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I'm 26 years old with two wonderful children,...

I'm 26 years old with two wonderful children, ages 9 and 2. I've wanted this procedure since the birth of my oldest child, but I'm glad I've waited until my second child came along to officially schedule it. I've been experiencing a variety of emotions during the last week, from excitement to nervousness to feeling like I'm doing something so wrong and selfish. I snap out of the latter pretty quickly, because I deserve this. I have 4 days to go and they're going pretty quickly. Sleeping at night isn't so easy. I wake up multiple times through the night with thoughts of tummy tucks:-)

After today, I have 3 days to go. Ready for the...

After today, I have 3 days to go. Ready for the break from work, even though it will be spent recovering from surgery. Trying to get some major cleaning done around the house since I won't be able to do it for a while. Can't wait!!

It's Valentine's Day and my TT Eve!!! This is my...

It's Valentine's Day and my TT Eve!!! This is my gift to myself. Hoping to get through the work day without being overly anxious. Both my babies leave me this evening. My youngest will be away for a whole week. I'm going to miss them so much.

Day 1 post-op: Pain and discomfort is all I can...

Day 1 post-op: Pain and discomfort is all I can say. Trying to find a comfortable position and unable to. The aches in my muscles are by far the worst of the part of the surgery and the back pain while walking hunched over is a close second. I have plenty of before and afters to post soon. Not quite sure if the percocets or Valium are doing much.... I love the fact that I have no drains, just a pain pump.

Day 4 po: Swell Hell. The back pain from walking...

Day 4 po: Swell Hell. The back pain from walking hunched over. Omg, when are these things supposed to end?

6 days po: Had a seroma in my lower abdomen...

6 days po: Had a seroma in my lower abdomen drained today. About 60 ml of fluid was removed. Feeling a lot better. Haven't taken a pain pill in two days. Went to Chili's before my appt today and I think everyone thought I was an alien, the way I was walking. Doc says everything's looking good. Will be posting pics tomorrow hopefully. Happy healing everyone!

Ok, finally able to upload a few pics today. Only...

Ok, finally able to upload a few pics today. Only one after pic, but will take some more soon. My incision is very low which is definitely what I wanted. My PS said I had a unusually low c-section incision so he had to place it very low to include it. I drove a short distance (about a mile) to my sister's and I think I will need a nap before I drive back lol.

Post op day 9: I'm not in the best of moods today....

Post op day 9: I'm not in the best of moods today. I awoke to a crusty, puss-emitting belly button. Luckily, I have a follow-up appt today and this definitely needs to be addressed. I'm not a happy girl. As a nurse, I can't help thinking the very worst. Ughhh! ??????

Post op day 11, I think: Well, I haven't been in...

Post op day 11, I think: Well, I haven't been in the best of spirits the past few days. My belly button is actually looking better, but I haven't been able to wear my CG due to a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen, the site of my new friend (seroma), everytime I bend my torso or right leg which is all the time basically. I see the PS tomorrow so I'm just hoping for some answers...

Ok, I had a visit with my PS today. He told me my...

Ok, I had a visit with my PS today. He told me my belly button is NOT (insert happy dance) infected which was great news. He says I've definitely been over doing it and haven't been wearing my CG enough. I was in tears after he told me everything I've been doing wrong. It's so hard to not do things being a single mother. My two year old came home yesterday and he now has to go for another week so I can rest. This saddens me. I missed him so much when he was away, but I need to heal and my body needs more rest to do that. Having doubts about the worth of all this. My abdomen is soooo swollen. I'll try to post more pics soon. Happy healing everyone.

So today I'm officially 2 weeks PO and I feel so...

So today I'm officially 2 weeks PO and I feel so good! My belly button looks a lot better, still going through the healing process. I'm still swollen like a watermelon, but it's going down slowly, but surely. I'm not as hunched over anymore, but not totally straight. I'm still very tired after a couple hours of physical activity, but just feel so much better than the past few days! I've been wearing my abdominal binder religiously since my last PS visit and it does definitely help a lot so I won't be turning my back on it for a while??. My PS did say I can start wearing Spanx and my order was delivered this morning!! How exciting! I also ordered Dermatix Ultra silicone scar treatment from Amazon today. I read reviews for it on and they were great so I'll start that when I get the ok from my PS. Happy healing everyone!!

