GO! Tattoo Removal and my Journey

So I had 4 tattoos and my 5th one made me realize...

So I had 4 tattoos and my 5th one made me realize I don't want tem anymore. I'm on my second treatment for 2 and just had my first on the other 3 so this will be my little progress blog. I got my first tattoo about 4 months after I turned 18 and then about a year later got my second and then after that it seemed I had a new one every month until I got my fifth which is an embarrassing Nissan tattoo on my forearm. About a few days after getting it, it clicked in my head that I messed up and it needed to go.
Thanks for sharing! :)
This place is where I'm considering going if I get remival done! Glad to see someone on here going there! It's about a 1/2 hour from me.
I highly suggest you go. It's ran out of a physical therapy building and the main guys are mike and Marcus. I haven't met Marcus because he apparently has 5 month old twins but mike, the one doing my removal, is very very good. He treats you like a person and not just like another client. He will talk to you on a personal level and I look forward to every single treatment I have ahead of me

Ahhh blisters...FUN FUN FUN!...NOT!

Well, it has been about 36 hours since my treatment and boy let me tell you...I actually got some blisters this time! Mike cranked it up a notch to about 3.0 i think and that did a nice little number on some of my tattoos, got some blistering on my shoulder, some on my feather, and some on my stars... Will add some photos in the morning, it's bed time for now
No problem I have about a year and a half of removal left and its nice to know there's this little community of other people going through exactly how I feel and it's so reassuring knowing I'm not alone in this and I have people that will help me with this and hopefully people seeing this will think twice about getting tattoos without thinking them through
That's great to hear! This place is in Kutztown right? I found two med spas in Wyomissing that do it but its more expensive and I didn't get the greatest vibe from them. Then I found this place online! I'm not quite ready to start but I am looking forward to following your removal in the mean time!
Yes they are in kutztown right by Burger King, first time I went out there I thought that I my phone brought me to the wrong place because it was all farm land and woods, but if you have an iPhone and use google maps app just put in "GO! tattoo removal" and it'll bring you to the right place

A down and out kind of day:/

like most days I wake up from a good sleep and a good dream and I am instantly hit with this deep depression. It' so hard to wake up and not regret the stupid tattoos on your arms. It really makes you think about what in the world possessed you to make this mistake. I was always a bright child and really never wanted tattoos, then i got one that meant something to me and I wanted more and more and finally i got one that was just a bad idea and now that one is scarred and I have to go through laser skin resurfacing to help fix the scars.

I remember being a little kid and going to the warren county fair and my dad was gonna get my a little spray on tattoo, not a Henna tattoo, a spray on! and I bugged out because I thought it was permanent. Now lets fast forward to the young age of 13. I was watching MTV's True Life: I regret a tattoo. I just remember watching and thinking I never want a tattoo, I dont want to be in these peoples shoes, that all must be horrible.
well, here I am, at the age of 19 with 5 tattoos that I am removing and hating every second of my life.

I wouldn't wish my greatest enemy to be in my position. This is one of the worst feelings to have and the worst situation because we have all done this to ourselves. Unless we were drugged, drunk, and/or forced, held down, or whatever and got the tattoo it was our dumb choice. And a tattoo that took an hour to a few hours to get now takes years to get rid of, and even then there's no guarantee for a full removal. Or you get put in my position where the tattoo you have the most has been scarred because of the artists mistake.

Honestly I am so thankful for my friends and for my mom and step dad. If not for my friends to keep me sane every day I probably wouldn't be here right now to tell you my story and keep you up to date. I know it seems harsh to say I'd end my life over tattoos but it's the depression that makes me feel this way.

And for my mom and step dad, you guys are simply amazing and I love you both to death because you two are helping me get my skin back to being ink free. It's because of you two also I am not going to end my life over this because as much as I need my mom she needs me and without me I know she would be a train wreck .

Today is one of those days where I could really use someone whose in the same boat as me to talk to. Feel free to comment all day on this, inbox me, or even email me at my personal email at ********com. please guys I really need your support:/
Hi Benjamin, thanks for sharing this. Don't be so depressed about that. It's something in your mind. People don't have the same perpection that you do with your tattoos. But I hope you are successful with your removal processs. One thing I can tell is to wait a lot until every session (2 months...) so you will find better results.
See I'm just scared that I'm going to end up getting really poor results and have really bad brown ghosting. I just really wish I never got these tattoos especially my one because the artist scarred it and so I'm gonna have to go to a plastic surgeon to fix it too
Me too. I'm greatful to have found this site and beable to communicate w others going through the same thing

And the cycle continues...

So once again this vicious cycle of depression continues. Last night I had such a great night with friends that I was happy, but surely enough when I wake up this morning it's right back to this depression.
I think I really need to go to a psychiatrist or someone that I can talk to that can help me through this. Because each and every day gets harder and harder. It's just at that point where I wish I don't wake up anymore:/.

But on a side note, I have a question for you guys, some of the blisters on my back popped, what should I do?! Should I be worried?! Should I not worry and just keep putting aquaphor on it?! Please somebody hell! And also does anyone here not cover their tattoo while its healing? I feel it'd be better to let it get air instead of keeping it covered in seram wrap for like 2 weeks
Hi Benjamin, I have just had my first session of laser removal today an came across your posts. I have had a tattoo for 12 years now and hated every minute of it so I know how you feel. Just keep your chin up and remember, your on the road to changing your life. You will get there. It's just skin deep. You sound like a beautiful person on the inside and soon, the outside will match.
Thank you so much. I'm the kind of person who I can solve all of my friends issues but when it comes to mine I'm a lost cause because I'm trapped in my own mind
Hi, I know how it feels to be depressed about your tattoo but you need to look at the bigger picture. If you go to the beach and look around most people have at least one tattoo, if not more! You don't stand out, no one is looking at you funny, I promise. I understand that it feels like your tattoos should not be on your body but luckily we have the technology to do something about that now, and its only getting better. What type of laser are they using on you? You should go somewhere where they offer the Picosure. Just stay positive, it could be A LOT worse.


