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I had the Hair Restoration done in June after...

I had the Hair Restoration done in June after doing research about options for African American women with frontal hair loss. I found a doctor who has over 20 years of experience. The Doctor and her staff were extremely professional and GUARANTEED I'd see results in 1 year. I decided to go ahead with the procedure after speaking to another patient who has had the procedure done three times (she suffers from alopIicia) and was happy with her results.

Pre Surgery: I informed the Doctor that I was leaving for vaca in July and question how much time I would need to recover. She said two weeks so I had plenty of time before my surgery and my vacation. As I know now that is totally not true. Yes, I was able to go on vacation; however the front of my hairline was completely covered in scabs and flaky. I wish I had waited, or was told to wait until I returned. The area was (and still is) extremely sensitive and I was not able to do much with my hair as far as styling goes.

The Surgery: Personally, I found the procedure almost unbearable- and I have a high tolerance for pain. At one point, as they neared the edge of my hairline, I wanted to walk out because I couldn't take it anymore. All I could do is cry. The staff was comforting and tried their best to ease the pain. Nothing worked. Yes, I was given a valium and they constantly numbed all the areas they worked in- but I felt everything. I hated hearing my scalping being cut- it was totally unsettling to say the least.

Post Surgery: Things went down hill after I got home. My face was completely swollen from the saline they injected in the hairline. I was warned there was going to be some swelling- but I looked like an alien for two whole weeks! The saline shifted from the top of my head, to the left side then to the bottom. I looked like a had a severe allergic reaction for two weeks- I didn't want to leave the house or even be seen by my fiancee. Secondly, I was in sooo much pain in both the front and back of my head. What made matters worse is that I couldn't keep any of the medication down. I called the doctor because I thought I needed to be rushed to the ER. She was comforting and talked my fiancee through what he could do. I don't remember, but somehow I managed to sleep for two hours-in pain. The next morning I was able to take the pain medication which helped slightly. I didn't sleep for two weeks. The back of my head where the hair was removed was so tight, it throbbed every night until the stitches were removed.

Two Months Post Surgery:
I'm not in any pain and all the scabs/wounds/flaking has ceased. It's difficult to style my hair as the hair has not grown in as yet. I wear a head scarf every day to cover the area which is almost completely bald.There is a bit of numbness in the area that the implants were placed- just dosnt' feel right. I've decided and was advised not to relax my hair which poses another major styling dilemma. I've had to cut my hair because the drainage around the scares matted my hair in the back. Also, the second line of my scalp that was removed to harness the hair graphs seems to have left a wide visible scare- I want it restitched because it's way too obvious. So now I have two problem areas instead of one...

I have a post op with my doctor today and I'll be able to ask her if my hair line looks as it should and ask about the large scare left in the back of my head.

I wish I had a smaller "test" area done before doing my whole frontal hairline. Anyhow, from what I have read there will not any hair growth for three months. I'll update my progress in the fall-hopefully I'll see some results for the pain I endured for this procedure because right now I'm wishing I hadn't done it!

Now, I can say without a doubt that I do not think...

Now, I can say without a doubt that I do not think the surgery is worth the pain nor the cost. Most of the hair transplanted has thinned out, and I see the pores from each hair follicle that is no longer there. I've now use a product to fill in the thinner areas around my hairline. Also, I ended up losing hair around the donor site.
Dr. Pizarro

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1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Sorry about your experience.. How has it filled in now?
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Dr. Pizarro, Either your memory is failing, your records are not very accurate or your level of honesty is questionable. I had a hair surgery with you in 2010 and received 3000 plugs and paid $9000. Results were not anywhere close to what you promised, so i can relate to jbrooks2011. I will not return to you for another session because I went through too much pain for such bad results. Instead of addressing Bunny602s statement, you make a very weak attempt of deviating from responsibility....you should be ashamed!
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Allln76, i agree. Dr. Pizarro has yet to contact me nor address my experience. Everytime I look at my hairline I am reminded that I made a horrible decision. Thankfully there are a few products that help cover huge pours and missing patches of hair.
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Feel like a fool having wasted $9500 with Dr. Pizarro. Had to pay another doctor another $3900 to fix her batched job. I wish I would have listened to my inner voice the morning of the surgery. There was something about her that did not make me feel comfortable.
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Oh no, that is way too much Jbrooks. I'm sorry about your experience; I don't know about you, I was taken back to learn that she didn't actually do the procedure. I just hope others do research prior to going through with the procedure...at least at this facility.
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Dear jbrooks2011, You must have this information confused with another doctor. This is not my pricing. In the last 36 months I have had 2 procedures that were in that price range, both were very successful and they were preformed in the last 8 months. My average price is $6000 for 2000 grafts and I do one procedure a day, so it is pretty easy to keep track of accounting-wise. Dr. Marina Pizarro
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Bunny602 Dr. Pizarro performs each and every hair restoration surgery herself. Where did you get the impression she had staff perform a surgical procedure? You can confirm that the women surgeon you are reviewing about is in fact not, Dr. Marina Pizarro, correct? I just want to make sure her name is not being confused with another surgeons identity.
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Is this a joke? You and I know you were not present, meaning in the room, for the majority of the surgery. Local, not general anesthesia was used; I was awake and encountered the worst pain in my life. Yes, it was your hair restoration clinic Marina. And, it's been 2 years since I've submitted my experience...why question my memory now? I received a call that you were facing a law suit, I had too much going on in my life to get involved but use this forum to warn people to think twice about using your service. Any one can search and see I'm not your only dissatisfied client...
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She sounds like the most important thing is getting her payment, not patient's well-being.
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Dear Bunny, Don't mean to put you on the spot, but just wanted to confirm if your doctor was Marina Pizarro. I recently had a consultation with her but left feeling very uneasy. Her answers to my questions during my appointment were not very clear or convincing and her before and after pictures of her patients were not very impressive considering she has been in the industry for so long. I had a procedure up north and it went very well. Minimum pain and a very nice result. I'm looking to do another one but looking for someone closer and have been researching some options. I'm sorry to hear your experience was not very good. How did your overall results turn out? Would you go back to the same doctor? I'd appreciate your confirmation. Thanks.
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Hello NewDo,

