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I just had vaser done 6 days ago. I went in for a...

I just had vaser done 6 days ago. I went in for a consultation for smartlipo, but the dr decided to do vaser instead. i thought i read that vaser had less swelling/bruising but after surgery i have found dr's who say the opposite. I was under the impression that most people go back to work 2-3 days post op. I know everyone heals differnt but , i think that just seems like such a stretch. I took off 3 days plus the holiday weekend, which gave me 6 1/2 days to recovery enough to work all day, so i thought i planned it well.

Boy was i wrong!Day 4 & 5 was horrible! I couldnt sit stand or lie down without weeping or moaning. I can honestly say it has been the worse pain i have ever felt in my life. And i have massive migraines on a monthly basis since i was 18, so i consider myself to have a decent tolerence for pain. I also had the shakes uncontrolably at times where i felt at any moment i could pass out.The garment was so uncomfortable. I became almost lathargic at times. I took my temp & it was 101.2. I called the nurse.she said she didnt think it was an infection & maybe my garment was too small. she suggested i buy spanx and precribed predisone.My only concern with the spanx is, will this effect my skin tightening?

Well it been alittle over 24 hours since ive started the steroid and changed garments and i can say i am still in pain but i can certainly feel a difference andi no longer have a fever. although i was supossed to return to work tomorrow and will have to extend my time off because i still cant sit nor walk for any decent amount of time. hopefully one more day will do it.

I can say they i do see a big differnce in my love handles which i am very pleased about, but right now my stomach looks worse that before, its thinner but very lumpy & hard,abit saggy, but this was to be expected. time will tell
i plan to keep you posted with updates & pics.


where did you have it done? I live in the tampa area and am looking for a good doctor.
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I did mine during a 3 week vacation to Peru. Visited some friends and used the same surgeon my friend used. let me know if you want more details.
Thank you that was so clarifying especially why it feels like it gets tighter. I had a fabulous massage today where she massaged cream in the hard areas and where I'm still feeling pain. It was one of those '"bite into a sheet and be tied to the bed posts so you can stand it they used to show having a baby experience but I had to have her do it to help with the stiffness. I'm sure it did something although you can't tell that by me now. I'm getting those with LMD and ultrasound 3x/week to help me get ready for my return trip. Only time will tell.Thanks for the encouragement>
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REVISED SURGERY 1/4/12- So as the months went on...

REVISED SURGERY 1/4/12- So as the months went on after my surgery in May, i continnued to see the end result. One flank was noticeably larger then the other, and there were pockets of fat on my stomach & around my belly button. I was thinner, but it was to me, unexpectable. As i stated before, my day '4' picture looked pretty good, but oddly, it continued to get worse? i beleivei follwed a good regimen after as well. I ate healthy, got a membership to a gym nd stayed away from carbonated drinks, and limited breads, pastas, etc.

At my 3 month check up, the dr gave me 3 ultrasound treatments for free to see if that would help even my lumpiness. it didnt bit. So they agreed to do a revision. I was not looking forward to it as my last experience was not the best, but i also didnt wnat to leave my stomach/flanks so uneven, especially when i spent money for the opposite. But this was to be done by the Mmost experience Dr they had. Dr.Robert Miles. He had explained to me that he trains other surgeons on technique for smart lipo/vaser.

To be honest, surgery this time around was 10xs more painful then the 1st time.My husband said he had to walk out of the waiting room because he heard me yell in agony so much. I asked the dr why it was so much more painful & he explained it was going to be bc he had to work through my scar tissue from the previous surgery. I was so releived when it was over!

Which takes me to today 1/7/12, 72 hours after surgery. I can honestly say that this recovery thus far has been much more tolerable. I think what also helps is i have a differnt compression garment that is so much more convienent when it comes to the dressing changes. I would recommend this garment to Anyone getting this surgery. This made me & my husbands life much easier the lat couple of days. Before i would get so lightheaded and nausiated & shake when we would change them, but with this one, i can exactly lie down when he is changng them. Its also very confortable and not think material. I was surprised it was a stage 1 bc the material feels more of a spanx.

This is the one:

Well i wish i had a before picture, but i didnt take one. i will post after pics soon though. Hopefully, i will conntinue to see improvement this time.


