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He left my face with more wrong than corrected...

He left my face with more wrong than corrected from the facelift. The only good thing was the lasar which smoothed my cheeks. The lift itself was 5000.00 The lasar the 2400.00

He cut from my ear up to my temple which no good doctor does. It leaves scars on your face and you lose hair in your hair line. He left long wrinkles on one side of my neck and not the other. He did not improve what my two major concerns were.

He did not lift the sag under my chin and only did...

He did not lift the sag under my chin and only did half of the neck. He cut very low behind one ear and the scar cannot be hidden with hair. The other side he did the incision high. Real inconsistant. His attitude was cocky.

Click on the ones that were happy with LSL in...

Click on the ones that were happy with LSL in Texas and Az they are the same exact person pictures in both places. Fraud. If you are interested in joining a class action lawsuit please reply.
Clearwater Facial Plastic Surgeon

Just remember good plastic surgeons do not need to advertise on TV. This is a skin factory and you are just a number. I saw the doctor for 1 minute on intial consutation. The sales person did all of the consulting. On on surgery day the doctor never even said hello or reviewed what he would be doing. What he said and what he did were two very different things which he later denied as in lied, lied and lied. He is all about the money. While cut open on the table he told me I needed lipo and I said go ahead and do it and he said "you didn't pay for it". How unethical to tell you after the fact you need something he is not going to fix because you didn't pay upfront for it. He should have known I needed it before surgery.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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The comment above is simply and unfortunately untrue. This patient was counseled at length by me on the procedures that would best benefit her and only chose a portion of them, as is her right. She then signed consent forms for the procedures she agreed to following a full discussion about realistic expectations based on what she chose and what she decided to not have done. Once the day of surgery came around, the patient was given a relaxing pill and after the procedure began, she asked me to do an additional procedure that she had not signed a consent form for. At that point I am not legally allowed to add on a procedure, especially since she had taken pills that could have altered her ability to make sound decisions. To suggest that this was due to any other reason is unfair. I do my absolute best to maximize results and create a great experience for every patient while maintaining a natural appearance. Unfortunately every plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon will have a rare unhappy patient no matter what they do.
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I had Richard Castellano the first time.The Dr.who tried to fix it,by re-doing it was Dr.Karolak.It's not necessarily the Dr.The procedure was rejected yrs.ago-because it does not work.The results are only temporary.It is not a quick & simple procedure-as they
claim.It involves hundreds of stitches.They cut completely around your ears,it is horribly painful,and requires over a year to heal.It's a scam.I had it twice in two years and need a whole new face lift.They are under investigation by the Atty.General.
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what doctor did you have? I am set to have mine done in Tampa late Jan of this coming year 2012????
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pjyoder, before you go and have the LSL done, have you considered getting a 2nd opinion from a independent board certified plastic surgeon in your area? There are board certified plastic surgeons listed here at the realself doctors forum and many offer free consults. It never hurts to get a independent opinion and lets face it, there are many women and men on this forum that have had horrible results from the LSL. I would hope that you would take the time to really research this company and the doctor that will be preforming your procedure. Best, Chrystal Eckes
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I wish you could tell us where the two exact same pictures are. I am afraid that they are now gone. I hope you printed a copy of each one out and send to the attorney general in NY. That would be in direct violation of the settlement agreement and would indicate that LSL is astroturfing again.
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You need to send to the Attorney General of Florida as he is the one that has the recent investigation going. That is Gregory Jackson and Amy Sams is the investigator,

Also Google Voice and listen to the radio show from last Sat the 4th and 2nd part this Sat the 11th....2 well know plastic surgeons and patients.
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-Well,now you know where Atiyah ended up!!!
-At least you have a job!!! Mine went downhill.
-I had to get a new radiator,so haven't even been able to drive far.-Better,now!!! :0)
Hoping you're great!!!!!
Call sometime...we get no free time,..but have to steal it now and then.
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Dear J.
No not yet. I've been working my ass off and really tired.
She said the ones I took might be ok. Man!!! Can this please be over??? More and more people just one doctor have caused serious harm to!!!!!!!!! Atiyah and many others will rot in HELL for what they continue to do all for the love of money!
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Dear SunnySmile,
I was like you in the fact that no one else knew that I was going to THEM to do sugery on my face except one of my closest friends, and then afterward, my daughter when I went to visit, 3 weeks after the surgery. There was still bruising of course and the swelling was going down but still present. My story ended us being 14 pages long and involves criminal behavior on the part of the doctor, which LSL was aware of. Do not feel you have to stay with that doctor if things don't heal properly, and don't let them make you think it's your fault. You do have friends on this site and we hope things do go well for you. Record after record from all over the country have similar threads of horrible results and there is now a criminal investigation going on, you see???

