Dragon Tattoo

Well this is my story In late 2011 I got this...

Well this is my story

In late 2011 I got this horrible tattoo, it was winter and always wore long sleeves but just entered spring and there was when I realized I had made ??the worst decision in my life. I had never regretted anything but with this I made a mistake that literally marked my life.

It was not the first tattoo I did, I have a tribal above and never regret it but the second i got messed everything, and it was bad done, I did not think things well that night of drinks and the only thing i want is to disappear it without a trace.

In late 2012 I said it was enough and started looking form to delete it, At first i tried with Rejuvi but seeing the scar that left me i decided better with laser. In the photo actually it´s seen the scar behind the dragon's head, is the Rejuvi cream test. So in February I started with laser and i already have 5 sessions done but stopped going because I did not see progress so in June was my last session and I´ll retake next week the treatment with a better laser (Laser Ink Hunter of LaserLight) and if not I´ll try in December with the Harmony XL.

In a couple of weeks i´ll be updating the photo of the 6th session with the Ink Hunter laser and i hope it continue removing. I won´t rest until i get rid of this stubborn and disturbing tattoo.

P.D ( Sorry for my english it isn´t my native language)


Almost Gone

Three weeks after last session. I will post another photo in few weeks once it heals better because it will be continue eliminating.

After sixth session

Here are the pics of the tattoo after the sixth session. In some parts there´s no more ink. The thing is almost gone.

Two more at close range

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Nice, thanks so much for the update...you are on your way that's forsure! So excited for you!

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Thanks Eva. I will keep everyone in contact. Regards and Good luck ;)
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It's looking fantastic! Not long now and you'll be rid of it. Really pleased for you.
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Thanks Welsh, The key is to be patient. Good luck (y)
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Your fading is amazing.  You are very lucky.  I have not heard of the HarmonyXL but know that Welsh Chad is having good success with it.  I've had ten treatments with the alextrivantage and don't have nearly the fading you have.  But I started six weeks after healing, so much ink to blast I guess.  Good luck with your fading.  Thanks for sharing your story and giving us hope.  aloha...k
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Thank you Kahelelani, next week i will upload a new photo of the last session made 2 weeks ago. Now i can see my natural skin returning despite it was a solid black tattoo. I´m so close to destroy this damn tattoo. Greetings :)
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It does not matter what laser you use. I have on my upper back one devils work and it is small and really dark. Did 8 threatments and it faded i guess 8%. :D now i try other laser and effect is same. No frost will appear on tattoo and it is driving me nuts. I want to fade it atleast 50% so i could cover it up.
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If i don´t see any change i will try with the Ankitat-Rejuvi Technique, it guarantee it will be removed and it doesn´t matter the color. I had enough with this.
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Hi Ultimate. Some great fading on your tattoo there! It's a shame we have to have the tattoo before we realise that we hate it so much. I've had 8 sessions so far, and my last session was with the Harmony XL. It's a great piece of equipment and I think you'll have some great results with it. Do keep us updated on your progress. Good luck!
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Yes what a shame, i never imagine that i would be so down because of this, if I had known I wouldn´t have done anything, but what's done is done so we have to fix it. On Tuesday i will go for the 6th round and i´ll upload the photos once the skin has healed.
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What's done is done is right. Try not to feel too down about it; after all, it's only temporary. Look forward to seeing the photos.
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