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I had a tattoo (only black) that i m lasering in...

I had a tattoo (only black) that i m lasering in my forearm. The two first sessions was OK. The first was with a different doctor and the second i changed because i moved.

Well, this place i was going uses a medlite II (or c3, not the c6). In my third treatment, I had a lot of blood, not pinpoint only, but i think it was ok because the doc didnt stop the procedure. The problem is he burned me. Now I have a mark in my skin, redish/purple, and when I press it it turns to white (white as if my skin has no pigment). And when I see it in the light in a determined angle it bright as hell. I asked the doctor(actual he is a nurse) he said that this is ``normal`` and my skin must retorn to normal with some weeks (Today is 3 weeks from the procedure)

Well, i`m REALLY woried that this redish/purple color on my forearm will never faded. I know about the risk of hyper or hyporpigmentation in tattoo removal, I prefer ten times to have my skin white than this color that it is now, it is disgusting and my tattoo now is a lot more visible than before. Today I have three weeks from the procedure, and it is the same thing (redish/purple that turns white when you press it) Is this will ever fadeaway? Even to white? I m so worried about that that i cant think about any other thing right now. About the burn, every time I do laser I had blister, redness and everything but after some days my skin just return to its normal. But this time I had more blood which is not normal for me in this procedure, and I didnt got to much blister just really small ones but i think it was cause i was using sillicone sheets the firts 2 days of the procedure. I have scheduled an appointment with a dermatologisty that also does tattoo removal for next week for her to take a look. If someone can give me an advice here i will really appreciate cause this sucks so much. I think the person didnt know what he was doing at all. I regret my tattoo and now I regret ten times that i didnt made him stop when i saw the blood.

Hello Lori, Are you familiar with Revlite? How is Medlite C6 or Revlite in terms of hair reduction compared diode lasers like light sheer or soprano xl? Aside from tattoo removal, is it any good in reduction of epidermal or derma lesions as well? It would be great to hear from you soon.
i have my eyebrows tattoed and wanted to remove
the tatto with laser!
I got burned and my eyebrows are Darker! Red and blisters!
Did i damage my face forever?
Will i heal! Have scar?
I just wanted to fade and remove my brown tattoed
when you get laser tattoo removal the length waves target the tattoo ink are and it goes white this is TEMPORARY and is normal it will fade and your skin should be back to normal though with some blisters. Though blisters can occur on the 2nd day and swell up DO NOT pop them let them recover and heal on their own. Ive had about 7 treatments already and its going good for me the laser they use for me is called REV LITE I think only problem I see for me is that I have think darker patch around that tattoo now which I presume will heal in a long while after i have my tattoo completely removed.
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