Best Regards,
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-Thank you. I guess i sound mean,or something!? no one ever gets what i'm, trying to say.Thank you.
-did you meet w a photog.???
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Thanks for the advise. Hope your situation is resolved.
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Honestly,I am not the least bit negative,even though I was cheated,tricked and lied to.
Those are the simple facts of what actually happened,which is the case for almost everyone,despite what the ratings show.It went from 38 to 50 % in just a couple of days.If they're real results,maybe they've changed their procedure!
Look up... Morgon,Chrystal,2Trusting,..and just about anyone else who posts regularly on here and you'll see that my problems are mild compared to the life threatening conditions
experienced by others who endured the "Lifestyle Lift".
I wasn't making fun of your error.
-I was wondering if a 'lope' was a growth or similar issue that i haven't yet experienced brought on by the 'LSL'.
I truly hope that you're one of the lucky few who has a yr.,or two before it looks exactly the same.I'm pretty sure that you won't need to announce it.Good Luck to you.
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It really saddens me that you have had to deal with such disappointment. lope ... meaning ear lobe (sp! oops!) I understand what you mean about hiding in the house. For me, I even made the verticals not allow too much exposure. I didn't want anyone to see me with my wrap on or my bruises. Now it's better ... The bruses are healing and I bought professional makeup. I still think I don't look like me, but it's getting better. My closest family has not seem me yet. I'm not planning on making any annoucements. After all, no one else annouces to me. This is my private business.
I still use my wrap each night. I think that will help mend the outter skin to the inner, minus the fat that used to be in the middle. I'll keep you posted.
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Well,Sunny..I've been waiting several yrs. for the pain and numbness to stop,the big lumps to subside and for my face to 'settle'.Unfortunately it decided to settle lopsided,including my ears.My neck is exactly the same..loose flabby skin.My eyes too.What a huge waste of money,and mainly the time that I've had to waste hiding in the house waiting for it to look somewhat normal.I will forever have to leave my hair down to cover the ugly scarring and lumps.
You're so lucky.Congrats.Hopefully it will continue.
-what's a 'lope'?
  • Reply don't consider that 'all the way around your ear'??? did they skip an 1/8th inch,or so?
How did you learn about this site???
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I understand your negative input, but please don't pick on every word I type.
I was not cut all the way around my ear. Maybe three quarters, but who am I to question the procedure that is supposed to give me an improved appearance. I'm doing what I can to help me heal. I do think my surgeon, Dr. Madnani, was a professional. Perhaps, that was not the case for some of you. It's sad to think you were taken advantage of. I guess I feel, let's work with what we have, and help ourselves to be the best we can. That's truly how I feel.
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...The results do not last.When the swelling goes down,you're left with loose skin.If they claim that gaining and losing ten pounds can cause your neck to stretch and sag,then what about having your entire face bloated & swollen for mos.after their surgery?
My before and after pictures look almost exactly the same,..with the exception of being left with a large amount of loose skin hanging under my neck after the surgery because they removed every ounce of fat.
I was told that there would be a little nip on each side of my face,..not sliced all the way down both in front and behind my ears.-I was in complete shock afterwards!!!
My friend said,.."My God!!-They butchered you!" My children were horrified.
-I don't believe you,either.
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I was not cut in front of my ears, front top to bottom. The incision starts at the top front of the ear and then sort of tucks behind the middle part of the front of my ear. Then around the lope and up the back. Across and down the hairline. I can only share what the situation has been for me. It's unfortunate that you have all had such disappointing results. Perhaps, try a different surgeon to repair some of your areas. As far as lasting results, I can only hope for an improvement from what I started with. I was never expecting perfection, only noticeable improvement.
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Dear Sunny Smile,
I don't think in all their gushing promotionals do they ever say that you should be ready to have to allow some peaceful time for the healing to do it's thing ! ! !

You really don't know how unhappy you are going to be when the swelling goes down and all those results you're so happy with have a huge chance of falling like a souffle. I would never undergo that series of shots again if they paid me. And I'm a tough cookie.

At this stage of the game it's pretty easy to spot someone posting for LSL when they deminish the pain of those shots!!! I really just don't believe you!!!!!!
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That's unfortunate that you say you don't believe me, but I wrote what was the true experience for me. Not all surgeons are alike, so perhaps I was lucky to have Dr. Madnani.
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How did you learn about this site?
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I think I found it when I did a Google search for LSL.
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I had my LSL (neck and jawline), on April 27, 2011 with Dr. Madnani, in Melville, NY. I've had AMAZING results, so far! Everyday I see improvements. Any mild discomfort or sensations are relieved with Extra Strength Tylenol, starting with the day of my procedure. Now I may take 2 every few days. I did not experience any nausea. I'm glad I had my LSL. I realize that it will take some time for me to heal completely, but I can be patient and tolerant, since the end result makes it worth it. Though I thought the recovery would have been shorter with less swelling, I'm OK with how it's going. You just have to allow some peaceful time for the healing to do it's thing. I was very fortunate that Dr. Madnani is a skilled surgeon and a true medical artist. He is a pleasure to interact with and I would not hesitate to use him again.
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Dear Portage4483
Oh yes they cut. They are suppose to be board certified, BUT they are like a conveyer belt skin factory. They do horrible work. You are scared for a good reason, stay away!!! They do great advertising and marketing and that is all they are great at. The rep who calls you will talk you into it, they are SALES reps not medically qualified to give you advise. When you go to see one of the reps and ask to meet the doctor, you cannot meet the doctor until AFTER you give them $400.00. Rip off, face scars and tramma is all that awaits you there!! Save your money and go to a reputable plastic surgeon who will take an interest in you.
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I just called for the information pac but the woman told me that a rep would get back to me with in 24 hours. I just wanted to know what it is. I thought there was no cutting involved???? seems that I am wrong, these poor ladies had so much go wrong. Let me ask a question, were these dr.s board certified? I'm getting scared, geeez.
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