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He left my face with more wrong than corrected...

He left my face with more wrong than corrected from the facelift. The only good thing was the lasar which smoothed my cheeks. The lift itself was 5000.00 The lasar the 2400.00

He cut from my ear up to my temple which no good doctor does. It leaves scars on your face and you lose hair in your hair line. He left long wrinkles on one side of my neck and not the other. He did not improve what my two major concerns were.

He did not lift the sag under my chin and only did...

He did not lift the sag under my chin and only did half of the neck. He cut very low behind one ear and the scar cannot be hidden with hair. The other side he did the incision high. Real inconsistant. His attitude was cocky.
Thank you so much for your help.
-I can't afford any more surgery.That was from money that was left to me,and that was it.I'm 99% sure that the statute of limitations has expired.however if it were a class action-everyone could get in on that.Someone needs to step up who hasn't reached the time limit. If so,I'm pretty sure that their atty would contact everyone,because that's the way it worked with a bank,and a phone co.They sent me a postcard,otherwise I'd have known nothing about it! They obviously get a list of clients-or advertise to contact them. I hope someone does,cuz i think I'm going on three yrs.!!! :(
J Marie, your story sounds so much like my story and a bunch of other women that post here on realself. It really makes me wonder why they just don't line the women up in chairs and have the doctors change places when a particular cut is made since they seem to treat the surgery as piece mill work. What is good for one is good for all. The two year healing story is also one that LSL likes to tell all their clients also. I think that they are hoping after waiting for 2 years you will give up. Also your time for filing suit in court runs out in most states in 2 years. Have you checked into having revision surgery to fix your face with a private practice physician? Talked to a lawyer? Tried to get anyone at LSL to listen to your story and refund your money? It is seldom done but it has happened. Did you finance the procedure? If you did you can appeal to the Credit Company. Did you file a complaint with the state? I do hope that you get some kind of help. Let us know what happens. Best, Chrystal
-I almost forgot !! -you're probably thinking that I'm very old with lots of sagging skin.-I just turned 53,so three yrs.ago..was in much better shape than I'm in now.

Click on the ones that were happy with LSL in...

Click on the ones that were happy with LSL in Texas and Az they are the same exact person pictures in both places. Fraud. If you are interested in joining a class action lawsuit please reply.
The comment above is simply and unfortunately untrue. This patient was counseled at length by me on the procedures that would best benefit her and only chose a portion of them, as is her right. She then signed consent forms for the procedures she agreed to following a full discussion about realistic expectations based on what she chose and what she decided to not have done. Once the day of surgery came around, the patient was given a relaxing pill and after the procedure began, she asked me to do an additional procedure that she had not signed a consent form for. At that point I am not legally allowed to add on a procedure, especially since she had taken pills that could have altered her ability to make sound decisions. To suggest that this was due to any other reason is unfair. I do my absolute best to maximize results and create a great experience for every patient while maintaining a natural appearance. Unfortunately every plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon will have a rare unhappy patient no matter what they do.
I had Richard Castellano the first time.The Dr.who tried to fix it,by re-doing it was Dr.Karolak.It's not necessarily the Dr.The procedure was rejected yrs.ago-because it does not work.The results are only temporary.It is not a quick & simple procedure-as they
claim.It involves hundreds of stitches.They cut completely around your ears,it is horribly painful,and requires over a year to heal.It's a scam.I had it twice in two years and need a whole new face lift.They are under investigation by the Atty.General.
what doctor did you have? I am set to have mine done in Tampa late Jan of this coming year 2012????
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Just remember good plastic surgeons do not need to advertise on TV. This is a skin factory and you are just a number. I saw the doctor for 1 minute on intial consutation. The sales person did all of the consulting. On on surgery day the doctor never even said hello or reviewed what he would be doing. What he said and what he did were two very different things which he later denied as in lied, lied and lied. He is all about the money. While cut open on the table he told me I needed lipo and I said go ahead and do it and he said "you didn't pay for it". How unethical to tell you after the fact you need something he is not going to fix because you didn't pay upfront for it. He should have known I needed it before surgery.

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