

Straight after first session

Ok had my first full session today and all went well. Would be lying if I said it wasn't painful but it was bearable. Just have to wait now to see how the tattoo will change if at all after first session:-)


Hey there, checking in to see how you healed from your 1st session and to see when you are going for your 2nd. Hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season :)
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hey! What Q-swich laser is your clinic using? When will be the update? ;)
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Hey, I know EXACTLY what you are feeling right now. So funny I went in to get my tattoo the same pic as yours almost and also was told he wouldn't do them that small. Again I felt like he was the professional and trust him and now I blimmin hate it! Incredibly frustrated with myself for being so lame and not standing up for myself even when he put the template on and I said they were too big still, he said he wouldn't make them smaller :( Like you I also knew for ages what I wanted but came out with something I hate. Look forward to seeing how this goes and wish you loads of luck with the removal. Chin up hun x
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