KaylaHanna, Sorry you had such a difficult experience and so much pain. I had hips and stomach much like yours and had it done in Costa Rica at the same time I had a Facelift in 95 and I had this recovery center for a week after and then was well enough to go on tours and stay at the Grand Hotel and go around everywhere. Just a little black and blue so I'm really sorry to hear as I saw beautiful pictures in the Adora Clinic and I do think you look's hard to see the lumps so has it resolved in the last year? The woman I was with had a much worse time because she was a smoker so PEOPLE BEWARE, TAKE NO SMOKING SERIOUS BEFORE SURGERY. It was nice that Dr. Miles did a follow up at no charge said the recovery was easier but it was unclear if it solved the original problems. I just had a minor bladder surgery and couldn't believe the amount of bleeding and pain in my thighs for three days so I think people need to be aware that with removing so much fat, there is bound to be pain. Hope to hear from you and that things have improved.
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I had liposuction 10 weeks ago and I am still experiencing significant swelling to each of the areas that were liposuctioned (i.e., waist, inner and outer thighs, hips, and knees). Worse is that I do not have any positive result that I paid my doctor exceedingly well to receive. My waist isn't smaller nor my any of the other areas that were treated. I did my research on finding the right surgeon but obviously I was not thorough enough in my investigation of the procedures involved nor did my surgeon fully inform my of expected outcomes. To think that I will need to have revision surgery again because this idiot physician did not perform his job well makes me furious. I can only hope that the second surgery will provide the results that I was originally assured could be accomplished.
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i'm confused. Susan in Virginia...are you the same Susan below who had it done in Peru or did you go to Adora Clinic? I hope you reply and let us know if things improved after a year. Sorry about your experience. In 1995, I had a facelift and some liposuction in Costa Rica when the doctor was new and I had good results but I did go back the next year to fix where he attached my ears and he did some other complementary procedures. For the unbelievable price, I cannot complain and I would go back to Dr. Lev now but he is the same price as in the States.

3rd time's a charm?

Well, tomorrow morning, i am going in for another revision. i must admit i am very anxious and worried, but looking at the uneveness and divits everyday really affects me on a daily basis... So , i will be having fat grafting done to the stomach tomorrow. Fat is being removed from the uneven areas of the flanks and stomach. I am not sure that this is the right thing to do since i have already been in for a revision and there is going to be so much scar tissue... but the doctor seems to think he can make it look better. Please pray for me. This has GOT to be the last time. p.s. i have been searching for revision photos where patients have had to have fat injected in the stomach due to over agressive lipo, but i cant find ANY. If anybody can send me a linkor picture i would be greatful

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Pre Op 2nd Revision


KaylaHanna, Thank you for sharing your pictures and your story as I just saw another review of Dr. Miles but no pictures so I was skeptical as to whether the review was authentic. I am so sorry you had to go through all that and all those revisions. I responded last year and clearly must not have seen that individual front view with all the lumpy spots so I apologize if I was not sensitive to what you were talking about as the first group of pictures looked pretty good. I was under full anestheia so no pain during the procedure and I don't remember it being a very difficult recovery either. I assume Dr. Miles is now working at the Body Institute in Tampa now as I was considering getting more lipo and fat transfer to the face but this has me rethinking everything and now I can't believe that I might have to go out of the country to find a good doctor at an affordable price.
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hi. how are things going now... how do u look and feel?
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Hi Kayla, first of all, I wanted to say how sorry I am that you have had to go through this terrible experience - to have not just one revision, but two must have taken a terrible toll on you, both physically and mentally..! I also had a botched Vaser lipo operation which has caused me no end of complications and basically ruined my life. I am in the process of arranging a revision to fix the mess they made (my first revision and hopefully last) and am absolutely terrified. I can't imagine how you must have felt once you knew you were going for a 2nd revision. You must be very brave indeed! It's great that your husband is proving to be so helpful - that will make such a difference to your recovery. I hope you make a relatively quick recovery (I say relatively as we know that Vaser recovery is all about time - a lot of time - and patience!) and hopefully not too much pain and suffering x x x I just have one question since I am considering a revision and am scared to death as I've heard it's more painful due to all the scar tissue from the original procedure -- can I ask whether you had local anaesthetic or did you go for 'twilight' sedation when you had your the two revisions? Thanks for your help and I wish you the best of luck in your recovery x x x
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