Had a visit with my PS today. He said everything...

Had a visit with my PS today. He said everything was looking good and I can start using a scar treatment once all my glue is off. How exciting! The best part of my visit was when he said my lovely seroma didn't need to be drained. I can barely feel any liquid there so I was hoping for that statement from him. Yayyyy to my abdominal bi der and Spanx for doing their job!!! I don't see him again until week after next.

Tried to upload new pics, but they're not...

Tried to upload new pics, but they're not appearing in the right position so I'll try again another time.

Well today is my first day back to work! It's...

Well today is my first day back to work! It's bittersweet because I'm emotionally ready because I've been so bored, but not sure if I'm physically ready to be on my feet for 90% of a 8 hour shift?. Either way, I'm wrapped up tight in my abdominal binder and I'm going to give it the best I got.

24 days post op and day 4 back on the job. I must...

24 days post op and day 4 back on the job. I must say my abdominal binder has become my best friend. It's her and I against the world and we work damn well together. I honestly don't know what I would do without it. My first day back was tough. The my heart was racing, my body was extremely stiff, and I just didn't have the energy. My second day was even worst, then things started looking up on my third day. I'm still extremely tired halfway through my shift, but it's definitely getting better. Everyone at my job wants to have a look at my stomach and everyone wants a tummy tuck now. I find it quite amusing. There are no secrets at my workplace. If you tell one, you've told the hold facility. Any how, happy healing to everyone!
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From my consultation up to my surgery, Dr. Eberbach and his staff were great. They all answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Hi Sammy I am considering having BA with Dr. eberbach and I've read some of your posts and I'm not sure if u were very happy with him....would you recommend him?
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Well so he tapped me Monday in the belly, then Wed I woke up with this big hard thing right along my incision so I went yesterday its a seroma. SO he said it might fill up again and sure enough even by last night I could feel it again not as big but there, so now will I just keep going and getting this drained? It doesnt hurt and man that needle I cant look, LOL I guess since I had so much removed it is going to be hard for me, I am coming up on finishing my first full week back to work, I am still so tired, man I didnt know surgery sucked the life out of you so badly!
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Hi Bejewelme, I've definitely been there with the seroma situation and it sucks. The thing that helped me the most was wearing that binder around the clock. My PS had me push on the opposite side too everytime he drained me. Just remember that there is an end to all of it. It will go away after a while. Make that binder your best friend. I'm in my 3rd or 4th week back to work and it has definitely gotten easier. The first few days were almost unbearable.
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Sammy- I am 3 weeks and 4 days, I had to get drained last night, he had me push my right side swollen belly toward him and he extracted like 4 vials of fluid, it was like watching a basketball deflate, he said I might have to keep going in and getting it drained, that damn drain I had in 17 days I guess it should have stayed in longer, oh well, now I have to deal with this. He said the spanx I was wearing was so tight it was ebrading my incision so now back to the binder, I hate the binder, I feel like I need more support on my VJ than just plain underwear. Just whining to you cause I wanted to see what you think is most effective for the swelling, this is out of hand swelling.
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Hi Taylors!! I'm doing well. Slowly getting back to myself. Work has definitely gotten better. My seroma is almost nonexistent. Thank you Lord! I'm so glad yours is resolving too. I remember all the things I read that could have resulted from the seroma and I thank the Lord it didn't happen to either of us. I'm sticking to my abdominal binder and Spanx as long as possible. I do go a hour or two without them sometimes when I'm home, but otherwise, they're my best buddies. I just can't wait to be completely normal again.
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HEY! How are you doing? My seroma is still there, but small enough that the PS thinks it will resolve on its on.
You? I hope work is going well for you.
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I just read your March 10 post and I am soooo hoping you're feeling better. How's the seroma thing coming along?
You mentioned people wanting to see your belly. It reminds me of when I was pregnant and perfect strangers feeling as though it was appropriate to touch your stomach! I think I've had about a dozen requests to see "IT". Hahahaaa!
