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Slim Lipo - No Improvement Yet - Tampa, FL

I had Slim Lipo 1 week ago on my flanks and...

I had Slim Lipo 1 week ago on my flanks and abdomen. My doctor said I was an excellent candidate because I am slender to begin with, but have localized areas of fat.

The day after the slim lipo, it looked like I was going to see good results, then I went back to looking like I always did.

I've been wearing the compression garments. My doctor told me not to wear any underwear under the garments as they might leave permanent impressions in my skin, yet the compression garments themselves are leaving deep impressions, not to mention being very uncomfortable. So at this point I'm wondering if I wasted my money and the whole thing is smoke and mirrors. Any advice?

3 and a half weeks out and I see SOME aesthetic...

3 and a half weeks out and I see SOME aesthetic improvement, but am content to wait a while more. There are definitely still lumps on my abdomen, but the overall area of swelling has subsided and now the lumps are pretty localized and very well defined. So I can see I have a ways to go.
I'm still undecided as to my overall satisfaction, but I guess I'll have to wait a while to make that determination.
My doctor said I don't have to wear the compression garment at night anymore, but to be honest, my stomach and hips feel better with it on.
Has anyone else been given the OK to take the garment off at night at this stage?

Name not provided

My doctor had a very good bedside manner and gave me her cell phone number in case I had any problems.

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I wish I could see your pics. I'm not wearing my garment anymore and my clothes fit fine. on some pants, I can pull them down without undoing them.
I was told the same thing in regards to the skin tightning. I'm at 6 weeks now. I don't think fat is going anywhere different on me although I would love it if it went to my boobs!
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It took me a little while to find your pictures, but, yes, I think you definitely look slimmer. Especially in the waist.

How are your clothes fitting?

According to my doctor, the thing that takes longer is the skin tightening. She says it doesn't really start until about 3 months with final results in about 6 months. I think that's going to make a difference as well.

I'm seeing a difference in my abdomen and flanks for sure, but, as I feared, the fat just shifted to my next fattest place...my behind. Potato chips used to go right to my abdomen, now they go right to my backside.

I still have lumps so I'm still wearing my garment. Ugh. Wish I had some photos to show you so you could comment, but I don't have any before pix, so there's nothing to compare.

I look forward to your next update!
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Hm. Perhaps I should wear my garment all the time too, then, because I'm not seeing as much improvement as I'd like to. I generally wear it about 12-16 hours a day.
Yes! Please do post before and afters so I can see how you've progressed. I'd be very interested.
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It can't hurt right? I just posted 4 week pics. They will probably be up in a few days.
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I'd love to see your pix! Where are they?
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I posted them on my review. I don't know, it's weird, sometimes I think there's a difference and sometimes I don't. But it's only been 5 weeks.
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I'm on about week 5 now and I see SOME difference, but not a lot. I still have a large lump in front and some lumps on my flanks.
Do you wear your garment 24 hours a day?
I was told that I could keep it off at night. Maybe that's making my healing go slower?
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I just went for my check up on Monday. I was told I can wear the garment 4-6 weeks. I am going to wear it for 6 weeks as it helps the healing process. I wear my garment 24 hours a day except on days where I wash it, then I wear a flexees with a wrap around garment as I find the flexees to not be as snug as the garment from the Dr.
Dr. said everything is healing nicely. I'm only at 4 weeks right now but I do see a big difference. I should post some pics. At the gym today, a woman in my class complimented me on "weight loss" and was amazed at how thin I got so quickly.
What I don't see too much of is the skin tightening but the Dr. said that takes longer to see and he says I'm still swollen so I will reduce in size further.
So far so good. My lumps are pretty much gone too.
I bet you look better than you think!
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Glad you posted an update! My swelling has also drastically decreased and I am seeing a difference.
I was told to cont to wear my garment daily for 4 weeks. That will be next week for me.
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Thanks all for responding. My doctor ordered a different compression garment, one with legs on it and side zippers instead of the front zipper and my comfort level is VERY much improved. Thank god I feel like I can at least function now. And a change in the swelling after wearing the new garment for a day was very noticeable. The lumps began to soften up...perhaps because I could actually MOVE in the new garment. So, it just goes to show how important the right fitting garment is.
I have been exercising but nothing too challenging like weight-lifting or anything...just aerobics on a gazelle. I feel better after I do it.
GYMlover - please keep posting your progress as we had Slimlipo at about the same time and we can compare progress.
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Glad to hear that you are getting a new garment. The new one is sounds like the one I am wearing. I too have only been walking on the treadmill. For me, I seem to get more swollen after working out. I plan on getting back into my gym routine next month.
I'll update my status in a few more days. Not much has changed although the bruising is going away and I think the swelling is going down. I still have some hardness which I massage.
I look forward to reading your progress.
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I also agree that it sounds like your garment is too tight. Mine is not too bad, but it also rolls a bit right under my ribs when I sit.
I'm surprised your Dr. told you to exercise. Mine said to wait a week before I got back into my regular routine and I'm actually thinking of waiting 4 weeks just to make sure. Walking on a treadmill is fine but no intense work outs yet.
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Hi Tampa,

It may take several weeks or months to see your full results so don't panic. The tissue needs time to settle and smooth. I am 9 months post op from my lipo on the thighs and hips and still continue to notice changes. You will get there.

As far as the garment issue I have never heard of going without panties under it. For the very short time I wore mine I had a soft cotton tank top and boy shorts underneath. You need some sort of barrier between your skin and the binder in order to have comfort. The binder should be firm but not so tight that you can't breath or are in constant pain.

Hope this helps :)
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Hi Tampa. I too just had slim lipo last week. And like you, at first I saw results now its like they disappeared! I'm hoping that it's due to swelling as that has increased for me during the past 5 days.
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Welcome to RealSelf and thanks for posting your experience so far.

It can sometimes take a few weeks (or, in some cases, months) to see results from the lipo. The fat that's removed is basically replaced by swelling for a while, so it looks like you're not getting good results. But as the swelling goes down, you'll hopefully start to feel better.

I've never heard about not wearing underwear because it could leave indentations. Do you have any post-op appointments coming up? It might be worth asking the doc about this.

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Hi Sharon,
Thanks for responding. Yes I do have an appointment coming up and will ask about the underwear.
The most upsetting thing at the moment is the compression garments. Of course they're supposed to be tight, but they're also compressing me from top to bottom. I have to hunch over to keep them from cutting into me. The front closure buckles when I sit down and is making my upper abdomen very, very sore. According to my doctor, I'm supposed to be exercising to keep the swelling down, but frankly there's not a chance in the world that I can be active with the way the garments are fitting.
Do other people go through this for 6 weeks?
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It gets better; I'd be shocked if you were this bad for the next 6 weeks. There just tends to be some residual swelling for a few months that keeps the results from showing through.

Definitely ask your doc, but it sounds like your compression garment might be too tight. Is there a bigger size you could get? I know it's supposed to be tight but that sounds like too much.

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