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Yag for Acne Scars on Right Cheek - Post Erbium Laser Resurfacing Damage

I had a history of acne. As a result my face...

I had a history of acne. As a result my face (cheek area) manifest the aftermath of this condition. During the years I've tried just about everything to remove the acne scars, but to no avail. I went through this procedure to remove acne scars on my right cheek.

I have a black complexion. On mid-September of this year I had a Erbium (YAG) laser resurfacing to the right cheek for acne removal (2" diameter). The skin has healed ok... however, I continue to experience dark peripheral bruise and underlying pain around the impacted area. I've followed correctly all of my dr instructions. Every topical medication I was given to apply to this area has caused irritation and subsequent darkness. Is this a sign of broken vain or damaged nerve? Most importantly, what can be done to fix the underlying mild pain, before tackling the darkened surface area?
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Dr. did a good job of removing the acne scars. However, after three months since the procedure.... I am still struggling with peripheral post laser trauma (mild pain & sensitive dark area) to the impacted area. I suspect vain or nerve damage due to the laser procedure.

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