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Hi Taylors! I am feeling much better. Today was my first off day since going back to work and I took advantage of it and got lots of rest and relaxation. My seroma is still here, but I can barely feel anything there now so I know it's resolving. I might just miss her when she's gone...NOT. Lol. I've been wearing my binder ALL the time and it's definitely helping it along. I can't wait until I get to the point where I want to go shopping also. I'm still so swollen in my lower belly, I wouldn't dare try anything on.
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I am so glad to hear that she's resolving. My situation is much the same, but lessening so much. I am going in the hospital today for vaginal surgery (read my profile) and I will have them put my binder back on as soon as I get into recovery.
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Hey Sammy Sosa wow I think we had surgery the same day. How are you coming along? I am 19 days po I had my tt on 2-15-12. I will be 4 weeks po on Wednesday. You look great!
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Hi FitDiva, I also had my surgery on the 15th of Feb. I'm coming along ok. I had a scare when I thought my belly button was infected and I have a seroma in my lower abdomen, but otherwise, things are great. I'm back to work and trying to be as positive about this whole experience as possible. I read your review and saw your pics. You look great also and seem to be healing quite well.
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Sammy looking good! I hope yur first day bak at work was painless.
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Thank you FitDiva! My first day back was horrible, but I pushed through it.
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Sammy I saw you started back to work, ughgh I cant even think of work now! I am on day 5 my doc used glue too, did they have you put anything on your incision to clean it? He just told me I can use peroxide on my BB, I hate the smell of the glue. I could not post pics, Kimmers said go to your profile page hold shift and hit refresh button and then it will allow you to load pics, messed up I know!! Good luck with work sounds like you are doing well!
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Hi Bejewelme, it's sounds like your recovery is coming along well!! Isn't it just great to be on the other side? My doc didn't have me use anything on my incision or my BB. He just told me to continue to bath in the antibacterial soap and let it wash over it. I really like the glue method because there's no stitches to remove. Thanks for the tip on uploading pics, I will try to do it again pretty soon. I hope your healing process continues to go well.
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hi sammy so he didnt use stichtes for your tummy tuck ? he used glue? intestreting wow cool.maybe that heals beter?
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So, Sammy, how are you doing with the Y-y-y (well that didn't work so well...)-your Seroma? I dust got back and he took out 70 cc's. Sounds like a lot, but the week before it was 170!!!! Yikes! I am keeping myself bound up so tightly that it can't accumulate. I feel like Scarlet O'Hara when she was getting her corset laced! I literally have to hold onto a door jam to keep from falling.
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Hi Taylors! My seroma is still here. I think she's getting a bit too comfy, but I've been following the doc's orders and it didn't need to be drained at my last appointment. I don't go back until next Monday, but I'm sure it will need some draining then. The more my overall swelling goes down, the more apparent it is. I wear my binder pretty tight too. I've also been using Spanx on the days I wash my binder and they are super tight and more comfortable than the binder.
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I am a praying woman, I have already prayed that that thing will LEAVE you!

So tell me about the spanx.
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Thank you Taylors! I hope yours leaves you soon also. I ordered the Spanx from the website. I bought other brands like it first, trying to save money, but they didn't do the trick. The style I got is the High Power Brief. It's $36 and well worth it. The only hang up I have with it is that there is a brief attached to the bottom of waist section so you may have to take the whole thing off to use the restroom. Otherwise, it's really tight so it gives really good compression and it's really comfy once it's on. I really like wearing it when I'm going out somewhere because I get the compression without the bulk of the binder.
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You crack me up! So the seroma has a gender?? Hahaaa!
I am thinking about getting one of those spanx with the open top that extend to the lower hip. That way I can still tinkle easily. (How old AM I?)
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Hey Sammy, u are looking good girl! Ur healing very nicely and ur stomach is nice and flat, continue to keep us posted! I have 4 more days to go!
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Hello msbeas, those 4 days will go by super fast! I've been trying to post more recent pics, but something is up with the site. They keep coming up turned sideways. I wish you the best on your TT. It will turn out great:-)
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Thank u Sammy!
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Sounds like you are turning a corner it will all get better now for you!!!
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