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I have had sillicone injections,done in 2007, i...

i have had sillicone injections,done in 2007, i have made a very bad choice and went because a freind was going, that was the worst choice i ever made, the result, i ended up in the hospital three times, which lasted up to a month, with sillicone in my lungs, i have constant pains in my buttocks, swelling itching, can't sit for long periods of time or run or lay in certain possition, because it hurt so bad.

If i had it to do all over again i would not have done this, the sad thing is the person's who did this would not answer the phone for questioning could not give me my money back and did not care if i lived or died, i am looking for a surgeon to remove it professionally but it is so costly, all the doctors that i came up with are overseas and price range from 5.000 to 10.00, it is sad, because the person's are still out there doing the same things to other girls and women, if you read this please do not make the same mistake, it almost cost me my life, i am a single mom, and i did this to myself not thinking or reseaching, now everyday i am diong research on how to have it removed i which i had done my reseach or came upon this website before it got it done i would not have done it, so please if you are reading this and is thinking of doing it don't it will look good for some time but it has it's after effect,

i was told by a board certified doctor that the sillicone which was used on my was bought from a department store, it was tested at the hopital, and it came back as bathroom corking sillicone, we are told one thing by the people putting in us that it is medicaded, but how do you know? do you have any proof, all they want is our money and sends us on our way to die, then we are broke and can't get the money to have a professional take it out, the person who went with me had to have their entire butt remove to save her life, i am just bless and lucky that maine has not reached that point yet, and i am praying that i get help before it is too late.

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never make this mistake

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How r u doing ma?
Keep your head up mama... Things of this nature tend to work themselves out and this horrible Dr. is going to get a HUGE dose of karma :-/ Im hoping you can find the help you need here as there are some really nice ppl that have plenty of info
Thank you for sharing this story with us. It is very helpful.
OMG was this person in Texas there was a story about a he/she doing injections but died last year not sure if the same person he/she name was Nikki
Damn m so sorry you had to go through this I saw a story about him/her on entertainment tonight I pray all is well with you

Really i dnt get why real self can even let these comments be posted thats the second time.

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@nina wow uh i am not sure what to say abt that
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Hi nina are you out of your f**king mind
Uummm why haven't u sued???
it was not done by a board certified doctor and yes we are still seaching for this tranvesti who injected me and my friends the law is helping us we were told that she went to califonia and is still doing injections, but can't locate her/him at all he also changes his name so it is hard to find him to sue
Have you contacted the authority now, so you are able to press charges?
I am in cali in box me i will see what i can find!

Its clear that this was performed under ground, and not by a board certified surgeon, i pray that you are able to find a doctor who is wiilling to remove it, being that it wasn't removed the three times you were in the hospital.

thanks to u all, i am still going to diffrent surgeons to see if i could get help. still praying
so sorry to hear about your pain, how long after the procedure you accured discomfort and how did you know about the lung prob?
I'm so sorry you had to go through this
you must take him to the court and charge him

Sued by the
Because even a medical and non-binding of result, but that he has to make adequate care
I advise you to consult a legal claim for compensation
I am so sorry you had to go thru's very sad that doctor did not have a care in the world.

I will keep you in prayer. Good Luck to you.

I am so sorry for what you've been through. :( Please consider posting any questions you have on the Doctor Q&A Forum too. They are all board-certified docs and can offer their opinions on how to remove the silicone.

Please keep us posted on your progress too.