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I'm very happy with my doctor he is very patient...

I'm very happy with my doctor he is very patient spends lots of time talking to you about what he will be doing and how you feel after the surgery. I'm having all the normal reactions before nervous should I lots of things running through my mind.
I have lost about 115 pounds in the last four years and have a huge hung over skin can't wait to be flat.

Hi niggi oh it's great to know someone else on Thursday having a tt. It's 6 .30 am and I have had 3 hours sleep as I can't sleep as my tummy is having summer saults. Really nervous now. This site really helps as I don't know anyone who has had a tt good luck with yrs too. I am thinking about lots of things and worrying also. When I had surgery last time 3 years ago for my shoulder. Something went wrong and I ended up in intensive care and really I'll. It's a long story but it's rare I know but obviously I'm frightened and my family is too hope I haven't worried u that's just a rare thing.
When are u having yor tt. I'm having mine this Thursday 28 June. Yekk. Nervous now :)
Hello Coco21. I am having mines on Thursday 28 also. I am nervous too. Just a couple more days!!!

Hi everyone had my surgery yesterday June 28, 2012...

Hi everyone had my surgery yesterday June 28, 2012. Was on the table at 10:15 am and was done in two hours woke up well got up around good made it to my daughters in Wesley chapel fl to my adjustable bed what a big help getting up and down the pain no where as bad I thought it was going to be THANK GOD FOR ALL THE PRAYERS AND SUPPORT.
I'm up now not in pain except of course my back is hurting. He took off 111/2 pounds and have two drainage tubes and love the tight bandage wish I would of had one these when I had my hysterectomy because it would of helped a lot. My new best friend the tight tight bandage. Have a great day to all my tt friends hope all is well.

Hi everyone 2n day post op still feeling good not...

Hi everyone 2n day post op still feeling good not a lot of pain except when I walk my back hurts the most what is the best thing
To do to help the back pain? They took eleven and a half pounds off wow that is a lot of fat and skin.

Hi everyone update I am 7 days post op already wow...

Hi everyone update I am 7 days post op already wow it has gone so fast Friday tomorrow June 6, 2012 get my last drain out has not been bad at all a little tired today to many fireworks going off outside my bedroom window and I have been having coughing spells not sure what that is all about. But looking forward to going home to be able to sleep in the bed with my husband he went home Sunday night and I'm missing him. Plan on going back to work in one more week I have a desk job so I'm sure I will be fine. Has anyone had a problem with your throat still being sore and my tounge is all scraped up and the roof of my mouth I think they might of had trouble with the tube???????
yes I have had a sore throat and it went and then come back again. My tummy has swollen up today and I feel so fat I hope it will go down soon again. As I was loving my new flat tummy....... I am day 7 too post op... i had my tummy button stitches out today and a new piece of tape put on my scar. I have a brace around me too.

Hi every one update seen the dr today no more...

Hi every one update seen the dr today no more drains yeah loving it did not hurt at all
the first one didnt either I'm a little sore but other than that no pain having a good day
came home from dr and just co go chilling with my grandson that I can;t hold yuck. I'm hoping
to go home this weekend my daughter and her husband are great nurses but I'm missing my
husband and my dog. LOL Hope all is well with everyone tt.
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My daughter is a nurse practitioner in Tampa and she found the surgeon for me.

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