So today I woke up after staying over my friends house and I'm still in a crap mood. But to make it worst I've noticed that some of my blisters got popped in my sleep:/. Does anyone know what I should do and does this mean I'm gonna scar now?! Someone please help!
Hi Benjamin, I'm in the exact same position as you! I was adding to my back and it just turned out wrong, and now I want it all just gone. I have to wait for it to heal a bit before I can get started. Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for your post, I hope that you end up with results that you're pleased with.
Wow. I feel like I need to do this. I'm 19 with 7 tattoos and my last one made me regret them all. It's a bad feeling and I'm not entirely happy with myself right now :/ But being a broke 19 year old with no parental help means no tattoo removal.

Treatment 1 and 2 of tattoos-day five

It's 10:40am on the fifth day after the first and second treatments on my tattoos and my anxiety is sort of coming down. I'm a little less depressed and anxious. Last night I was with a few friends and my friend read me my horoscope because she read hers, I'm not one to be huge into horoscopes but its times like this I figured I'd be interested to see what it'd say, and well let's say this time around I was creeped out. I don't remember what it said word for word but a short summary of is that it pretty much said I am dealing with something that I can't control and how I may be feeling anxious and depressed and that I just want the end result, and that like anything else I just need to sit back and ride it out and relax. Once again not one to be huge into horoscopes but this one hit me like a brick wall and freaked me out a little.

Oh and also I forgot I had a dermotologist appointment today about the scarring of my tattoo...shouldn't have gotten my tattoos lasered 5 days before I had this appointment, luckily my Insurence covers the appointment, but for now it's time to get in the shower and get ready for the day.

Oh and before I forget progress update of my tattoos....they are itching like crazy!!!! And the blisters have gone down and I'm putting hydrocortisone on where the blisters were and aquaphor on the rest. If upload pics but its hard to see the broken up lines and fading of them with my iPhone camera but ill try my best since none of you know what tattoos I have so ill do what I can...everyone enjoy your day!
Mine is itching like crazy too!! Ahhh. Hope ur doin well. Have a goodweekend
thank you for sharing. just don't get depressed. we're only humans that make mistakes. but atleast we're finding our way to make it right. keep it up. always think positive.

Day 8 after treatment

So it's 8 days after my treatment and the scabs are all peeling off...my biggest worry is that the skin is very shiny and wrinkly. Is this normal? And won't this lead to scarring? I haven't picked the scabs I've just let them peel and fall off on their own. Please somebody help
Glad to see you decided to write about your progress, we are in this together man! Keep ur head up :)
Don't stop writing, it's good to hear about someone going through this. Can't wait to hear how it turns out. Please post pics.
Ill post pics as soon as I get a good chance

Had my 2nd and 3rd treatment!

July 20th and I had my 2nd and third treatment on my tattoos! And boy does it feel good to know I'm one more treatment closer to being ink free! Here's a pic of my one tattoo after the second treatment!
I saw that family tattoo on Facebook! I even liked the pic lol great fading!
Where on Facebook did you see it?
The go tattoo removal FB page . They upload client pics sometimes :)

Day 6 after 2nd and third treatments

So it's six days after the second an third treatments. Healing is going well and the scabs are starting to peel and flake off. Once concern I am having is that some parts of my tattoos are still swollen and raised. It's that swollen like free te treatment where the treated areas are swollen and raised then go down. But these parts still feel like they are swollen and its weird to me because most of the tattoo is flat again but there are still those raised swollen looking areas
I am also getting multiple tattoos removed at the same time. I hope to see more posts and photo updates from you soon
How's it going now? Any more treatments?
Sorry I haven't been updating, haven't had the time, but yes I just had my 3rd and 4th treatments a week ago today actually, I have excellent fading for the short number of treatments my tattoos have had. When my removal place comes out with some more before and after pictures ill upload them on, my 4th and 5th treatments are on september 19th so im psyched to be about halfway done hopefully

Anyone who has a colored tattoo, it will go away

So I'm sure you've read online that colored tattoos are harder/impossible to remove...well I would like to personally say that it's not. This is my feather two weeks after the fourth treatment and its one of my most faded ones and this is on my forearm
Hi I was wondering how things are turning out? I just had my 1st & second tattoo done 2 days ago & I'm really regretting one of them. I'm feeling just like you decribed and have been crying ever since. I don't know what to do.
Hey there, how is everything coming along? You mentioned in a comment to me that you miss your tattoos on your arms, so I guessing they are really fading well :) Would love an update, take care! B11

Hi there, great results on your 2nd tattoo, do you mind sharing what type of laser was used ? (sorry if you have already mentioned this, hope I didn't miss it!)

Mike, GO! Tattoo removal

Mike is very professional in what he does but at the same time he treats you not as a client but almost as a personal friend. Any time you have a worry or concern he's there and always picks up the phone. If you are in the greater Lehigh valley of Pennsylvania I highly recommend GO! Tattoo removal

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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