Your experience sounds all to familiar. I remember the pain and the experience. I have a high tolerance for pain, but I think you put it correctly stating that nothing can prepare you and that the procedure is torture. Personally, I will never do it again. The bedside manners of my Doctor and her team were okay, they were friendly and professional and did what they could to keep me comfortable during the procedure. One think I wasn't too thrilled to learn was that her team did the work..she seem to only supervise which was a bit disappointing now that I think back. It makes me wonder if more hair towards my edges would have grown back by now.

So its been 9 months after the surgery. I have a patch of hair in the back that did not grow back and I don't think it every will. It's not noticeable because of where it is, but I know its there. My hair line has improved. I'm not sure $3,500 worth which was the price I paid for 3000 graphs I believe. I'm still hoping more will fill in in the very front of my hairline...

I think I need to look at my before pictures that the doctor took to really compare. At the moment, I don't see a drastic enough difference to justify the pain nor the cost.

I do hope your are feeling back to normal. Thankfully I was not working at the time of the procedure so I had plenty of time to hide from the world while my face returned to normal (which for me took almost a full two weeks...if not longer).
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Btw, my surgery cost $7800 and took a total of 7 hours to complete. Also i see that your hair matted around the donor site because of the fluids leaking in the area, however as a part of my treatment i returned to the doctors office the very next day to have my hair shampooed and conditioned ( i brought my own Dudleys products with me of course). They cleaned my donor and transplanted sites and removed all blood from my hair. I think maybe the doctor you chose may have had something to do with some of your negative experience besides the pain. That is a beast in itself. I'll keep updating my progress as time goes by.
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Hi Bunny. I am also an African American female and I just underwent the same hairline procedure this past Friday April 6. I totally understand what you mean by the painful nature of the surgery. Nothing can prepare you for it. The numbing procedure is torture and I also had my eyebrows implanted as well so my face is swollen so much that my eyes are almost completely shut. I have always had a "big forehead" and decided to have my hairline implanted to soften my look and feminize my face. So far I am only 5 days post op, I have 2 black eyes that I constantly ice to speed up the healing progress. The first night I was so uncomfortable I didn't sleep at all. At this point the pain has really subsided. I'm just beginning my road to healing. I will say the doctor who performed my surgery Dr. Jeffery Epstein was amazing, his staff was nurturing and extremely friendly, patient, and overall pleasant. I'm curious as to know how your progress is coming along? Regardless of the pain, if the results are that the size of my face is scaled down, then it's worth the growing pains! Thanx
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The hair is growing back, but slowly. It looks much better and I no longer have to wear head wraps. The only issue I have is how long it's taking to grow and that some areas has yet to grow in as densely and full as I would like. I hope with time there will be more even growth.
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Hi Bunny! After your surgery did you where your hair natural or did you get it relaxed? Did you use a hooded hair dryer 3 months post-op?
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I'm relaxing my hair again...I actually relaxed within a couple of months...I don't recall exactly but I'm doing everything I did prior except I'm more protective of my edges.
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I noticed you said it is not worth it in recently. Can you give further reasons? I am really interested in this procedure, but I'm trying to learn as much as I can before I do something I regret! Thank you =)
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Cost and results are not aligned. Cost = High, Results= low. Not to mention the pain and recovery, both of which lasted a lot longer than I was told. Lastly the transplanted area takes a long time to grow back...be prepared to alter your lifestyle a bit to hide it.
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Hello: It was a regular transplant, I never heard of laser.
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Hi bunny! Which hair transplant clinic was that done at? Was it a laser hair transplant or a regular one? Thanks
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certainly will- I couldn't find detailed reviews from women who've had the procedure but I know it's more popular these days.
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Hi Bunny, 

Oh my, I hope you feel better soon. It sounds so painful, but your review is going to be great for so many other women out there who had/considering the same procedure. Please keep us updated. 



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