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I am 5'6" and weigh 132lbs. The truth is I do not...

I am 5'6" and weigh 132lbs. The truth is I do not have a LOT of excess weight...I am doing this procedure with the intention of sculpting my body to look better. (ie - no loose skin at the waist when I throw on my jeans!)

When I was in my 20's I weighed aprox 190lbs and lost most of my weight thru fitness and diet - changed my life style. 4 yrs ago, I gave birth to my daughter - so again, there was a dramatic weight change.

I have found that no matter how hard I work out, I have not been able to lose or tighten areas in my stomach and inner thighs. I have a lot of loose skin especially in my thigh area that drives me crazy.

Dr. Castor did mention to me that this procedure may not fix the loose skin in my thighs, but it certainly won't make the problem any worse. I decided to do this procedure because I have worked hard on my body and I deserve for it to look it's best. Since I can't fix this in the gym - I decided to try this!

I will be doing my thighs; stomach and flanks. My appointment is on Friday - and I am a bit nervous about pain although typically I tolerate pain well. I am praying i will see significant results. i am worried about my recovery time - i am not the type of person that can stay put or rest for very long - i am counting on being up and about in a few days post. My husband says he can handle everything including the care of our 4 yr old for a couple of days so that I rest....we'll see!!

If there is anyone our there who has gotten this done that feels that they were not necessarily overweight before but needed "sculpting" - please contact me if you are willing to share your results.

Thank you!!
I will post before shots soon.

I think the best results come for people who are NOT overweight but have areas of stubborn fat. bjausie has a review with pics. She was very slim before but you can see a big difference in those areas where there were pockets of fat. I am also not overweight (130 lbs 5'6") and have seen a big improvement. But that is pockets of unwanted fat not loose skin. Vaser won't help loose skin at all. In fact my PS said my loose skin (from a twin pregnancy) may look a little worse after surgery. So maybe you need to have another chat with your PS about expectations. I think having realistic expectations of outcomes is really important. It is a lot of money to spend on disappointment! Good luck :-)

Hi there,

Welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. Good luck for your surgery, I hope everything goes well for you!

Please do come back and let us know how you're doing, when you're able to.



I am 5 days post. Everything seemed to be going...

I am 5 days post.
Everything seemed to be going great the 1st 3 days. I had it done on Fri Dec 7 and on Mon Dec 10 - i was ready to start cutting back on my pain meds. It was my 4 yr old daughter's bday and we decided to take her to Disney for the day - I felt fine, but just in case, altho my pain was pretty mild before leaving, I took a pill (and brought some with me just in case..) - I felt great all day until at night for the drive home - I realized that I felt very uncomfortable sitting and had to take a pain killer.
The next day (ysterday), I woke up very, very swollen - very very sore! I HAD to take pain meds - I felt like I went 2 steps backward!
Today, the swelling has continued to worsen. I can't remember ever looking this "thick"!! I am extremely uncomfortable and I have to be on pain meds otherwise, I can hardly walk without hurting.
There is no puss - and my bruising is healing well, but I am very swollen and sensitive to the touch. my garment is TIGHT!! Very itchy!! And in some areas, i am red and warm.
I sent the doctor's office an email this evening and will be chatting with them tomorrow about what is going on with me.
Very strange...
I had vaser with Dr Castor last year and it worked out really well for me. I loved the results. I suspect that your walk around Disney was a bit ambitious on Day 3 PO (My chin was in my lap as I read this! :-)) I excercised too but increased my amount cautiously and daily. I'm sure resting will be a big help. Hope you feel better. x
Yes speak to the doctor. I felt fine after 3 days and trained after 5. (I am a triathlete). I then felt terrrible for a whole week! Chills, headache, fatigue, nausea. When I spoke to the doc he said I just overdid it and not to underestimate how much this takes out of people. I did not swell up, but others (bjausie, MuffinLESS) have posted that they swell after too much exertion. Good luck.
Thank you so much for your email unsuresally! Just to clarify - my PS did look at my loose skin and he made no promises on making that better for me...but he said it would not look worse. (i just didn't want to make it seem like he was misleading me) I am hopeful about my loose skin because supposedly it stimulates collogen - but as long as it's no worse - i'm fine with it. in my areas - i honestly think i'm okay with it not looking worse - it's the thigh area that is loose - any better firmness would be a miracle although not expected. anyway....i'm in an odd situation now (read my update) - not sure if i am going thru some type of infection or if this swelling is normal? did you swell up after 3 or 4 days??? it could also very well be that i haven't had much time off my feet throughout my recovery...and deciding to walk a disney park 3 days post may not have been my most brilliant moment. anyway - thank you so much for the email - i feel a bit in the dark - so i am sorry it took this long to reply, but i do appreciate the time you took to comment. =]
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as of right now this is a bit of an unfair rating..and i will likely edit it, but i cannot judge the dr on his after care fairly for now; or responsiveness, courtesy, etc. i imagine there will be no issues and i will re-rate Dr. Castor well.... stay tuned...=]

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